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- The saga is over,
but some burning questions remain.
Tell me, what's Chewbacca's last name?
- Bacca.
- Jones.
- Feldman.
- Feldman. - He's part of the tribe?
(laughs) - Yes.
- Is 'Episode X' his bar mitzvah?
- That was a long time ago.
- Valdez.
- Where's he from?
- Well, you know,
what is it?
- Well Kashyyyk, isn't that the Wookiee planet?
- Wookashyyyk. In the south of Wookashyyyk.
South Wookashyyyk.
- [Josh] Who wins in a fight to the death?
An Ewok, a Porg, or Baby Yoda?
- I think the Porg and Ewok would just fall over
out of the adorableness.
- Baby Yoda still has Yoda powers, right?
- Does he have the force yet?
- Yeah, I heard he was levitating a rock or something.
Man, that baby was doing too much.
- Well then, Baby Yoda.
- Baby Yoda.
- Speaking of Baby Yoda, first words Baby Yoda will utter
will be...?
- "Feldman."
- Oh, I'm sorry, that's my go-to.
- I think it will be more of a sound than anything.
Yeah and then it will evolve
into like deep, deep found wisdom.
- "I love C3PO."
- It's the right answer.
- I haven't even seen this Baby Yoda.
- You haven't seen him?
He's cute, man. - No, just pictures of it.
I've just seen pictures of the Baby Yoda.
- [Josh] He's a cute little guy. - [John] He's a cute looking thing, yeah.
- [Josh] Most powerful relationship, Reylo or FinnPoe?
- [Kelly] FinnPoe. - [Namoi] FinnPoe.
One million percent.
- Stormpilot, I would say they're more powerful.
- What makes it so powerful?
- There ain't nothing like a good little bromance, innit?
- Ain't nothing like that.
- Their chemistry is--
- Undeniable.
- Undeniable.
- Why does no one talk about PoeRen?
- We can start it right now on the last film
in the nine film saga.
- Hashtag PoeRen.
- Reylo or FinnPoe?
- FinnPoe. Yeah.
- That's a non-question.
- That's a non-question.
- That was like rhetorical. - Yeah.
- Right. (laughing)
I'm sorry I even wasted my time and your time actually
in retrospect.
- Yeah yeah. You were just trying to fill the time.
- [Josh] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Josh] Once and for all,
the greatest Star Wars character
in the history of Star Wars,
period is of course...?
Yes, Anthony?
- Well I couldn't possibly say.
- I think you should go first.
- Well I'll go with Rey,
because you know what?
I'm in this film, and I play Rey.
So I'll say Rey.
- That's a fun fact, that's good.
- Uh, yeah, Rey.
- [Naomi] Personally I would say Princess Leia,
because like, her journey, I think, throughout is like, insane.
And she was one of the first women to do that.
Just so iconic, so I would say Princess Leia.
- Jabba the Hut and his appendage.
What's that thing called, Salacious whatever?
- [Josh] Salacious Crumb.
- Salacious Crumb.
- I love Salacious Crumb.
- Salacious Crumb, there we go okay.
We got some different votes here.
- Luke, right? Luke Skywalker.
- John doesn't seem to agree.
- Hell no.
- It's the Skywalker, it's all about you know...
- It's Han.
- There's something about Han Solo that,
when you meet that guy,
it's just- it's the greatest.
- There's just something about Harrison.
- There is. - [Josh] There is.
- There just really is.
- That's undeniable. That is true.
And of course, Rey.
- [John] Han Solo. Period.
- Alright.
- Wow, FinnPoe ends here.
It had such a good run.
- I know, I know now it's over now.
- Sorry to hear that.
- Nah, he doesn't mean it.
It's part of the dynamic. - Yeah, exactly.
- Give me the worst possible way to deliver the line,
"May the force be with you." What's the worst possible line reading?
What I just did?
- That was it, you killed it.
- Why do we talk to each other?
- Well we don't usually.
- [Josh] This is your bad audition for Star Wars,
"May the force be with you."
- [Billy Dee] (singing) May the...
- Oh. (laughing)
- force...
- May the force be with you.
- See I still felt something, though, he can't help it.
- [Josh] He's that good.
- He's just that good.
- (singing) Be...
- Oh! (laughing)
- Give me a bad audition.
- I can't because I'm currently looking for a job.
I'm not joking, I've never been more unemployed.
- So you don't want to do any bad acting for fear of--
- No, I really want someone to employ me.
- Okay fair enough.
- May the force
be with you?
- Ugh. I hate that.
I hate that. - It wasn't great. It wasn't good.
We are not calling you back, man.
- Okay.
- We're gonna go another way.
- Okay. - Yeah.
- (singing) With...
- That was actually like a holiday song.
- I'm like okay with that, yeah.
- I love that.
- Yeah. (laughing)
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'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Cast Answers Our Burning Questions | MTV News

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on January 20, 2020
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