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>> Dr. Corrigan: Social work is really something that chooses you, it's not so much that
you choose social work. Social workers usually arrive at our doors with certainly a sense
that this is where they are meant to be in life, this is what they are meant to do.
>> Dr. Nicola: Particularly now with a lot of the social, domestic, and international
crises that we've been facing, it seems like the most valuable time to train competent
social workers to go out there, who can heal some of the ailments that we're seeing so
clearly in our world today.
>> Tattoli: We're trained to help those understand what they might have lost sight
of or what they might need help with. It never stops, to help someone in need.
>> Dr. Corrigan: Leading with our hearts is kind of what social workers do, that's why
we choose social work.
>> Dr. Nicola: One of the most extraordinary experiences of going through a master's in
social work program is that not only that does it allow for students to learn how to
become valuable social workers in the world, but they also learn about themselves, their
own biases, their own judgements, their own values, in such a way that it helps enhance
them as human beings.
>> Tattoli: How to conduct yourself with people, how to learn to respond to people who are
in need, being able to understand that everyone has something they are going through that
you may not be aware of.
>> Dr. Corrigan: Our first-year courses are all face-to-face traditional classroom courses,
while our second year is online.
>> Charles: We do have careers and jobs and bills to pay, and things like that, and it
gives us an opportunity to kind of work full time, as well as take time for classes.
>> Dr. Corrigan: Social work is a practice profession, which essentially means that we
get better at it by doing it. And field is a place where that all begins. It's essentially
our laboratory. It gives us a chance for our students to become practitioners under the
watchful eye of somebody who has been doing this for a very long time.
>> Benitez: I am currently doing my field work at Care Plus and it was just great, the
fact that Seton Hall was able to link me up.
>> Tattoli: Currently I intern at Summit Oaks Hospital, and it's an acute psychiatric
care hospital.
>> Charles: I intern at East Orange Campus High School and I think that's an amazing
experience, especially for me, because I grew up in East Orange. And being able to relate
to the kids is one of the bigger things for me.
>> Dr. Nicola: We're unique in the sense that it's a smaller program, so we offer
that personalized touch to every student.
>> Charles: You can see their energy in the way they teach. You can see their effort in
the way they give their tests, the way they show up prepared for class. And that makes
you want to give more.
>> Tattoli: You don't feel you're just coming here for school. You're coming here
to be part of a family and learn and grow.
>> Benitez: I would tell someone who is pursuing their MSW degree to go for it. It's difficult
but I think it's well worth it.
>> Tattoli: Be ready for late nights, lots of hard work, but hard work that's going
to pay off. That is really going to prepare you for a long life career in social work.
>> Dr. Corrigan: Social work provides a sense of job satisfaction that you are just not
going to find in a lot of other fields. When you go home at night from a social work job,
you're going to feel that you've accomplished something, that you've added to society.
>> Dr. Nicola: We hope that the students we attract are the ones who are going to challenge
themselves to continue to ask the hard questions, to ask themselves what their purpose is in
this field and how they can contribute to the greater good of our community.
>> Charles: To me, the area of social work is so important because it gives people a
beacon of hope.
[outro music]
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Master of Social Work

28 Folder Collection
540455851 published on January 19, 2020
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