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♪ V- a- l- e- n- t- i- n- e- s day, V- ♪
Hey everyone! It's Lucie Fink.
Happy Valentine's Day!
We all know it's super nice to give someone a gift that you bought for them, but what's even nicer is giving someone a gift that you handmade.
So here are six DIY gift ideas for this Valentine's Day.
DIY gift number one.
You might already be gifting a wine bottle to your significant other on Valentine's Day, so why not kick it up a notch and decorate it?
DIY wine bottles are such a nice way to show that you really put time and thought into the gift.
It might not be perfect but you made it and that's all that matters.
Number two.
DIY gifts-by-the-hour.
This gift is perfect to keep your partner guessing and also to keep them engaged in the gift all day.
I put time stamps on these envelopes and put little secret gifts inside.
Things like breakfast in bed, a massage token, all leading up to 7 p.m.
Sealed with a kiss.
Let's see what we got.
Movie tickets!
And just like that, a thoughtful gift that lasted all day.
Gift idea number three.
Instead of taking your partner to eat at his or her favorite dessert place, why not spend Valentine's night at home with a DIY dessert kit?
Here I have root beer, vanilla ice cream, and two jars to make DIY root beer floats.
Woah, this is like a science experiment.
That's pretty.
Gift number four.
A DIY flip book.
This gift is not only fun to make but you can also send your partner a secret message.
All you have to do is take a series of photos of yourself doing something.
I held up "I" then "heart" then "you."
Took a whole bunch of photos, cut them out, put binding with a ribbon, and then when you flip through them it's like a little stop motion animation sharing your message.
Gift number five.
Outdoor movies indoors.
All you need for this is some blankets, pillows, and a nice little pocket projector, a blank white wall.
Project your favorite movie up and cozy up inside.
Hey batter batter batter!
Gift number six.
Sometimes it's nice to just tell your partner how you feel.
Other times it's nice to sing it!
♪ Valentine's Day comes once a year and I love you so I have no fear. ♪
♪ I will never be alone because my boyfriend's… ♪
♪ At my home! ♪
And those are my six DIY gift ideas for this Valentine's Day.
I hope you like them.
Comment below if you have any cool DIY suggestions.
We'd love to hear them and we'll see you next time!
Happy Valentine's Day!
♪ V- a- l- e- n- t- i- n- e- s day, V- a- l- e- n- t- i- n- e- s day. ♪
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6 DIY Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day | Valentine's Day Gift Guides | Refinery29

2618 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on January 21, 2020    Ingrid translated    Yukiko reviewed
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