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- Hey y'all today I am here with Becca Scott.
- Oh, hi!
- And we are talking about Mall Madness.
- Yes, it's the best game from when I was 10.
- And we are also talking about a few other things
that you are pretty passionate about.
- Uh, you mean like universal basic income?
How did that happen?
- I think, that's the one.
- Let's go shop.
- Let's go shop.
- Becca Scott,
thanks for joining us.
- It is my great pleasure to be here.
- You are everywhere.
Literally, everywhere.
I look on the interwebs, there you are,
I look in my kitchen, there you are.
- You have good snacks.
- I do have good snacks, sometimes.
No seriously, if viewers don't know Becca Scott
where are a few things they might have seen some
of your work?
- Uh, my Instagram story, cuddling with my dog a lot.
I do stuff with Geek and Sundry primarily.
- Yeah.
- I have a show called How to Play and a show called
Game the Game, where we first teach you how to play
a game and then we game that game.
- It's true, it's true.
- I have a podcast about games called Victory Points.
- All right so, obviously you're doing all the things
board game related now.
- This is correct.
- But where did Becca Scott start board gaming,
cause you know everybody loves to know.
Like obviously this beaut right here
- Yeah, yeah beaut.
So, you know there's a lot of games that influenced
me heavily and what was the first game that wasn't
because my dad always wanted to play Monopoly,
it was because I loved this game and I knew I could
crush everybody with my expert strategy.
Mall Madness baby.
This is such an excellent game.
Can I tell you?
- Yeah, let's do it.
- Can I give you my spiel?
- Yeah, do your spiel.
- It's all about this electronic banking system.
This was cutting edge of technology in
- 1990?
- Yeah, 1990.
You tell it how many players you have and it tells you
there are two locations with a sale and one location
with a clearance and that will change periodically
every couple of turns.
- Right.
- You are shoppers in the mall.
You choose one of four colors.
That shopper comes with their very own
credit card.
And a player board with holes for pegs.
Now these represent the mall layout
and represent each of the stores.
Now obviously in each store there is only one
purchasable item.
For example, what every teenager wants, in the kitchen
store you can get dishes.
In the card shop, you can get a ceramic gift.
Maybe for Grandma.
The objective is to visit six stores, pay the money
to get an item, and after you have six items or six pegs
in your player board, you got to get out to your
personal parking garage exit.
Yeah, and once you've done that you win the game.
And it seems like, well what's the strategy here
you just you're dictated how many moves you can make
by the computer.
But, strategery comes in with the money management
because obviously cash is infinite in this world
of young, white girls at the mall.
But, what you have to go all the way up the stairs
to the bank and get more cash out if you run out
so it's all about the economy of movement and
being able to take advantage of the sales and clearances
in order to get the best price for the only one item you
can buy at each store.
- This might be one of the first pick up and delivery games.
- Absolutely.
There's not a, it's just mostly pick up
it's accumulate things.
- If you're like me and poor with your money
you're gonna need a pick up.
- Yeah.
- And delivery.
- Yeah, it's funny the consumerist culture of the 90s.
- Yeah.
- Cause it- - That was a thing.
- Yeah! And this came at a time, my favorite tv show was
Saved by the Bell, my favorite movie was Clueless,
and my favorite game was Mall Madness.
And it's all about consumption and this color palette and
- You feel like a passkey.
(heart beat)
Zack's the word.
- He's a real, the original misogynist,
but at the time, Zack Morris.
And now, Kelly Kapowski.
- Yeah, I may have had that poster on my wall as a teenager.
- Yeah, that was a good poster.
That was a really good poster.
You know, my copy of Mall Madness is gone forever.
- What happened?
- Well, you know naturally it would sit
in my parent's basement until I come visited
at Christmas and maybe we play it.
But my little sister, who I love very much,
she's just a couple years younger than me,
she brought it to her college apartment
and I remember we played when she graduated college.
- Oh nice. - When she was 22.
So, I was 26 and it was great.
Loved it.
We had a great time, we were in this little
halfway in the basement apartment getting
super stoned, playing Mall Madness.
It's California, we can say that.
- Yeah.
- Her apartment, her old roommates held on to the game,
and she was going to come get it and they got evicted.
And all of the communal stuff, she had like kept her clothes
at her significant other's house but like the game
was just, it was trashed.
It was just somewhere.
I hope that that horrible landlord that evicted them
kept Mall Madness for himself.
- Yeah.
- Even though it maybe brought a little joy into his
heartless life.
- Real quick, before we continue,
we are looking for your support.
Check out the game below,
it's our weekly game recommendation.
Very similar to an updated version
of Mall Madness:
Last Will.
So click the link below, check out that game
and help us continue our storytelling about board games
changing lives.
- Do it, you gotta do it.
- So Becca you had a friend who has a theory
on how to upgrade your little humans, if you have those.
- Oh, like for childrens?
- Yeah, the offspring.
- Well I remember in college, my friend James,
he was like, "Did you play board games as a kid, I have
a theory".
I was like, "Yeah, duh, I crush at Monopoly, no big deal".
And, he was like I have this theory that like anybody
who is smart or like intuitive and strategic
on a different level, like I could probably point
to the people in this room that played board games as a kid.
And it's funny now because our entire community
is these people like, yeah, we love nerds
- Right. - And all nerds game as kids.
And that's why we're obsessed with strategy
- Yep.
- And optimization, but in theater school
not everybody gamed and in the world not everybody games
it's upsetting to hear, I know.
- We're working on that.
- Yeah, but so we had this theory about like who was
a board game kid.
- It's funny that you say that though because even
Parker, he went to the school back in Alabama
and the teacher knew us and followed me on the
Instagrams and socials and she was just like
"hey, Parker is one of the best problem solvers in the class
and I'm pretty sure it's because of all the board games
that you've play with him."
- Absolutely.
- And then she asked would you like come in
and like teach the class some board games?
And I was like yeah, duh.
- Yeah, did you?
- Oh, yeah.
- Okay, cool.
I thought maybe you'd say yeah I'd say I'd go and then
I moved to Los Angeles.
- Actually, I think you're right.
Actually, no.
I think I said I would and then I never got around to it.
- That's not the same.
You gotta follow through James.
- Sorry, Ms. White I owe you a board gaming class.
- Ms. White, you heard it here.
So, can we play?
- No, I don't want to play this with you.
You're gonna just dominate.
- You know it's really up to the bank whether or not
I dominate because it tells me how many spaces I can move.
- True, that's true.
Just like in real life.
How much money you can actually have.
- Yeah.
(electronic cha-ching)
- So in this game, each of us was given $200 to start.
- Right.
- Why aren't we given that as citizens of the
United States of America?
- The greatest country in the world.
- The greatest country in the world.
- Right.
- A big thing that I am very interested in as a concept
of the world moving forward into the future is the idea
of universal basic income.
- Okay.
- But hear me out, hear me out.
So this is the idea.
- What, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps
and everybody else should have to do it to.
- Did you though?
Because I know I was born into this world.
So there were no bootstraps involved and that helped
me get where I am.
- I do remember several times when I had to ask for help
and help was there to be given to me.
- Absolutely, and a lot of people are not given
that help, so why don't we
- What do you mean?
What do you mean they don't have help.
- There are poor people in the world that don't have
a mommy and daddy that puts money in the bank
in the middle of the mall for them.
(electronic cha-ching)
What we need is to solve poverty
and homelessness for everyone.
Because we have such a prosperous society, why is it
not possible for us to just get people off the street,
get people fed, get people not dying on our watch
because it is our job as the richest country ever
to make sure that people don't die from poverty.
- Sure.
- And that's my two cents on it.
- Well I lived in a place for five years where
I got to walk with people who didn't have
they're marginalized, right, and they didn't have that
and you don't understand.
I knew I had my perceptions of people going into that
stint of our life, right? And when you walk with people
and you're like okay, well I'm gonna use a fake name
to protect identities here.
Shawna, let's say Shawna,
she has two kids and she's really trying
to get out of the housing area and she has a job and
she's been working it for quite a while, but her car
breaks down.
Well she doesn't have the money to fix the car, right?
Because she spends all the money, she has to use
all the money that she has, right?
And so she loses her job because she can't go to it.
Well some people would just say, well why didn't
she just get her car fixed and why doesn't she
just use her credit card to fix the car?
She doesn't have a credit card.
- You don't have one of these.
- Don't have one of those.
Well why doesn't she ask a family member
to loan her the money?
She doesn't have anybody that has the money.
So when you literally don't have the option
I know many times I'd be like hey I need this and
I'd go ask my grandfather or I would go ask someone
a friend, even a friend who had money, who had access.
And if you don't have those options, you literally
hit a brick wall and everything is crushed.
All- Any money she had saved up,
anything that she was working on
is now over and also when she goes to her next job,
she was fired from her previous job
because she couldn't make it any more.
- So, who's gonna want to hire
- So, it just keeps going when you're in that cycle
and you can't get out.
- Absolutely.
- But if you had basic income, right, and you had enough
money to fix a simple car thing.
Like those little simple things totally derail people
that are trying to climb out of poverty.
- So, if you're working at Conehead's Ice Cream
- Yes.
- Making $7.25 an hour, which is the national
minimum wage right now.
- Right.
- That's not enough to pay your rent in most places.
- No.
- The government is paying for that person to maybe
have food stamps or maybe have some housing assistance.
And, we're already paying for that person in taxes
because Conehead's doesn't want to.
- Right.
- So if we tax the corporation like Conehead's
a little bit more cause everybody loves ice cream now
and everyone is buying ice cream and
they will continue to do so.
That worker, if they have a basic income, then they
have bargaining power.
It's the exact same things that unions have done
if I don't have to take the job because the job is very bad
then you have to make the job better to make me come work.
- Sure.
- Because I want more additional spending cash.
I want to be able to go to Yuppie Puppies Pets.
We could so easily raise up so many people with just
doing what Mall Madness and Monopoly have been
doing for decades.
- Okay, so I really think and obviously I come
from a conservative area of the country.
- This is true.
- So I can already hear the arguments against that.
- Yeah.
- Like, why would you take money from someone who earned it?
- I think the resistance is, the resistance that's always
there of well taxes means that my hard working money
goes away.
There is so much excessive wealth from a very small
percentage of people that is very, very popular
that that amount of wealth is taxed.
Cause we have such a prosperous society.
Why is it not possible for us to just
get people off the street, get people fed,
get people not dying on our watch because
it is our job, as the richest country ever
to make sure people don't die from poverty.
- Sure.
- And a lot of times, the argument you hear is
well I think people are lazy and so they wouldn't work.
Well maybe there is a small percentage.
But most people, enough money to cover just your
rent and just some basic food.
You can't eat out but you could have some groceries
for the month.
- Sure.
- That's not enough for people, people want more.
- Wrap that all in a nice little bow.
I think one of the things that is really interesting
in a lot of games that have currency, right?
- Mhm.
- Is you have a starting order and whoever is first gets
a set amount of money.
- Mhm.
- Whoever is second, third, fourth, they get a different
amount of money.
- Absolutely.
- Typically it's higher.
- Yeah. - You get more.
- Well, you know first player advantage means
you have to give more money to the people coming later.
Board games are so political.
- They're so progressive.
They're so liberal.
Who knew?
No, but I mean that's no one blinks an eye
when you're doing a simulation of being efficient
with currency.
- Absolutely, well it's all about
a fair starting playing field.
Leveling that playing field.
- Cause you want the game to be balanced.
- You got to balance the game.
- You got to balance the game.
- It's no fun to win, if you already were cheating.
- Are we just talking about balancing the game?
- We're talking about game balance.
- The game of life. - Yeah, absolutely, absolutely
Now, Mall Madness is kinda balanced game.
You believe in the inherent power
of the electronic banking system.
- Becca if somebody wants to follow you,
they are diggin' the Becca Scott, where are the places
on the social medias that they could follow you?
- I'm @thebeccascott on everything, done.
- Okay.
Well, I tell you what.
Why don't we play a couple rounds of this
and let me dominate.
- Oh, okay.
- Get good newb, let's do this.
- Well we're gonna have to start
in our respective parking lots.
- I'm red.
Red player.
- Okay, well you have to start in the red parking lot.
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What Do Mall Madness & Universal Basic Income Have In Common? | Starting Roll w/ Becca Scott

11 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on January 13, 2020
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