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You're just in time :)
Welcome to my garden~
Did you have any trouble getting here?
That's a relief.
Won't you sit down?
Today, the weather is warm,
and the flowers are in full bloom,
so we'll mainly have a teatime in my garden.
How is it, are you pleased with this place?
I'm glad you like it ~
Here, I've prepared various teas
and cookies to enjoy with you.
So, let me know if you need anything.
And before you arrived,
I infused one that I want to taste together.
Would you like to try some?
It is- this tea,
The name of the drink is blooming tea.
It's terrific, isn't it?
It's the jasmine and hibiscus.
Very colorful and beautiful.
Umm.. The teacup is...
I think this is nice.
Are you satisfied with the cup?
have a teaspoon.
The tea is still warm owing to warmer.
Now, what would you like to add to tea?
Sure~ Everything you need is right here.
It's honey,
maple syrup,
brown sugar and...
Take your pick~
It's a lovely choice.
It smells good.
I'm going to put this teacup here.
It's a little bit hot T_T
I'll have to drink it after cooling.
Then now, we need cookies with tea.
I'll decorate a caramel apple cookie with an edible flower.
Now select flower you like, please.
This one?
Here you are.
It's sweet and delicious.
Oh, Say what?
You're curious about that.
Okay, hold on.
This is a smudge stick.
It purifies the air by burning the end of it slightly.
The scent still remains in here because I burnt it a few minutes ago.
Do you want it?
That's okay. I can make one easily.
All right.
Then... let's see.
First of all...
I need cotton yarn,
dried roses..
And I need several bundles of lavender.
Gather these....
and tie with yarn in this way.
It finished!
It's so easy to make, isn't it?
Here you are~
You drank the tea~
Would you like to taste some tea or other tea?
You want to taste other tea?
I see~
What tea would be good?
That's it! Let's drink a tea-infused by ingredients you like.
The ingredients are green tea, hibiscus, lavender, dried rose, and strawberry, and lemon.
Take your pick~
You want.. lemon.
Dried roses,
and strawberries, too? Okay.
Do you like sweet tea, don't you :) ?
Me, too >-
Let it stand for five minutes.
While the tea is infused,
I'm going to make some tea bags for you.
About… three would be enough, right?
Look at this~
It's so cute >A
Here you are. This is for you~
It seems as if the tea is infused all.
Let me pour it into another teacup.
I guess it's really sweeter than the blooming tea,
So, we should put only a little bit maple syrup to the tea.
Here you are~
It's so delicious.
I'll often have to drink the tea in this way.
Anyway, the next teatime will be at your home, right?
Okay, then what date do we meet?
Oh, I see. I really hope the weather will be good today~
so we may enjoy teatime in your garden.
Then what about tasting a mulled wine at that time?
Let me bring ingredients.
What would the dress code be good for the next tea party time?
White? Sky blue?
Oh, That's a good idea~
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ASMR Peaceful Garden Teatime

87 Folder Collection
coygn1006 published on January 17, 2020
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