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My sister adopted three little boys
and I was her referee and I met with her social worker
because I was her referee
and she talked me through sort of the assessment
and what they'd done and said to me
I think you'd make a really good social worker
and I looked into it and thought
that's everything that I believe in
I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life
and I believe in fighting for the underdog
I believe in justice
I believe in helping people who are vulnerable
and it made complete sense so I applied for the degree
I've always been drawn towards people
especially in terms of helping people
and I think I learned that from a very young age
when my parents, they started fostering
they were foster carers right from the age of two
and so I've always grown up with having
other young people in our home
and watched the kind of support that my parents
have given to those children
and that carried on right up until the age of about 16
and then at that point I started my own journey
of volunteering and working with children and families
so social work just for me seemed like the next step
it seemed like the career where I could
make a difference in people's lives
which is something that felt important for me
when I was younger I was in a relationship
where there was a lot of domestic violence
and I luckily had a really supportive family
and a really good system around me
but I want to come into social work to help people who
don't have that support to empower them
and help them become and get a better life
just like I have myself
at the age of 18 I came to Brookes
I was advised to go away and get some life experience
so I went into a learning disability team
within a care home
and then went on to do end-of-life care
within the community which now has given me
real good insight into what social work is about
and here I am today
I really wanted to help people
and on a one-to-one basis
because our lives are very complicated
and I didn't know how to help people
I didn't know whether to go into charity work
or do law, or maybe go into sociology
study society in general
and so social work has all of that combined
we can help people with the help of the law
my root into social work was quite a convoluted one
I'd been working in social care
for maybe six or seven years
before I decided that I needed to get a kind of
academic insight into social work
I studied here at this university back in 97
graduated in 2000 studying fine art
and during that time I used to regularly go to
South Africa and volunteer with an organisation
that supported young children and babies
that were born HIV-positive
which was extremely challenging
but also extremely rewarding
but what it did was fire up in me a real interest in people
and a desire to help people and from that
when I left uni with my art degree I went to
the Terrence Higgins Trust
and got a job as a youth worker there
and I actually used the art degree to be fair
setting up an art therapy group and from there
went from one organisation to another
getting more and more experience
within the field of social care
until it got to the situation where I felt that
I needed to have an academic qualification
it was the right time for me
to be able to come back to university
and also society or rather government was saying that
in order to do the work I wanted to do
you had to have this academic qualification
so I decided I'd come back to Brookes
since I had such a good experience here before
and take up the qualification
which I did and I haven't regretted that at all
not once
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Social Work Q&A - Ep 1 - Why did you choose to study Social Work?

26 Folder Collection
540455851 published on January 16, 2020
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