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(soft piano music)
- Something isn't right.
- They give you the wrong sauce?
- It's not the pizza.
(sighs) We broke up in the parking lot
of an Uno's Pizzeria in Boston.
- Maybe in a couple of years?
- Maybe.
That was my justification three months later,
as I clicked through his Facebook profile late at night,
trying to hold on to whatever piece of him I still had left,
and that's when I saw his first photo with her,
the girl with the red Solo cup.
I knew i wasn't allowed to care, but I did.
(upbeat music)
They met at a party.
At least, I can assume it was a party,
from that tipsy half-smile he wore.
His hands were wrapped around her waist and
as I stared at the photo, I tried not to imagine how it felt
when he put his hands the same place on me.
It didn't really work, but ...
That night, I dreamt about him, as I so often did.
(mellow instrumental music)
There was a second photo.
They were having a picnic.
A picnic (chuckled).
My stomach twisted as I realized the girl
with the red Solo cup was destined to become
a re-occurring character in his life.
I still didn't understand that he had moved on.
(solo guitar playing)
I couldn't digest that someone could fall in love
with someone else while I stilled loved them, but
it's funny how easy it is to believe the unbelievable,
just because it hurts less.
Who are you, girl with the red Solo cup?
The internet told me a lot about her.
She had darker features than I did,
and her smile made her seem kind.
She looked like she came from money,
and I looked like I was living on hand-me-downs
and budgeted grocery lists, but, despite our differences,
there was one overarching similarity I couldn't miss,
we both loved the same boy.
Months passed, and I watched them tag each other in photos,
and their relationship status change.
I saw them driving in the car we kissed in,
(soft piano music) the car we broke up in.
I saw their relationship go to places ours had gone,
and to places it had not.
Maybe he's different now.
Maybe he doesn't snort when he laughs or
fold his pizza into a sandwich before eating it.
Maybe I don't know him at all, but, still,
visiting him reminds me that I am capable of love,
and that I'm worthy of love.
It reminds me that when you truly care for another person,
it never really goes away.
I watched him fall in love, and, maybe someday,
he'll watch me do the same.
(instrumental music)
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What It Feels Like To Watch Your Ex Fall In Love

85 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on January 20, 2020
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