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It's emotionally challenging
I think it can be quite hard having to
hear the stuff that you hear
or talking to people and finding out their experiences
the challenges to being a social worker
it depends on what area of work you're in
but from my experience it's being able to deliver
what you want to deliver in the time that you have
and the money you have to do it so it's
time contingent and also financially contingent
there's not enough money around to actually
facilitate what you want to do
we're managing different people's needs
so my focus is on the child but I'm also working with
with adults, with other professionals
and it can be very very difficult trying to manage
everybody's needs but still stay focused
on what I need to be doing
we are going to meet service users
who may not want us there
who aren't going to welcome us with open arms
even though we come with good intentions
it is their life and to them we are
seen as invading their privacy
invading their lives so I think
that's the most difficult thing that we are going to meet
I think the main one for me was that
people normally say we're children snatchers
that we go to people's doors and
take their children away with no reason
obviously that is not the profession we are in
I think a massive one also is that we are facing
so many cuts in social care that people are worried
that they're going to come into the profession
and maybe not be able to get work
or be stigmatised for that
you kind of don't know what's coming a lot of the time
so you could think you've got a week
where you've got time to get things done
and then different things come up
meaning you suddenly can't do what you've got planned
so that's one of them
people have a negative perception of social workers
that's incredibly difficult at times
so they expect us to be a certain way
and forget that we're just people
obviously it's challenging in other ways
that are more personal, you could be
dealing with situations that have resonance for you
as an individual that you might find challenging
and you have to be able to leave those feelings
on the shelf, you can't bring those with you
and that on an individual basis is extremely challenging
but I think the main challenges for social workers in general
is working within a very limited budget
on a very limited time scale
in a very regimented career
it's a lot of paperwork, it's a lot of bureaucracy
we are given less and less
each team meeting I attend we're told that
we're having something else taken away from us
but we're still expected to do the same job and I think
you end up putting a lot of your own time into the job
because you want to make sure that you still see
the people that you're actually supporting
but then you still have to scramble to make sure
that you're staying up-to-date in the statutory guidelines
so that the paperwork and the level that you're expected
to do is a challenge but I think you just have to
look after yourself and be as organised as you can
to keep your head above above water really
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Social Work Q&A - Ep 2 - Challenges

32 Folder Collection
540455851 published on January 19, 2020
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