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- [Host] Would you answer personal questions from your dad
while hooked up to a polygraph machine?
- Have you sexted anyone in the last month?
You know that goes everywhere.
- [Host] Welcome to Fess Up.
Answer truthfully and win cash.
How close would you say you two are?
- I work for him, well I don't work for him.
- For my company, that I own.
She works for me.
- [Host] You'll notice to your right, there is a man.
- I'm Herb Ravine, I'm a polygraph examiner.
- Can we try to fool it.
- [Host] I don't know Herb, what do you think about that?
- Give it a shot.
- [Host] Well today, your dad can tell the truth
for all these questions, Madison you get $200.
- [Craig] All of them?
I mean this can't get us in trouble for like legally?
Anything I say. - [Host] I can't promise that.
All right, lets' begin round one.
(bell dings)
- Have you ever been attracted to one of my friends?
- Well I have to say the truth?
- Yes.
- Oh fuck, yes.
- (laughs)
- Yes, I mean she's gorgeous.
- What friend?
- *****
- *****
- He is telling the truth.
(bell dings)
- I mean she's gorgeous.
- So yeah, so it's not my fault.
- [Host] Let's move on to question two then.
- That's only one question?
How many do we have?
- Have you done any illegal drugs in the last month?
- No.
- How 'bout the last three months?
Answer truth,
yes you have - Yes.
- Yes, okay.
- He is telling the truth.
(bell dings)
- Do you see why you're not a good influence on me
and why I fuck up all the time?
- Well I'm trying to show you.
- How to fuck up?
- What not to do.
(Host laughs)
- Okay, okay, solid.
Next one, have you ever done butt stuff?
- Yes,
who hasn't?
- He is telling the truth.
(bell dings)
- This man does like butt stuff.
- What kind of butt stuff have you done and with who?
- Well she's not gonna like it.
- So you're saying with mom?
- Well, I wasn't gonna say that, you shouldn't say it.
- (laughs) okay.
- [Host] You know what that means?
- I win the monies.
- [Host] You win $200.
- I won the money.
- We split the money.
We split the money. - No that's not true.
(bell dings)
- Did you already win the money?
- Yeah.
- [Host] She tells the truth for all these questions
she earns another 200 dollars.
- What?
- [Host] Do you believe her that she can
tell the truth?
- Yes.
- [Host] Let's begin.
- Have you sexted anyone in the last month?
Well it's yes if you have to think.
- No, no, no I gotta.
- If I went longer, would you say yes?
- Yes.
- You know that goes everywhere.
- She is telling the truth.
(bell dings)
- Why don't you send nude pics?
- I send them to your mom all the time.
If she says she has to go to the bathroom,
she's not. - [Madison] Next question.
- That's not what she's doing.
- Next question.
- Do you shave your pubes?
- [Madison] Yes.
- [Craig] A lot of people trim.
- No, it's like a babies, like a baby.
- Oh no.
Well don't say baby.
(imitates baby)
Stop it.
That's disgusting.
- She uh, is telling the truth.
(bell dings)
- Do you got a, you got a little bush going on?
- Trim.
- [Madison] Trim, you trim them?
- Trim, I don't go to babies butt.
- [Madison] Okay.
- Trim.
- All right what is that, next question?
- Have you ever stolen from me?
- Yes, of course.
- Well.
This is one you could try to fool the thing.
- No I'm not going to,
'cause I want that money. - Fool yourself.
And then fool it.
- She is telling the truth.
(bell dings)
- About how much?
- I don't know.
- Over 5000?
- Yeah.
- Why am I smiling?
That's not fucking funny.
- [Host] You just won another 200 dollars.
(bell dings)
- Woo we win the money.
I win the money.
- [Host] If you don't want the Fess Up fun to stop,
we have one final round.
(bell dings)
And if you tell the truth on one final question
Madison has the chance to double her money.
- I'll take you to the casino if I win this money.
- Yes we will do it.
- I will take these
and I will replace it.
Herb let me know when you're ready.
- Oh no.
Have you ever had sex at work?
Which is my office.
- Yeah.
- Oral sex counts.
- No, no, no.
I've done some touching.
- What type of touching was going on
at work, at my office?
- Some butt touching.
- Butt touching?
- Yeah.
- [Host] Craig do you think she's telling the truth?
- I think she's telling the truth.
- Yeah, I haven't, I haven't.
- She is telling the truth.
(bell dings)
- Thank you.
- Have you had sex at the dealership?
- Yes.
- Where?
- The couch.
- What?
- Desk, kitchen, the boom boom room.
- Right that's enough.
- In a camper, that was on the back lot.
Your mum is a freak.
But I own it.
I can do it.
- There's the difference, there's the difference.
- Yeah, I can do it anywhere.
- Hey guys, it's Claire.
We have a new hiho original series
called No Whining,
and we're super excited about it.
But you can only watch it on Facebook Watch
and we want you to go watch it.
We're putting the hiho kids
in a bunch of weird adult situations
so it's really funny,
really weird,
go check out the link in the description box
to check out No Whining.
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Daughter Takes a Lie Detector Test with Her Dad | Fess Up | Cut

58 Folder Collection
Angel Hsu published on January 14, 2020
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