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I did my check-in what next you have to go through security watch this video and
learn everything you need to know about how to go through security in English at
the airport hey friends teacher Prix here to help you talk to
anyone anywhere anytime in English thanks for joining me on another video I
hope you enjoy this lesson and if it's your first time here I hope you enjoy
this lesson and this channel make sure to subscribe so that you don't miss any
of my weekly videos now what do you need to know about going through security it
is simple and it can be fast but the first thing you need to know about going
through security is that this starts way before you go to the airport going
through security starts with planning your carry-on luggage do you remember
what a carry-on luggage is it's that a small piece of bag that you can bring
with you inside on the airplane so it's important to check the items that are
not permitted in the carry-on luggage that you cannot bring inside a carry-on
luggage with you if your carry-on luggage is too big you will not be able
to bring it with you on the plane and finally liquids gel and liquids
there are specific rules for that so make sure that you check before you pack
your carry-on luggage another thing that is important your clothes everything you
wear matters too many accessories belts watches earrings a lot of stuff may
trigger may set off the detector the metal detector so less is more
good this is just to get started when you start to go in through security it's
important to have your boarding pass with you do you remember what a boarding
pass is this is an example of a boarding pass basically this is a piece of paper
that you receive after you check in if you want to learn
more about check-in I have a video about that here on my channel check it out
when you start going through security there may be some officers giving you
instructions of what to do in this situation as you are waiting in line
they may look at you and say please take off your shoes and belt at this moment
guys there's not much interaction between you and the staff at the
security you don't need to say much just pay attention and listen carefully okay
so take off your shoes and belt remove your shoes and belt Priscilla
where do I put them in the tray there will be a tray as you can see here on
the screen that's where you have to put all your belongings all your things your
accessories belts wallet shoes okay if you have keys in your pocket if you have
coins in your pocket put everything in that tray before you go through the
metal detector one important thing is if you have any electronic device inside
your carry-on luggage it's important to open your luggage remove the electronic
device and put it in another tray okay laptops or big cameras just put
everything in a tray make sure that you organized your luggage in a way that
it's easy to remove those items okay I have had some problems with organization
so Priscilla I put everything in the tray shoes belt wallet my laptop what
next now you have to put all these trays all your trays and your carry-on
luggage on a conveyor belt as you can see here on the screen this is where
your items and your carry-on luggage will go through will go on before they
go through the x-ray machine okay so this thing this conveyor belt will
keep moving and it'll lead your belongings and your carry-on luggage
tthrough the x-ray machine while that happens it's time to go through the metal
detector now that you're without the accessories belt maybe watches shoes
you can go through the metal detector safely and quickly if the detector goes off if
it beeps okay the officer may ask you some questions okay you will have to get
out of the metal detector and then they will ask you some questions don't panic
okay the questions will be very simple they will ask to pat you okay before
they start patting you they need to ask for your permission or they need to tell
you Oh sir stretch your arms please raise your arms okay and then the person
will check if there is anything that could have set off the alarm common
questions sir ma'am are you wearing any jewelry stretch your arms please this is
a command and instruction stretch raise your arms please in this case they may
use a different kind of scanner you went through the metal detector but when they
start patting you they may use a wand scanner okay it's one that it's portable
they can hold it in their hands and they can use it to scan to see if there's
anything on you that could have set off the alarm okay but other than that they
may not ask you many other questions it's a very quick and simple process
today the machines are becoming more and more modern and is smarter but maybe you
have had a surgery and you have pins in your body or maybe you have a metal
plate in your body so teacher what happens if the alarm sets off and I know
that happens because of these things inside my body you can inform them but
basically when they use the wand scanner they will know that probably you have a
pin in your body or something that could have set off the alarm okay now as your
carry-on luggage goes through security if they
see something suspicious or if there if there are way too many liquids inside
your luggage they may ask you to open your luggage okay they may ask you to
open your carry-on luggage so that they can see what's inside more clearly this
usually happens if you are carrying sharp objects maybe a pair of scissors
well that's not usually something people bring but hey what if you accidentally
dropped a pair of scissors inside your luggage I find that hard to believe
but it could happen or maybe have something that looks like it's sharp or
maybe you have way too many liquids so they may ask you to open your luggage so
that they can take a better look at it okay relax don't worry this is normal
procedure this has happened to me many times I had to open my luggage my
carry-on luggage at many different airports it's annoying but it happens
okay after they finish checking your bag because they asked you to open it they
will look through it when they finish they will look at you you are all set
off you go you can go after that my friend you are ready
Keep Calm and go to your gate because it'll soon be time to board as you can
see there are not many questions this is not a moment to have a long conversation
this is a quick moment this is the moment that passes by really quickly you
need to be fast take off your shoes take off your belt put it in the tray put it
on the conveyor belt let it go through the x-ray machine then it's your turn
you go through the metal detector if it beeps don't worry get out of the
detector let them pat you they may ask you questions or not they are usually yes
or no questions are you wearing any jewelry okay and can I pat you and
basically that stretch your arm sir but that's basically a very quick
conversation okay you don't need a lot of English you need to pay attention to
the instructions if you watched this video until now and you would like to see more
videos about travel English write the hashtag #travelEnglish in the
comments and I will prepare more videos for you about travel vocabulary and
conversations thank you so much friends and I'll see you next time bye
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How To Go through SECURITY At the AIRPORT - English at the Airport

26 Folder Collection
Courage published on January 20, 2020
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