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Next round's on me guys.
Yeah, I got a client tomorrow.
Come on, stay up for another.
Yeah, yeah. No, I got a client tomorrow.
One more drink before we go.
No, no, no, no more beer. No more beer.
I got enough.
Shots? Who? Allison did you get shots?
come on buddy, just have another shot with me.
One more beer and a shot. All right. Fine.
I gotta go. I gotta work in the morning.
Ow . . . fuck.
[phone ringing]
Hello yup
Yep, oh yeah mm-hmm. No no no I've already left. I'm out the door
Yeah, I'm just running. I'm just running a few minutes. No no no it's good. Why what's going on? Is he there?
Okay, all right all right. I'm on, yeah. I'm on it.
I'm on my way. I'm on my way. Ow! Oh, oh
Hey Ron.
Hey long time no see.
Yeah...Yeah, how you doing? Yeah, how's um... Christine?
Knocked her up. She got a little fat.
But she still has a pretty face.
And this . . . uh . . . Peter. How you doing buddy? Give me a . . .
What's up Donald?
Oh nothing actually. I'm just running . . . Oh
Peter what you doing?
Peter you can't do that. Okay, buddy, it's not good. You shouldn't do that.
Hey.hey.hey. Don't boss my kid around.
I'm not, Ron. I'm not bossing your kid around. I'm not.
He just nailed me
Whoa take it easy. Have your own kids if you want to boss them around.
Take it easy?
Your son, just nailed me. I can hardly see straight here
It might be best if . . .
Don'y raise your tones like that in front of Peter!
Your behavior's a bit aggressive
What if I nailed you, huh?
That doesn't make any sense. Like...
You know better. I would probably nail you back.
Right. So you gonna hit a kid? Huh? Gonna hit him? He's right there.
No, no, that's not my point. My point is, is that . . .
Exactly he doesn't know any better.
So back off
Come Peter
Oh forgot . . .
He's cheating on me, I know . . .
Oh! Fuckin' . . . god, great. Thanks. My coffee. That's real cool.
Don't put your fucking coffee there.
Oh, don't put my fucking coffee there
That's real nice.
It's a coffee. You choose to put it there. Deal with it. Get a new one....I
What you know you could at least offer to buy...buy me a new one . . .
I owe you nothing, buddy
I don't believe . . .
Hey, what?
Where's my . . .
Hey hey
Where? Did you guys . . . Did you guys see someone?
Oh... I don't believe this. I don't believe this.
This is crazy. I don't. I don't. I don't. I don't. Oh my god. Oh my god
What did I do? What did I do? What did I do?
What did I do? I d - . . .
This is . . .
Oh, Jesus.
Holy moly. Wow
Sorry I'm late, Charlie. Charlie? Yeah.
My name is Donald.
How are you today?
Uh . . . Okay.
You don't look okay.
How do you feel about that?
Well, that's why, uh, that's why you're here, right?
Yeah, I mean you're here because you want to
Get off the streets
Want to change your life. you want to find employment. you want to live a normal life?
And that's why I'm here.
I'm here to decide whether or not we can help you make these changes
But you got to stay onboard the entire way through. Make no mistake, Charlie
We will help you. We will help you find employment. We will help you to rehab. We will help you . . .
Find shelter
But you AWOL once from this program, and you are out
We will stop the assistance. That's it. It's done.
You understand?
So it says you came in yesterday . . .
You came in yesterday, and you weren't in very good shape. You want to tell me about that?
Hey, what happened to your face? You have a gouge.
What happened to yours?
See . . . no . . .
Charlie. I'm the one asking the questions here, okay?
All right, this isn't about me in the horrible day I've had, all right?
Let's focus on you . . .
and why you're here, okay?
Well, I it's, um . . . I don't know I don't remember.
I fell or something. I don't know. You should see my leg.
It's. . . It's even worse.
On your leg . . . Why didn't you go to the hospital?
The hospital?
Well, you can't get past security there. They won't even let me near the doors.
Probably think I'm looking for a place to sleep or drugs or something.
Are you?
When was the last time you used?
Oh . . . that'd be night before i lost, I guess
I'd like to know the details of that.
Please. I need you to explain that night to me.
Well . . .
I woke up around 5:00. I guess.
And I had enough money for a bottle.
Bottle of what?
And, so . . .
I met up with a buddy.
Yeah, I met up with a buddy and he told me about a friend of ours who had just died.
He just died that day.
She was pretty sick.
Yeah, was sick and uh . . .
Nobody would help her. So anyway, she, you know she was like a sister to me
You know she was lived on the streets like us like eh?
and uh . . .
So my buddy had a bottle and a pipe.
And so we had a drink to her
Drank for a bit, and then I said goodbye to him.
and uh...
Strange thing.
I'm walking down the street, and I walk past my ex-wife and daughter.
I think she's a teenager now
Yeah, t. . . .teenager. I think it's been around 15 years
First time I'd seen 'em.
Wife recognized me. Daughter did not. Probably a good thing, right?
Cause uh . . . anyway
Yeah, we lost a baby when we were married.
just after she was born and uh . . .
She left me and I started drinking pretty heavy, and then uh... I lost my job
and uh...
And I, I was in the park later that day and uh...
these little sons of bitches, they beat up on me
I don't know who they were. I didn't say anything to him. I did nothing.
They kicked my face.
They kicked me in the ribs and in the crotch
Yeah, sorry about the smell.
And, uh . . .
Passed out, it's all blurry after that.
When I woke up, again
Well, that's when I thought,
I should come here
I just don't think I'm gonna make it.
What did you say happened to your face again?
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A social worker has the worst day of his life. Then a homeless man gives him perspective. | Ironied

52 Folder Collection
540455851 published on January 16, 2020
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