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  • Everyone has a fish they're terrified of.

  • For some, it's the great white shark; for others, it's the dreaded piranha.

  • Piranhas live in freshwater lakes and rivers in South America.

  • These scary looking fish are known for their razor-sharp teeth and powerful jaws.

  • And while many types of piranha are harmless, there are some that are really nasty and dangerous.

  • The red-bellied piranha is one of the most aggressive species alive today.

  • These fish typically travel in large groups for protection.

  • And the more threatened or hungry they become, the more vicious the attack.

  • These piranhas are capable of feeding frenzies that can strip a fish to the bone in seconds.

  • They take turns biting with such incredible speed that it looks like the surrounding water is boiling!

  • Some have compared an attack by a school of piranhas to being repeatedly stabbed by a thousand razor blades.

  • Small children in particular are at risk because their splashing attract these fish.

  • And never get in the water if you have an open or bleeding cut.

  • A recent news story from Brazil reported an accident involving a young girl killed in a piranha attack after falling out of a canoe.

  • Most piranha encounters are not life threatening and usually result in bites to your feet or hands.

  • But with such incredibly strong jaws, a few unlucky people have actually lost an entire toe or finger, bone included!

  • It's believed that hundreds of starving piranha can devour the flesh of an average-sized adult in a matter of minutes.

  • But that has not yet been proven.

  • So if you must get into the water with them, consider creating a diversion by throwing a dead animal or some raw meat downstream from your position.

  • But you better move fast before they notice you!

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Everyone has a fish they're terrified of.

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What If You Were Attacked By A School of Fish?

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