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- Have you ever done a 60 minute, or a minute sprint?
It's when you hold your phone, and you just,
Oh, I got a match!
(drum beat and high hat)
- What do I think about dating apps?
- I love them,
because I move around to a lot of different cities,
and I use it to meet girls in order to meet new friends.
- My current girlfriend, we met on Tinder,
so, like, that's been awesome.
- I see them as a game.
- I didn't have the biggest school,
and I wanted to meet new people,
so yeah let me try dating apps.
- I prefer to meet someone in person.
(buzzer noise)
- I like to club but I also like to just watch Netflix.
- Binging Netflix.
Cool, tell me something that not everybody likes to do.
- If the first line of a girl's bio is
"I'm 5'8" and I don't like guys that are under 6'",
I'm usually swiping no.
Even though I'm a tall guy.
- About Kelsey, pizza, Netflix, coffee, music and puppies.
- The emojis with, like, lipstick and all this other things,
ain't gonna happen.
- But if you're really hot I'm still gonna swipe right.
(bell dinging)
- You need to throw something in there that shows
you're a real human being.
- If we can tell you're kind of witty,
and also a little bit sarcastic,
that's usually like, bait for me.
- She has to have likes that reflect mine,
but also that are just really interesting.
- I like when people are fun or weird.
- They need to live within five miles.
- Don't deceive me in your bio
and try to make it all cute and funny
and then be a really cold person.
(buzzer noise)
- Some girls will just have like, all selfies.
- If a girl has more than two selfies, I'm done.
- And I'm just kinda getting this vibe
that you take a lot of pictures of yourself,
becomes a little less attractive.
- You know what's a no?
This pose.
- If you have a picture, and you're doing the sorority arm,
you are an automatic out for me.
- Like she's playing the angle,
so you can't really tell like, what all is she working with?
- So another thing that grinds my gears
about ladies and their dating profiles,
is the fact that you take pictures
with tall, hunky men.
- If girls have other guys in their photos,
it doesn't really bother me.
Unless they're making out, then that bothers me.
(bell dinging)
- The pictures are very natural.
- Outdoor activities, I know that's super cheesy.
- It's not all just super makeup on, same pose,
over and over and over again.
- If you're creative with your selfies,
then I'm not gonna mind it.
- Someone that doesn't take themselves too seriously.
- Like this girls rock climbing, and to me that's dope.
- Someone that I can just wear sweat pants around.
- You can't really judge someone
purely based on their profile.
- What I wish girls did more of on their profile,
is show their sense of humor.
- I would love it if a girl hit me up more online,
because saves me the trouble.
- I think it's a wild, wild world out there,
that I am very scared by,
but have to be a part of.
- It's kinda just a self esteem game, you know.
You're just kinda like, okay cool,
somebody out there likes me.
- At the end of the day, yeah, we're all lonely,
and we're, you know, animalistic creatures,
but, you know, I want like bae.
You know, I want wifey.
- It's like, one out of like, 500 you'll get matched with.
It's insane.
- You can do this with your eyes closed too.
- No match, is just, I hate this.
- I got a match.
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Guys Talk About Girls’ Dating Profiles

37 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on January 20, 2020
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