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- [Man] All right, I'm gonna figure this out right now.
Google will know.
Okay, step one.
Physical Contact.
Do they ever touch or hit you?
Yes, that's a thing she does, like a lot.
Usually when I've said something hilarious
which is all the time.
But I've seen her doing it to other people
like this one time with this guy Jonathan.
Maybe it's just her thing
and she just does it to everyone.
Okay, that doesn't prove anything.
Two, Acting Differently.
Well, how do I know what she's like
when I'm not around if I'm never there to see it?
Well there's this one thing.
When I say something unexpectedly hilarious,
and I know it's hilarious
because everyone is dying of laughter,
she seems to purposely not laugh.
Kinda avoids looking at me.
That's something, right?
Number three, Familiarity.
Do they share personal information with you?
Do they trust you with secrets?
She tells me her secrets all the time.
Sometimes I don't even know
why she tells me them but she does.
This is looking good.
Okay, number four, Body Language.
Sometimes she ignores me altogether.
Is that body language?
Like lemon juice or vinaigrette.
Hey Ashley!
Does that count as body language?
Moving on number five, Special Attention.
Do they take interest in your interests?
Well, this one time she got me my favorite kind of candy.
I mean, this isn't just any kind of candy either.
You have to go to a specific part of the city to get it
because they don't even make this kind of candy in America.
That has to mean she likes me a little bit, right?
I mean, if she likes me a little,
it's enough to ask her if she could like me a lot.
Or I could be wrong
and I could ruin a perfectly good friendship
and regret it forever.
Yeah, I'm just gonna eat my candy instead.
(tranquil Spanish guitar)
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Ways To Tell If Your Crush Likes You

122 Folder Collection
doris.lai published on January 16, 2020
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