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  • Let's look at the difference between 'on time' and 'in time'.

  • They often mean the same, but sometimes they're different.

  • 'On time' means 'according to a schedule or a deadline.'

  • If I don't finish my work on time, my boss will be angry.

  • My train is never on time.

  • 'In time' means 'not too late to be successful.'

  • I missed my deadline, but I still got the presentation finished in time for the meeting.

  • My train was late but it still arrived in time for me to get to work early.

  • Neither my presentation nor my train were on time, but they were in time for me to do what I needed to do.

  • It's good to be on time.

  • It's even more important to be in time!

  • The difference is down to how flexible your schedule is.

  • But be careful!

  • Sometimes if you're not on time, you won't be in time either.

Let's look at the difference between 'on time' and 'in time'.

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On time vs In time: What's the difference? - English In A Minute

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    Evangeline posted on 2020/01/22
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