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\- (Interviewer) Have you ever cheated on somebody?
- Yes
- Why'd you do that?
- 'cause I'm a ho (laughs)
- (Interviewer) Have you ever cheated on someone?
- Oh. No.
- Have I ever cheated? No.
- No.
- No.
- Fuck no.
- Never.
- Never will.
- Never never never never ever ever.
- (Interviewer) Have you ever cheated?
- I have not.
- I have not cheated.
- No.
- (Interviewer) Why not?
- You just don't.
- 'Cause I'm honest.
- I'm not somebody who needs
more than one person's affection.
- I have like I would say tunnel vision.
- I think that's one of the worst things you can do
to another person and to their self esteem.
- It's disrespectful.
- It's just like how can you do something like so terrible?
- There's no excuse for doing that I think.
- (Interviewer) Have you ever cheated?
- (sighs) yeah, yeah I have.
- Mhm. (gasp from behind camera)
I know.
- Why'd you do that?
- Well I guess the sex wasn't very good.
- Boredom?
- Like I pussied out of being upfront about like
there being a lack in the relationship
- I was kinda just going by instinct.
- Somebody threw themselves at me, and I accepted it.
- I found out he was cheating.
So then I did it too.
- He did it too.
- He did it first.
- It was like a tit for tat.
- I have cheated in most of my relationships.
- Yes, I have cheated on somebody before.
- (Interviewer) Dang.
- And I've been arrested, shit.
- (Interviewer) Have you ever cheated?
- No.
- No.
- No, I have not.
- I ended it first before I played.
- Just break up with them if you wanna cheat.
- One time I did break up with someone because
I felt like I was gonna cheat on them
- (Interviewer) Is cheating a deal breaker
for you personally?
- Yes.
- It wouldn't be a deal breaker, and like it wouldn't
like break me.
- If it's just like sexual like maybe we could work it out.
But if it's like if there's feelings involved,
then I don't wanna be part of it.
- Happens once, maybe a mistake. But like happens twice,
you're just an asshole.
- Cheaters are like people of habit,
and like they end up cheating again.
- I cheated on somebody in high school,
and I know the people that don't cheat say,
"once a cheater always a cheater,"
but it's like go fuck yourself. I was like dating boys,
but really I liked girls.
I was sexually confused.
- My first relationship was falling apart.
There was a couple points of infidelity
'cause we were long distance, and I made mistakes.
- (Interviewer) Do you regret it?
- Umm absolutely.
- I did feel guilty, still kinda feel guilty.
- You feel horrible.
I don't know how guys can do it.
- I felt more or less okay.
- I've helped someone cheat, and it felt really awful.
- Right after it happened, I instantly told my best friend
"I just did something really bad.
"This is what I did.
"How do I tell him?"
- I've been cheated on a few times.
- (Interviewer) What does that feel like?
- Awful, the worst.
And it affects your future relationships.
- I'm constantly paranoid about it.
- It's pretty soul-crushing.
- (Interviewer) What do you think about cheaters?
- They suck. Karma will get them.
- I try not to be super judgmental about it
because I know that everybody's capable of it.
- Aww you're a shit person.
You're a shit ass person.
You have a girlfriend, you sick fuck.
- (Interviewer) Have you ever cheated?
- I have.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- (Interviewer) Have you been cheated on?
- Yeah.
- (Interviewer) What did that feel like?
- Karma. I was upset a little bit, but I was like
damn that shit did come back around and hit me though.
- (Interviewer) Have you ever cheated on someone?
- No.
- No.
- Uh No.
- I've definitely thought about it.
- Never been in a relationship, so no.
- No. Umm I've like cuddled with people.
- With my first boyfriend ever, I cuddled someone else.
I mean it was, it was a sexual cuddling.
- The worst that I ever let happen was I let somebody
touch my boob under the shirt.
- (Interviewer) ohhhh
- That's the worst.
It's in my journal.
- (Interviewer) Have you ever cheated?
- There was a point where I maybe
emotionally cheated on somebody.
- (Interviewer) What classifies as cheating?
- For me cheating just meant that I was involved
with somebody and didn't tell the whole truth.
- Cheating is not telling me who you're hooking up with.
- If you have a boyfriend, but you do something with a girl,
then that may not actually be cheating.
- And actually going to the strip joint is not cheating
if you tell 'em about it.
- The day before I broke up,
I kissed the person I started dating afterwards.
It was like a speeding ticket.
- (Interviewer) Have you ever cheated?
- No, I've never cheated.
- No.
- No.
- Never cheated.
- No.
- No.
- No, but I mean, I'm open to it.
- No. That person would say otherwise.
- I have exes that thought we were monogamous.
- Well it depends on what you consider a partner.
- Exclusivity was not discussed.
- Our rules and boundaries were loose,
but I could've been more honest about the situation.
- Talk about it 'cause maybe your partner will be like
"yeah you can bang that person."
- (Interviewer) Have you ever cheated?
- Prior to my wife, I did.
It was spur of the moment.
- In high school, I cheated on my girlfriend.
I'm like "did I really just fuck this up?"
- (Interviewer) Would you go back and
not cheat on your past partner?
- Yeah I would.
I probably would've just ended it sooner.
- (Interviewer) Have you ever cheated?
- Yes.
- (Interviewer) Is there anything you wanna say about it?
- Nope. (laughs)
Don't know how many of my exes are watching.
I don't (laughs)
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We Asked 100 People if They've Ever Cheated | Keep it 100 | Cut

31 Folder Collection
Angel Hsu published on January 14, 2020
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