B2 High-Intermediate Other 83 Folder Collection
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Calm down
Now, not the time to emo
Now, stand up!
If we can clear out all the Kyojin at HQ,
we can go there pump petrol,
everyone can climb the wall
Er, ya lah
But even you here also, got too many leh.
Can one.
Simi l*n
I am
More power than you all
Sibei sibei power!
I can zam all the Kyojin over there!
Even if I only one person!
You all only
cannot fight
also damn chicken until cmi
Damn wasted siah
You all stay here suck thumb can already
Take your time and suck
Oi Mikasa!
Eh what talking you?!
Got so many, you one person can meh?
Like that confirm cannot lah
If cannot,
then just die only
But, if win, can survive
If don't fight, how you know?
Leeemak! She cabut!
Siao zar boh..
You say until like that,
you think we really don't know what you want meh.
It's all your fault, Eren!
Oi! All of you!
Your grandmother teach you to let your friend fight one alone issit?!
Are you all really so hamji or not!?
That guy seriously arh...
Ah doi...
Boh l*mpa!
Wah they all arh...
Wah piang eh!
Okay lah okay lah
I go I go!
Kin! Follow behind Mikasa!
We better chop chop curry pok
better get to HQ before the petrol boh liao!
Wa but that Mikasa damn power ah
How she go so fast arh?
Her petrol use damn fast.
Like that jin kin tio bo liao
I know she damn power, but cannot move
means jialat liao!
I knew it
she confirm panic one
she anyhow whack,
and now kalang kaboh
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Shingeki no Kyojin (Singlish)

83 Folder Collection
Mayu Okuuchi published on January 14, 2020
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