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speak American English with Lyman Holton see the links in the description box
below this video a nice surprise awaits you conversation number one a quick trip
to the store practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
I'm going to the store I need to buy some things
of course not Kelly I always enjoy your company are you ready to go now or do
you need a little time to get ready I'm going to drive it looks like it might
yes I know what you mean I don't like doing that either
not necessarily Kelly I probably would have driven my car even on a sunny day
what do you need at the store
okay we can stop at the supermarket on our way back from the hardware store not
much a light switch a small canopy just some odds and ends
switch Kelly where you going
really I need to get a few things to mind if I tag along well thank you I
enjoy hanging around with you too
I'm ready to go now how are we going to get there great Kelly I didn't want to
carry my bags home anyway thank goodness it looks like rain or we'd be walking
what do you mean
yeah I kind of lazy that way too
I'm going to make some stew tonight I need more vegetables what do you need at
the hardware store
and conversation number two make plans to go to a restaurant practice speaking
read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
yeah okay what time would you like to go
do you mean 10 in the morning sorry Kelly that's too late for me yes I have
to work on Saturday I'll be in bed by 10:00 I'm sorry but that's too early
I'll still be at work what can I say I'm just happy to have a job yes that fits
perfectly I get off at 7:00
where would you like to eat sounds good I could go for a steak and a baked
potato terrific Ellie see you then switch Kelly would you like to go out
for something to eat this Friday
how about 10 o'clock
no 10:00 at night 10 p.m. too late even for a Friday night
okay how about 6:00 p.m. does that work for you
oh my goodness you have a difficult schedule don't you well will 8 o'clock
be alright right Kelly and you can still be in bed by 10:00 I want to go to a
nice steak restaurant okay I'll make reservations and pick you up at 7:45 and
conversation number three give someone a ride to work practice speaking read the
white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
sure Kelly what do you need oh that's too bad nothing too expensive I hope oh
I see so do you need a ride to work in the morning
no I don't mind at all Kelly I'd be happy to it's no problem I'll swing by
and pick you up at 7:00 okay by the way how are you getting home tonight really
well it sounds like they take good care of their customers do you need a ride to
pick up your car tomorrow afternoon wow that is good service
don't worry about that that's what you have friends for switch Kelly I have a
bit of a problem can I ask you for a favor well my car is in the garage for
repairs no it's not but I won't have it back until tomorrow afternoon yes would
you mind picking me up on your way to work tomorrow thanks Kelly that is so
nice of you that's perfect I'll spring for lunch tomorrow the
repair shop is sending a man to give me a ride
yes I've been doing business with them for years no but thanks for asking
they're going to drive the car here yes I just wish they could drive me to work
in the morning - end conversation number four directions to the library practice
speaking read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
oh my I'm afraid the closest one is a couple miles from here
yes are you going to drive there because the bus that will be here shortly
goes there sure what is your name if you don't mind me asking that's all right I
just like to know who I'm talking to
I'm Lyman now to get to the library drive that way to the fifth stoplight
turn left and go about 1 mile and you'll see the library on the right
I'm not sure I think its second Avenue
no problem Kelly I hope you don't have any trouble finding it
oh yeah I just remembered the library is next to the shopping center switch
excuse me where's the nearest library
so there is a library about two miles away yes why do you ask
I see could you give me directions for driving oh of course not I'm sorry I
didn't mean to be rude my name is Lyman and may I asked what yours is as well
okay I go to the fifth stoplight then what all right you know the name of the
street where I turn left
okay thanks for the information Kelly oh
I'm sure I'll find it okay end conversation number five dining at a
buffet practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
yeah I heard the same thing I'm glad I finally got to come here I prefer a
booth they're more comfortable yeah I know Kelly people are always bumping
into me when I sit at a table there isn't any ordering here we just grab a
plate and get our food that's right we get our own food and drinks and there's
no tipping yes me too there's such a wide variety of delicious foods to
choose from
I'm going to start with some of that smoked salmon okay Kelly
see you back at the booth
oh yeah I'm going to dive into some of that pecan pie before we leave I've got
to get to that salad bar next the watermelon is calling my name
switch I heard this restaurant has the best buffet in the city Kelly do you
want to sit in a booth or at a table
okay I like booths too they're more roomy in
private this looks like a good place to sit are you ready to order
oh so we just pay on the way out
ah I love these all-you-can-eat places
right and all for a reasonable price who could ask for more
Wow that does look good but I'm going for the pasta first oh my gosh did you
see the dessert table it's incredible
I'll be right beside you Kelly throwing down chocolate cake and ice cream and
conversation number six let's go dive practice speaking read the white text
out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
no thanks Kelly I've been snacking all day yes
I'd like some coffee that's okay how about a cup of hot cocoa
hmmm let's walk over to the diner and have coffee you don't have to buy
let's go touch go touch is another way of saying Dutch treat it means that each
person pays their own way yes I suppose it is more intimate
Oh what did you remember Kelly really so I guess you don't want to go Dutch huh
switch Kelly would you like something to eat
do you want something to drink
sorry I don't have any I used the last of it this morning I'm afraid I don't
have any of that either
that's a good idea I'll buy I don't understand what do you mean go dutch
okay but I don't know what God Street means either oh I see but I like taking
turns painting
wait a minute Kelly I just remembered something I paid the last time it's your
turn to buy end conversation number seven getting a new job practice
speaking read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
I'm going to a job interview later this morning
nitu I've been looking for a better job all year
it's the IT boys they just opened a new office nearby well Kelly do you know
what I T stands for i T stands for information technology no if they hire
me I'll be part of a team that develops software quite a bit it is close to the
same thing I've been doing at my current job the IT boys pay better and I'll have
a better chance for promotion there
that's right Kelly more money to start with and more in the future to great
leadership in a fast-moving expanding market switch Kelly what are you going
to do today
hey that's great I hope you get the job
what company are you interviewing with
what kind of company is that strange name
no I don't what does IT mean oh I see so you'd be
repairing computers that sounds pretty cool Kelly do you have much experience
then why do you want to change jobs
by promotion you mean more pay raises in the future why is that
what makes that company different from the others and conversation number eight
you need to go to the doctor practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please again
hi Kelly
not too good I've been sick no not really
it's just a bad cold or maybe the flu no I've just been taking over-the-counter
cold remedies yes I got one a few months ago so it's probably not the flu yeah
more like three or four I keep thinking that I'll get better soon
yeah I suppose that's what I should do I
know I just hate going to the doctor it's so expensive that's a good point
I'll make an appointment at the clinic today all right Kelly
I'll give you a call after the appointment switch hello Kelly I haven't
seen you in a while how have you been oh
that's too bad is it something serious
what do you mean maybe the flu haven't you seen a doctor yet did you get a flu
shot this year
how long have you been sick more than two weeks if I were you I'd make an
appointment to see a doctor right now if you don't take this seriously you may
end up getting much sicker Kelly it may be a lot more expensive if you wait
until you're sicker that's the smart thing to do let me know what the doctor
tells you and conversation number nine buying shirts in a clothing store
practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin oh hello may I help you
sure here you are that one is $50 well then how about this one it's on sale for
only $35 what do you think about the shirt in the display window on the Left
it's very similar to the more expensive one that you liked it's $30 is this
color okay or would you like a different color all right is there anything else
that you're interested in seen today
okay take your time I'll be right here when you're ready
switch excuse me yes can I see that shirt on the top shelf please thank you
how much does it cost $50 that's too much
no it's not my style I don't like that one hmm yes it does
look rather nice I do like it how much is it oh my I like the shirt and the
price yes the color is fine blue is my favorite as a matter of fact there is
but I want to look around a bit first and conversation number 10 getting
directions to an in practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
sure it's down this street on the left
well that depends
it depends on whether you're walking or driving then it's not far
about a mile and a half what brings you here are you on vacation I see so you're
a Salesman okay you must be meeting with the owner of the new auto parts store
sure you can fill up at pump number one
do you want to pay with cash or a credit card
okay then you can pay at the pump after you're finished filling up switch excuse
me I'm looking for the Starlight Inn do you
know where it is is it very far from here
what do you mean that depends oh I'm driving my car's right outside
good I've been driving for hours no I'm here to meet with a new customer we have
in this area good guess yes I am I sell wholesale auto parts that's right
by the way I need to get some gas all right can I pay now
I'm going to use my company's credit card end conversation number 11 how do I
get to the mall practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin I sure do I used to work there
go straight for bottom aisle and turn right at the first light stay on that
road for another 2 miles until you come to a golf course you'll see it on the
left turn right at that intersection the mall is just one block down that Street
you can't miss it
if I remember correctly it's 29 30 West Street yeah that's a good idea but I
don't think you'll have any problem signing it
that's true are you from around here yes I understand driving in an unfamiliar
area can be confusing no problem just watch the speed limit our police
love to give traffic tickets switch excuse me
do you know how to get to the mall oh
really so what's the best way for me to get there okay
turn right at the light then what all right is the Golf Course on the left or
the right side of the road okay after I turn right then what
good directions Thanks do you know the address oh great I'll
put that in my GPS well it's better to be safe than sorry
I live on the other side of the city I hardly ever get over here well thanks
for the information see you around
and conversation number 12 planning a vacation in Canada practice speaking
read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
it's August 15th why what's going on Kelly
why is that where did you think I'd be today oh no it starts on the 25th yep
on the 25th I'll be on my way to Canada
no I signed up word to work it's going to be great
well we're going to fly out at 11 a.m. on the 25th we land in Ontario from
there we get on a tour bus five days we'll be going to many of the top
tourist attractions four nights in a row at four of the best ones nope the travel
agency gave me a big discount for buying the last seat switch hi Kelly
hey what's the date today I wasn't expecting to see you here today
I thought you told me that your vacation starts on the 15th oh yeah I guess I got
my dates confused how are you going to get there drive
really what's the plan give me the highlights okay then what where are you
flying to sounds nice how many days will you be on the bus
that's great Kelly will you be stayin at some of the nicer hotels Wow
that sounds terrific but I bet it's really expensive huh and conversation
number thirteen it's important to be friendly practice speaking read the
white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
which woman are you talking about Kelly oh that's Jane haven't you met her yet
oh come on Kelly she works here you know her office no Jane is one of our new
admin secretaries I told you before you spend too much time at your desk work is
important Kelly but so is socializing with the other employees that's right
one day you're going to need some help from a friend
that's exactly right Kelly it's also harder to get promoted if you're
unpopular oh really and how are you going to do that well
that'll certainly make you more popular I'll help you spread the word switch
Kelly do you know who that woman is the tall woman over there in the blue dress
with blond hair no I've never seen her before
is she one of our clients
you're a joking right is she an attorney
gee I guess I need to pay more attention to what's going on true I guess I could
at least eat lunch in the break room instead of at my desk
you're right Kelly I don't want to get a reputation for being antisocial I know
and I won't have any friends to ask for help
well I tell you what Kelly I'm going to change right now I'm going to order
pizza for everyone in the office for lunch today and conversation number 14
how to improve your English practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
hi Kelly and thank you for the nice compliment I learned like most people by
taking classes in public school the only thing I did different was to take some
extra language classes you could say I studied more than everyone else
maybe study isn't the right word I should say I practiced speaking okay
okay I'll tell you exactly what I did
I'm sorry Kelly but many people aren't serious about
speaking better
I simply spoke English as much as possible what do you mean that doesn't
make sense repeat what a native speaker says over and over until you speak like
one well the teacher must read English dialogues out loud with you right and
you say the other then switch sides of the conversation yes also your teacher
must correct every word you do not say correctly that's right and your English
will improve a lot very quickly record your voice while you're speaking out
loud during ESL videos yes listen to how well you speak compared to the native
speaker switch hi Kelly I want you to know that I think you speak English very
you're welcome I've been meaning to ask you how you got so good at speaking
English yeah but we all took those same classes and you speak much better okay
so most of us did that too come on Kelly what else did you do
explain how studying made you speak better
how did you practice who did you practice with it's about time you're
really making this difficult well I am serious about improving my English
please tell me what you did that doesn't make sense Kelly I speak English a lot
everyday and I'm not improving it's really that simple
so the native speaker says one side of the conversation
I suppose going over many different conversations many times is crucial so I
pronounce every word exactly like the teacher does what if a person can't get
a native speaker to teach them then play back the recording to hear how I sound
and conversation number 15 store hours in social media practice speaking read
the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
sure it's open from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Monday through Saturday I don't remember for sure I think it's open from 12 noon
to 6 p.m. Oh when did your new neighbor move in
Kelly oh really Japan that reminds me of an old friend
of mine yeah I haven't seen or heard from him in years
that's true I'm not very good at staying in touch with people
hmm I should do that his name may turn up someplace that's a good idea Kelly
care for a cup of coffee but you never drink black coffee
you always use cream and sugar
why I've seen people fatter than you I'm just getting Kelly you look fine
switch hey Kelly do you know what hours the grocery store
is open is it closed on Sundays thanks my new neighbor was asking me about it
just yesterday he seems like a nice guy he's from Japan you have a friend who
lives in Japan
why don't you keep in touch with him it's easy enough to do just do a search
for him on the Internet it's really easy to do it's worth a try
just about everyone is connected through social media now sure that sounds good
I'm going to drink mine black
yeah I switch to just black coffee I've been trying to lose weight and
conversation number 16 it's expensive to raise children practice speaking read
the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
yeah Kelly I have two kids a boy and a girl
hmm you're right I guess they just never came up in our conversations
my daughter's 19 years old and my son is 17 she'll start next fall she wanted to
take a break after high school uh uh he's okay I think he misses fighting
with his sister
no she's spending a year in New York City with her aunt well that's half the
story she just always been very close to her aunt she's lucky she can stay with
her aunt otherwise it would be too expensive yeah but I saved up for that I
did not plan for her to visit New York
nope no breaks for the boy he's going to college and getting a job ASAP switch
Kelly do you have any children oh really I've never heard you mentioned anything
about them
so how old are your kids that's interesting is your daughter in college
now yeah I can understand that how's the boy doing Oh your daughter doesn't live
at home now did she get married why is that did she want to experience life in
the big city sounds nice I have a son about that age I'm sure he'd like to go
there too
what about her college tuition that's really going to be expensive how about
your son will he go on a long break too
and conversation number 17 going through an airport
practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
yes I have my bags packed how about you
just two I'll put the larger one in check baggage and carry-on the other
what do you think should we drive to the airport
now the airport is too far away to take a taxicab
it costs too much how about this idea we take a taxi to the bus station wow I
didn't know this airport was so big it looks like the ticket counter for our
airline is way across the terminal okay so we checked in our baggage and got our
boarding passes let's pull out our passports Kelly the TSA agent has to see
them oh it's no big deal Kelly will be on our plane soon headed for Hawaii
switch are you ready to go Kelly
I'm all set how many suitcases are you bringing yep same here I tried to get
everything into one but that didn't work I think it'll be cheaper to take a taxi
then we don't have to pay for parking
well that's true Kelly so what should we do and take a bus to the airport no
that's a good idea
yeah it's huge where do we check in for our flight oh yeah I see it over there
let's hurry up and get checked in
yeah now we just need to get through with a security checkpoint oh great
Kelly now we have to open our bags take off our shoes and conversation number 18
I lost my wallet practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin I
can't find my wallet I know I had it when I left home yes several times I'm
afraid I may have dropped it in the taxi
let me think it was a blue cab but I don't remember the company's name
that sounds right so what should I do
yeah that's a good idea thanks Kelly Oh terrific I'm really
worried I have everything in that wallet
so is he going to call you back in a few minutes or what what is he saying did
they find it
they found it asked them to bring it to this store I'm not at home oh wow what a
relief thank you so much for helping me Kelly switch what's the matter Kelly you
look upset
did you double-check all of your pockets
hmm that's not good do you know the name of the cab company any blue taxis that
I've seen belong to the downtown taxi cab company
let's call their dispatch office and ask if anyone has found your wallet I have
their phone number I'll give them a call right now okay I talked to the
dispatcher he's contacting all the taxi drivers
yes in fact my phone's ringing right now it's probably him hold on Kelly he wants
your address the cab driver will drop off your wallet
all right the taxis on its way he should be here in a few minutes and
conversation number 19 talking to an old acquaintance practice speaking read the
white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
hi could I talk to Carrie please
this is Lyman I work with Terry
hello Kelly do you know when Terry will be back uh yes didn't we meet at the
Christmas party well it's good to hear your voice again
oh thanks it was fun I hope to see you at our next party Oh
are you thinking about moving really so you'll be moving out of the state I hope
you get it but I'd like to see you again
now that's a good idea please tell Terry I called switch hello
I'm sorry Terry just left who's calling please oh hi Kelly
this is Terry's roommate Lyman Kelly don't you remember me
that's right where you and Terry work
same here you told some really funny stories I'll be sure to come if I'm
still living in this area yes I may start working for a new company yes I'll
have to move to New York if I get the job
me too how about the three of us go out together one night soon end conversation
number 20 our recent European vacation practice speaking read the white text
out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin I
went on a trip with my family last month
we went to Europe
London Paris and a few other smaller ones now we didn't go there I'd like to
see it next time yeah I've heard it's a beautiful place for tourists that was
true for all the European cities we went to going on tours in the castles yes
they're spectacular and they're everywhere some are but many
have been restored exactly I got to see how the wealthy people used to live
switch Kelly what have you been up to lately really where did you go that
sounds great what cities did you visit did you go to
I think fall is the best time to visit Berlin right and the local people are
very friendly - what was your favorite part of the trip
oh I hadn't even thought about the castles aren't they really just broken
down old buildings Wow so it must be like stepping back in time
and conversation number 21 I shop and love sales practice speaking read the
white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin I
went shopping why do you ask
I just picked up a few things that were on sale I bought this jacket what do you
think do you like it at the mall on Sixth Avenue sure it was on sale I only
paid $40 I know I'm anxious for fall to get here so I can wear it it'll be going
on for another week what do you need
well it doesn't matter how cheap something is if you don't need it
yes if you don't need something don't buy it that's just a waste of money
switch Kelly what did you do today just
curious I saw your car was gone earlier so what did you buy oh really
anything good
yeah it looks very nice where did you find it it looks expensive can I ask
what it cost wow you were really lucky that was a good deal when does the sale
end hmmm maybe I'll stop by there tomorrow um nothing really
do you think so even if it's a really low price but I love buying things on
sale anything and conversation number 22 plans for dinner and a show
practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
all kinds but mostly pop rock and classical why what kind of music is it
when is it yeah I'd like to go it would be fun to stop for something to eat on
the way to
let's eat at the restaurant across the street from my apartment it's the same
place we went to last month yeah that place has the best barbecued ribs I've
ever eaten oh man I wanted to order a fourth helping yeah
I ordered the second and third helpings when you stepped outside to talk on your
phone I just couldn't help myself I'm really looking forward to going back
there sorry Kelly by the way do you think I'm getting fat switch Kelly what
kind of music do you like to listen to I
have tickets to a show do you want to go with me pop yes Maria Carrie
at a p.m. tomorrow night
yes that's a good idea we can make a night of it
oh I think I know the place you mean
that's right I remember you carrying on about the food I know you really enjoyed
yourself there a fourth helping you mean you ate three orders of beef ribs are
you insane Kelly I was only outside for about 15 minutes oh my goodness
I created a barbecued ribs monster
oh no that's just 50 pounds of baby fat hanging over your belt and conversation
number 23 it's nice to have a good friend practice speaking read the white
text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
no not this weekend I have too much work to do my father lives in Washington DC
my mother died two years ago
no he retired last year
yes two of my cousins live about ten miles outside the city limits yes I have
two brothers who live in New York and a sister in Boston not as much as I'd like
yeah usually I only get to see them on major holidays like Christmas well the
good thing about that is we don't get bored with them what do you say we go do
something together after work this Friday thanks for saying that Kelly
I agree switch hey Kelly are you going home this weekend where do your parents
live how about your mother oh I'm sorry to hear that is your father
still working do you have any family here do you have any brothers or sisters
do you see them very often yes I'm in the same situation I don't get to see my
family much right I only see mine on holidays and at weddings and funerals
that's true and they don't get tired of us hanging around that sounds nice I
guess a good friend is just like family and conversation number 24 going to the
library practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
okay can we stop on the way so I can buy a newspaper
are we going to walk or drive the weather is good now but I think it's
supposed to rain later no he's still sleeping yeah he didn't come home until
midnight I hope so too I'll give him a call when we get to the
library and straight down this road on the left next to the museum only about
30 minutes or so well yes but you'll have your umbrella you know Kelly you're
really annoying sometimes
you don't even know if it's going to rain for sure I'll go get the car
switch Kelly would you like to go to the library with me sure that's no problem
we can pick up a newspaper hmm the weather is really nice today
let's walk all right then let's take umbrellas is your brother coming with us
Wow it's already 10 o'clock he must have
been up late last night well I hope he shows up later I always enjoy his
by the way how do you get there from here
how long will it take us to get there 30 minutes you mean I may have to walk in
the rain for 30 minutes I think I'd rather have a car than an umbrella yeah
well you tend to come up with some very bad ideas you're an idiot
and conversation number 25 meeting for the first time practice speaking read
the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
hello how are you I'm good you speak English yes I am I'm from Ohio
my name is Lyman
nice to meet you too Kelly switch hi I'm fine and you a little bit are you
where are you from nice to meet you Kelly my name is Lyman and conversation
number 26 getting a job interview practice speaking read the white text
out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
no I'm not a little but not very well
I'm Lyman it's a pleasure to meet you Kelly
I'm a student what do you do how do you like that kind of work does your office
need any part-time help I've been here for about four months now thanks Kelly
could I get an interview today switch excuse me are you American do you speak
English well hi my name is Lyman what's yours
same here Kelly what type of work do you do I work in marketing for a local
clothing company I like it I get to meet a lot of interesting people
hmm how long have you been in the US
all right Kelly we can give you an interview sure I work right over there
ask for marketing and conversation number 27 waiting for a bus practice
speaking read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
sure my name is Lyman what's yours is this where we wait for the bus to Seoul
do you know what time it is
I'm sorry I didn't hear you what did you say
I'm going to Seoul to do some shopping I
enjoy window shopping just looking around yes there are many interesting
people there great it's right on time too okay Kelly I was
thinking the same thing switch excuse me may I ask what your
name is Lyman yes it is sure it's 6:40 I
said it's 6:40 no problem you're welcome there are so many places
to shop there
me too and I like people watching oh look Kelly
here comes our boss let's sit together we can chat on the way and conversation
number 28 where's the subway station practice sneaking read the white text
out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
hi Kelly what's up all are you going to get there
it's right over there just across the street the entrance is next to the hotel
no problem I'm glad I could help yes there's one in that coffee shop you can
use I should I've lived and worked in this area for many years now I'd be
happy to Kelly yes I'll be free all afternoon that day okay
that sounds good Kelly I'll see you then switch hi Kelly
I'm going to the airport to meet with a friend I'm going to take the subway
where's the nearest station where I don't see it oh yes I see it now
Thanks would you happen to know if there's a restroom nearby thank you
Kelly you really know your way around here
don't you
could you show me around one day this week do you have time to meet with me on
Wednesday terrific let's meet here for lunch at 12 o'clock I'll buy and
conversation number 29 let's go out for pizza practice speaking read the white
text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
I'm fine Kelly and how it have you been
let's go do something
nothing special have you eaten yet me too what sounds
good to you Chinese works for me I haven't eaten Italian in a while I'm
not picky just hungry you choose
oh yeah a large pepperoni with double cheese I want some of those warm
breadsticks too
you read my mind Kelly yes I do let's go I'm starving switch hi Kelly
how are you I've been okay no problems
alright what do you have in mind no but now that you mention it I am hungry no I
had Chinese for lunch yesterday maybe Italian what kind of Italian food
do you like
well if you're really hungry let's go for Pisa if that doesn't fill us up
nothing will
the ones totally covered with Parmesan cheese
not really Kelly I just know how much you love cheese and conversation number
30 where are your glasses practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
I'll help you look for them sure but we should concentrate on finding your
glasses first I guess you don't need your glasses if you can't even find your
computer well your computer is on the chair over there
which one
it's on the small table next to your desk no I have it look we're wasting
time looking for these other things have you checked your desk drawers okay while
I do that you go check your jacket pockets thank goodness you were
beginning to stress me out switch Kelly I can't find my glasses
while we're looking can you help me find a few other things I'm really in a hurry
I can't see well enough to find my laptop
oh this is terrible I have to write a report this morning
great now where's my book the thick what about
business plans have you seen my glasses anywhere yet you're right I can't do
anything until I find my glasses
yes I felt around in them maybe you should double-check Kelly I found them
they were in my jacket and conversation number 31 a really bad restaurant
practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
okay here you go how was everything oh my was there a
problem didn't you enjoy your meal oh I'm sorry
sir if you had told me I would have gotten you another one
what you found a hair in your salad you should have said something but what was
there another problem with the food
apply in your soap Oh for the love of Pete are you serious I've never heard
anything like this from any of our other customers oh please don't do that you
don't have to pay for the meal oh please don't that isn't necessary I can't
believe you're going to tip me 15%
generous I usually get 20% some people are so unreasonable I know but like you
said it wasn't my fault switch excuse me could I have my check
please I don't want to be rude so I'll just say I've had better food
well my hamburger was stone cold after finding a hair in my salad I was afraid
to get another burger well I was thinking about doing just that but yes
it was the fly in my soup that really ruined the dinner for me yes
unfortunately this was the worst meal I've ever had in a restaurant I'm going
to complain to the health department
well thank you for that but I do want to leave you with you
here's your tip it's 15% of what the bill would have been I know that's
generous of me but after all it wasn't your fault
Wow everything about this place is awful and conversation number 32 buying an
airline ticket practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
I'd like to buy a ticket to New York
round-trip please when does the next plane leave I'd like a ticket for that
flight please economy class so are there any seats available on that flight
what's the next light after that one
okay are there any seats available for that flight yes please
here you go thank you for all your help switch next please
how can I help you would you like a one-way ticket or a roundtrip when will
you be leaving in about two hours would you like first class or economy class
okay let me check for availability no I'm sorry but seats for that flight are
all sold out the next light leaves ninety minutes later yes would you like
me to reserve a seat for you on that flight
all right that'll be one hundred and twenty dollars and conversation number
33 help me find my driver's license practice speaking read the white text
out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
hmm when was the last time you remember seeing it
no in fact I don't think I've ever seen your license well don't you usually keep
it in your wallet why it's just a little card it's very easy to carry well I
guess you can see that isn't a good plan
sure where do you usually put it when you take it out of your wallet let me
double-check your desk drawers
apparently you didn't look through the whole desk yes after I saw how full your
drawers were I pulled them all out
no it had fallen back behind the drawers and was under your desk on the floor
you're welcome now please keep it in your wallet all
the time switch hey Kelly I can't find my driver's license I'm not really sure
have you seen it anywhere oh my this isn't good
yes but sometimes if I'm not going to be driving I take it out I take it out so I
don't lose it if I were to lose my wallet will you help me look through
these drawers please
in my desk drawer but it isn't in there
don't bother I already searched through the whole desk did you find it was it
really in my desk the entire time so my driver's license was in one of my desk
drawers after all oh thank you so much you're a lifesaver
I will I've learned my lesson come on let's go to the cafe for lunch
I'll Drive and conversation number 34 you need to clean your house practice
speaking read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
sure no problem but why now
whoa it looks like you need to do more than just tidy things up a little how in
the world did your house get so messy
well from the looks of this place you must really dislike doing housework
Kelly I don't want to hurt your feelings but this is kind of crazy if this is the
best you can do you've got some serious problems I'll
have to see it to believe it
if we start cleaning now we'll be here for three days
what a dead cat
I don't know I found the corner where you throw your dirty underwear I'm not
in your bedroom closet I'm in your kitchen I'm not feeling well I think I'm
going to go home now switch Kelly and you help me clean up a
bit before we call I overslept and didn't get to tidy things up before you
got here I know I've been neglecting my housekeeping responsibilities I tend to
put off doing things that I don't like
yeah I need to make myself clean more often hey come on I do the best I can
around here
oh it's not that bad I'll have the place spotless for you next time well let's
hurry and get things cleaned up I want to go out oh hey look what I found under
the sofa cushion very funny no the pizza I ordered last night how
did that get under there what are you doing in my bedroom closet you found a
pile of dirty underwear in my kitchen you're right
this is bad and conversation number 35 eating in a restaurant practice speaking
read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
it is I love eating at this truck stop
okay wherever you like me to I like the rustic country decor can you pass me a
menu please
no I think I'll have a glass of iced tea instead do you want to order an
appetizer no they always serve a free basket of the greatest breadsticks they
really are they're always hot and fresh
everything tastes great whatever you get you'll swear it's homemade
I recommend you try it I think I'll have the same
okay I'll order for you if the waitress comes switch hey Kelly this looks like a
nice restaurant well that's it over there by the window I really like the
look and atmosphere of this place yeah this place makes me feel very calm and
relaxed sure here you go are you going to have coffee well I'm going to have a
cup of coffee not really if you want order something
oh that sounds good so what's the best thing to order here hmm I haven't had a
good chicken-fried steak in a long time
Kelly I'm going to use the restroom and wash up a bit all right thanks I'll make
it quick and conversation number 36 that's a lot of laundry practice
speaking read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
oh hi Kelly it's good to see you come on in fine
I've just been working a lot of overtime as usual yeah I've been really busy I
need to get over to my sister's place and do my laundry she's out of town I
have to wait until she gets back there are always so many people there I hate
I didn't know that I guess I could go real early in the morning yeah that's a
good idea I'll go tomorrow morning
that's true it actually be faster for me to do that than to go to my sister's
another good idea that way I can win some of money to pay for my laundry
switch hi Kelly I thought I'd stop by and see how things
are going
Thanks so I'll have you been it looks like you
haven't had much time to do your laundry
that's a pretty big pile of dirty clothes my friend so why don't you go
it's Saturday and you're not working
just go to the laundromat there's one right down the block
Kelly come on it's open 24 hours a day
right the place is practically empty before 7:00 a.m. if you get there early
you can wash as many loads at one time as you want so now that's settled do you
want to play cards for a while
Yeah right we'll see about that and conversation number 37 finding your way
in a new city practice speaking read the white text
out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
sure there's one nearby it's just across the street
do you see that red brick building over there yes it's in there that's a small
pink sure there's one right around the corner from the bank no problem
are you new here or just passing through
so what brings you to our little city if you don't mind me asking hi Kelly
my name's Lyman nice to meet you so is that a good thing or a bad thing
oh why is that
and what's the good part more money Oh
is your company going through some hard times
switch excuse me do you know if there's an ATM machine around here I don't see
it could you please point it out for me
yes the place next to the bakery would you happen to know if there's a
convenience store nearby oh great thank you so much for your help new I just
finished moving into my apartment last night no I don't mind by the way my name
is Lyman thanks it's nice meeting you too
my company transferred me here well it's good and bad I have mixed feelings about
it I'm sorry I had to move because I really liked my life in Dallas
not so much in fact the good part is that I'm lucky to still have a job
that's putting it mildly half of us lost their jobs the lucky
ones were relocated and conversation number 38 find Hollywood on a map
practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
sure what are you looking for on your map oh are you on your way to Hollywood
now well California is in the western part of the United States well yes but
that's not how we talk about directions on a map I guess you haven't used maps
very much huh don't feel bad everyone has to learn this at some point in their
life that's right the right side is east
the top of a map is north and the bottom is south yes and Minnesota is in the
north and Louisiana is in the south
you can also use the GPS app on your smartphone for directions you are
kidding me right I don't think it's a good idea for you
to travel alone switch excuse me can you help me with this map I'm trying to find
Hollywood California not right now but I'm planning to go there soon the
western part you mean the left side of the United States what do you mean
I'm sorry but I guess that's rather obvious isn't it okay so the left side
of the map is West so what's the top in bottom called so California is in the
West in New York is in the east oh thanks for explaining that to me I
feel so stupid
GPS smartphone
and conversation number 39 sick after eating at a hotel practice speaking read
the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
morning Kelly yes I had something to eat at the hotel yeah it's all right
I wouldn't say it's anything special
some cereal fried eggs and orange juice
well what I had this morning didn't taste right it may be but I think they
were having problems this morning
actually I'm not feeling very well right now no I'm going to go back to the hotel
at lunchtime and lie down
no that's okay but thanks for asking what do you need at the drugstore it's
probably because of all that coffee you drink
stop drinking the tea - there's caffeine in it didn't you know that switch good
morning Kelly have you had breakfast yet oh I've heard they have good food there
what did you have so the food isn't very good there that's a shame and I've
always heard it's a good hotel - you don't look so good
do you feel okay I'm sorry you want to take a break okay I have to pick up
something at the drugstore do you need anything
I'm getting a prescription filled I haven't been sleeping well lately I
don't think so I don't drink any coffee after 3 p.m.
just green tea oh really here I've been drinking tea and I don't
even like this stuff and conversation number 40 going to the movies practice
speaking read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
oh I don't know Kelly maybe we should go see a movie well let me think I've
gotten tired of the superhero movies all right are there any good comedies
playing in the theaters what time does it start
really how long is it yes that's a long time to sit in a theater okay but we're
not bringing sandwiches they're fine for lunch or a picnic but not in a theatre
the difference is that they sell food there we shouldn't bring in our own oh
yes and I'd rather we didn't look like two
idiots who live in their car switch Kelly what do you want to do tonight
yeah I'm good with that what do you want to see how about a
comedy I'm looking now oh yeah here's one that looks good
6:30 Wow it's a long one two three and a half
hours maybe we should bring some sandwiches I think it'll be all right
I read it's really funny why not we both love sandwiches
so what what's the difference yeah I suppose you're right
I guess I'm a little too cheap sometimes
and conversation number 41 it tastes funny and smells bad practice speaking
read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
oh thank you I made this from an old family recipe but what don't you think
this tastes great what do you mean are you saying this tastes bad how can you
say that I think this is fantastic oh my gosh I can't believe you think
that why hmm I didn't notice their cat and feet smell
but you're right a long time my mother gave me the recipe I haven't changed it
well I don't think so her cooking tastes better than this
nothing maybe it just picked up the smell from my refrigerator mostly but
without the ham well I have a foot odor problem and many cats switch Wow Kelly
that really has an unusual taste I don't mean to hurt your feelings but to put it
bluntly no I should have said strange instead of unusual yes to be even more
honest it tastes horrible and disgusting
if you really like this stuff there's something wrong with you well the best I
can describe the smell is a mix of cat ham and feet geez how long have you been
eating this garbage you mean your mother made food that smelled like
cat and feet
what did you add to the ham to make a taste like this this is what your
refrigerator smells like how in the world can that be don't tell me anymore
I should just kill you now and save the world and conversation number 42 it's a
very special chair practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
okay where do you want to move them all right so what do you want me to take out
first of course wasn't it a gift from your mother oh wow
you weren't kidding I can't even lift it
why is it so heavy what did you do to it
why on earth did you have him do that
you mean they're supposed to make you smarter where did you hear this
information about magnets and brains hmm so this guy told you about the magnets
how much did you pay for all this it sounds like you got scammed did you have
to pay him to stop by and tell you that you're getting smarter
oh he did I think the magnets have had a reverse effect on you uh no I really
don't think you can get any stupider switch Kelly will you help me take these
things out of here into the living room
how about that chair please be careful with it yep
being careful not to hurt your back it's pretty heavy here let me give you a hand
with it I had a guy put several big magnets
inside the cushions for me I heard that magnets are good for your
brain yep and it's working too
from the guy who installed the magnets in the chair for me yeah I'm lucky that
he also happened to sell magnets and install them to $3,000
I was lucky there - that's half the regular price tano he stopped by last
week and told me that I'm much smarter now certainly he also said if I stop
getting smarter I'll need to buy more magnets so what are you saying
do you think I'm getting stupider and
conversation number 43 visiting family with a friend practice speaking read the
white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin yes I think so too
it's a lot better than mine and it's new
yeah we're going to Chicago to visit my sister about a year ago she lives on 3rd
Street across from the library
not to worry we're going to take the subway it's just a 20-minute ride I take
the subway to work every day so I'm used to that yes she's lived there for about
10 years now you're right it's hard to find anything that's reasonably priced
now hey why don't you write along with us oh that's nonsense you're the same as
family we grew up together
terrific go pack a suitcase and we'll get on the road this is going to be
great switch Kelly your brother's car is really nice so it looks like you're
getting ready to take a trip oh I didn't know your sister lives in Chicago when
did you move there
and I see it's almost five o'clock now don't you think there'll be a lot of
yes but the subways crowded that makes me very uncomfortable doesn't your
mother live in the city too I remember when she moved there
apartments were a lot cheaper then well enjoy yourself give me a call when you
have some free time thanks but I just be a fifth wheel
it's a family meeting well I would love to see your sister in Lama game and
conversation number 44 showing your vacation photo practice speaking read
the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
yeah I just got back this morning we went shopping out to dinner a few times
and took a tour of the city yes I have them right here you want to look at them
this is one of my brother and me on the beach
yes we were having a great time here's one of my mother and sister I know it's
like they're almost twins that was taken at the train station just before we left
no not this time but we will some day
yes we're already making plans to go to
Florida next year yeah I want to ride on a swamp buggy and in airboat ooh they're
so cool switch Kelly I heard you took a trip to
San Diego is that right that sounds really nice what did you do there
did you take any pictures
sure I love looking at vacation photos
you both look very happy and relaxed
your sister really looks a lot like her mother where was this photo taken did
you have time to go to the zoo well it looks like everyone had a good time that
sounds great you'll love the beaches and wildlife
parks and conversation number 45 buying flowers for a co-worker practice
speaking read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
hi I'd like to order some flowers please
therefore our office receptionist Janet I don't know could you recommend
her cat just died and we want to give her a gift that shows how much we care
no I don't but we want something that's appropriate and meaningful that sounds
fine when can I pick it up yes that's fine we can give it to her at our
afternoon break hi is the bouquet ready oh is this one mine it's beautiful I'm
sorry but I don't see it you must be mistaken these are just tree branches
there aren't any flowers not even leaves
but this is just a bunch of wet black branches wrapped in old newspapers
well alright if you really think so but why does it have to smell like fish
switch good afternoon how may I help you
okay who are they for
what kind of flowers would you like sure what's the occasion for the flowers do
you know what kind of flowers she likes
well okay I can make a lovely bouquet for her it'll be ready right after lunch
is that soon enough then we're all set I'll see you at around one o'clock hello
No this one isn't yours yours is over there
it's right there with the newspaper wrapped around the stems oh don't worry
I can assure you she'll absolutely love that bouquet but your receptionist will
see there meaning she'll be thrilled trust me and under station number 46
calling a co-worker by phone practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
hi is Mary there please is this 555 555-5555 I'm calling for Mary do you
know when she'll be back
yes would you please tell her that Lyman called oh yeah I remember how are you
I'm so happy I got to talk to you again
how about the three of us get together on Saturday night
well when she calls me back I'll run the idea by her yeah I think I can convince
her to go out for a big steak and a few laughs switch hello sorry I think you
have the wrong number
uh yes it is who are you looking for again oh I thought you said Larry but
Mary isn't here right now she'll be back in a few hours would you like to leave a
message hi Kelly this is her cousin Lyman we met at the New Year's party I'm
doing great I'll let Mary know you called as soon as
she gets back yes me too we had so much fun at that party that
sounds good but I don't know if Mary's got other
okay great
and conversation number 47 keeping warm in the winter
practice speaking read the white text out loud
I'll read the yellow text please begin
hi Kelly it's Lyman yeah it's been a while but I call to see how you're doing
yes that's true so what's the weather been like lately where you are what's
the temperature
are you keeping yourself warm enough oh so you put in a fireplace that sounds
like a good idea in your house how can you do that so it's a closed barrel with
a snow pipe running from it
so where does the smoke go you don't just let it go in your house do you
really I'd ask if you were crazy but well it's a good thing you live alone
switch hello hi Kelly long time no see things are going okay I
guess everyone has a few problems it's been really cold here it snowed all day
today now it's a little bit low freezing it's usually much colder well I'm trying
to I've been saving money by burning wood no I'm using a metal barrel
I set the barrel in my living room on a box of sand
no I cut one end off the barrel it had it standing upright like a trash barrel
well of course not I put a bathroom exhaust fan in the ceiling above it and
conversation number 48 plans for holiday shopping practice speaking read the
white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
I'll be working why I'd like to go with you but Friday would be better for me
well maybe I can get the weekend off I'll let you know what kinds of things
are you planning to buy as gifts
what store do you want to go to yeah I heard the same thing it would be fun
just to go look around
sure why not someone said that they even have an indoor park there yeah there's a
petting zoo and rides for the kids too
no it's not quite that big but there is a subway in a bus station under it now
you got me excited I sure hope I can get the weekend off
switch what are your plans for the weekend I need to do some holiday
shopping I thought we could go together
that's not good for me I have to work on Friday
okay that sounds like a good plan I'm not sure yet I need to look around do
some window shopping I want to go to the new mall I've heard that place is huge
right I want to make a day of it we can eat there too hmm that sounds pretty
cool I haven't heard that seriously is there
an airport in there too let's take the subway there I haven't been on the
subway in years and conversation number 49 meeting a friend at the mall practice
speaking read the white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
hey Kelly yes this is me Lyman I am still outside in the parking lot I had
an awful time finding a parking spot yes this place is a madhouse I am just
walking inside now why are you in the toy store you don't have a nephew you
only have a niece are you feeling okay a game I must ask
are you feeling okay how about we meet at the sandwich shop I'm really hungry
why do you want to buy a gift for someone who doesn't exist
I'm sorry to hear that but what's that got to do with anything you're not
making sense sometimes I wonder if you really are an adult this is sad and
scary what scares me is that I actually understand you're welcome
no please go sit at a different table switch hello Kelly
this is Lyman where are you what's taking you so long
I'm sorry I didn't realize it would be so crowded
here today I'm on the second floor in the bigger is better too I snore I'm
looking for a gift for my nephew
I am certain that my sister will have a son someday are you coming up here or
okay I'll meet you there in ten minutes
because when I was a kid I never had many toys I want twice I have enough
money to buy them now but I'm an adult I
can buy toys now and play with them all I want
I tell people their gifts thanks for understanding I knew you would and
conversation number 50 I want to improve my English practice speaking read the
white text out loud I'll read the yellow text please begin
I'm still a student
I go to Boston University I'm studying English math and history
my major is English it's been more than six years now yeah I started learning
English when I was in high school
thanks for saying that but I can only read and write well not nearly as well
as I'd like to I don't get a chance to practice much yes but I still don't have
many friends here yet really that sounds nice thanks for inviting me I'd love to
come terrific that's actually what I need thanks again see you then switch
excuse me Kelly I was wondering what do you do for work oh it didn't occur to me
that you were a student where do you go to school that's a good school what are
you studying
how long have you been studying English
wow that's a long time well no wonder your English is so good I understand but
I think you speak quite well too I see I guess talking to native speakers would
make a big difference I'm having a party at my apartment Saturday night
you should come I'm sure that you'll need a few people there you'll connect
with and that's the end of this ESL video lesson thank you for watching and
I look forward to seeing you at our next lesson good bye for now
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Learn to Talk Fast - Practice Speaking in Conversations #1-50 - Speak American English

108 Folder Collection
Bruce Xu published on January 21, 2020
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