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Guys, welcome to another episode.
Today we have a new character spawning.
The workout is called, not just the Ling Ling workout,
but it's going to be called the Ling Ling and...
Ching Ching workout.
The LC workout.
So what - You may wonder... What this is all about.
It's uh... double the challenge.
Double the fun. Double everything.
Ling Ling and Ching Ching.
Basically, the idea is...
Ling Ling is not only an accomplished soloist...
But also...
An elite...
Chamber music player.
And so in order to prove...
Ling Ling's superiority at
ensemble team work with other musicians,
Ling Ling would often do
the Ling Ching workout with Ching Ching.
So these are workouts that can -
Challenges that can only be done with two players.
- Exactly. - It requires ultimate teamwork.
And who's Ching Ching? Don't ask questions.
You don't know.
Cool, so let's do it.
Oh, scissors, paper, rock, who's going first?
- Scissors, paper, rock! - Scissors, paper, oui, oui!
- Alright, I will play first. - You... You pick first.
- I will pick first. - Okay.
Okay. That's a duet.
- So... - I didn't practice.
- The challenge will be... - Challenge.
Finger the other person's violin.
- Aww... God... - Okay.
So do you wanna finger first or second violin?
We actually haven't play this, so let's learn it first.
Oh...Freaking hell...
- How do we... - Like that?
I think like that, it's better for the bow.
- Dude, are we in the shot? - Come here, you're not in the shot. Now, there, there.
Move back a bit.
I can't see the music.
Oh, so I'm fingering your part then.
No, finger...
Just finger your part and I'll change the bow.
Then, you are doing your part, right?
I can't see the music.
- Can we swap around? - Okay.
So dumb.
You ready?
It's so bad!
My violin's gonna fall.
Where we up to?
That was horrible....
Okay, next one.
Alright, my turn.
What was the first one?
Let's go. Let's do it.
- Oh! That was kind of legit! - Okay. Here we go.
Oh, this one will be interesting.
Here we go.
It was so much harder.
Alright, next.
Alright, next one.
- Okay. - That's doable.
So... Well, depends on the challenge...
- Ohhh! - Okay, that should be alright.
- Okay. - This will be interesting.
What's the opening? Like a whole bar?
Do we switch now? Oh no, the whole thing's one bar.
- Oh, that's easy! - Yeah, yeah. That's fine.
- Dude, I don't know where the - - I don't know... I don't know where the bars are.
Ohh, so trippy.
I'm out of...
- Nah. - Alright. We are out as well.
Next one.
I'll do this one.
Prokofiev Sonata for 2 violins.
And the challenge is...
That's the other way.
Dude, it's the dumbest one.
- It's the worst one, Prokofiev... - It's the worst one!
How am I gonna bow...
How's that supposed to work?
I think...
Oh, I know, I'll go...
Dude, I can't.
No, no, no, dude, slow down.
Dude, you're playing on my fingerboard!
So dumb...
So dumb...
- Why are you like doing this? - I don't know...
Sorry guys, that's not possible.
- Oh, okay. - I think that's alright.
At least we know that one.
- I'll start the first note - Yup.
I think you got the harder one.
Oh... Come on.
That's enough.
That's cool.
Dude, that - That's actually doable.
We can probably practice that and make like...
Done, that's the next video.
- Oh... Oh... - Actually, I wish I didn't say that...
Oh, this is the last one.
- Bach Double Violin Concerto. - Oh, okay. That's fine.
And our last challenge is...
- What? - Janelle wrote it like that.
- Squatting on each other? - I didn't say squatting on each other, damn it, Janelle.
Back towards each other.
Janelle changed it.
Why would you squat on each other?
Oh, this is risky.
Alright, here we go.
- Is this safe? - Our bums are touching.
- You have to lean back on me. No, you're not. I'm falling. - I am leaning back on you.
Alright, you ready?
- Alright. - Alright, it's a game of trust.
- Dude... - Alright, I'm leaning on you. I'm leaning on you!
- You gotta lean back. Alright, let's do it. - Yeah, I'm leaning back on you. You ready?
Ahh! My legs!
There's more weight on me!
I'm sore.
Don't move, don't move, don't move, don't move.
Don't move, don't move, don't move, I'm gonna fall.
I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall, don't move,
just don't move, don't move.
- Alright, stand up, stand up, stand up! - I cannot stand up, I can't stand up! I'm falling off!
Okay. Okay.
My legs...
That's your...
Workout practice with a buddy.
Note, if you have a practice buddy,
you can do these challenges with them.
You can do it with a cello as well.
Yeah, just don't blame us if anything gets injured.
Yeah, please get it insured.
Alright, there you have it. Bye guys.
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Ling Ling Ching Ching Workout

19 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on January 20, 2020
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