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the freedom dividend universal basic income or ubi the old but somehow still
futuristic idea to just make sure people have enough money that the streets of LA
don't look like this
that's a future enactment of what happens when the government's in charge
of creating all the jobs that's Bernie Sanders proposed Federal jobs guarantee
or fjg to keep power in the hands of the government UVI unlike fjg puts power in
the people's hands to create the jobs of the future that are more meaningful to
them ubi seems very futuristic probably because it's never been done before
except in experiments Finland gave 2,000 people a basic income for two years but
two years isn't long enough people make very different decisions about things
that are temporary versus permanent I mean you don't bring your tinder date to
Thanksgiving dinner this is part two of my series on automation ubi and Andrew
yang click somewhere up here to watch part 1 in it I talked about how
automation will decimate 30% of jobs in the next couple of decades and Andrew
Yang's plan to help Americans turn lemons to lemonade until they make a
robot for that too so today I'm gonna focus on how the freedom dividend would
be paid for and why it's a thousand percent better than socialism at getting
us to that Star Trek type future we want and I take it to the streets of
Hollywood to see who wants a free thousand bucks a month
spoiler everyone wants it and they're gonna need it because we're in the
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Automation it's the reason people can afford Tesla's it's the reason you're
spending a lot less time in line at Target and more time buying underwear in
your underwear and I suspect it's the reason my girlfriend took so long in the
bathroom last night who likes candles to brush their teeth
anyway there's a lot more at stake here than just my manhood
Andrew yang thinks capitalism itself could be the victim I like to quote my
friend Eric Weinstein who said we never knew that capitalism was going to get
eaten by its Sun technology it's true technology thrives on capitalism and
yeah capitalism alone might make us kind of
unhealthy but pure socialism would be like putting Cookie Monster on an all
kale diet he'd waste away to nothing and
eventually probably start murdering journalists if only there was someone
sensible who could explain that if we mixed in a salad here and there we could have our cookie and eat it too.
Andrew: The fundamentals that we assumed to be true about capitalism are now breaking down and technology is the accelerator
Bernie: socialism
Andrew: I get it. If you come of age in this era Bernie: Socialism Andrew: and you just see this...
Bernie: Socialism Andrew: ...inhuman version of capitalism you would think give me anything that's
the opposite of this.
Bernie: Socialism.
Andrew: The vision that if we just scrape profits back from Wall Street all will be well...
Bernie: Socialism
Andrew: ...does not take into account the Bernie: Socialism
Andrew: ...economic transformation that we're in the midst of. I'm a CEO and business person I love
capitalism this is capitalism where income doesn't start at zero and having
money is actually good for business good for the consumer economy good for markets
Emmett: huh. Kermit sounds eerily similar to Andrew Yang. Now someone just needs to
tell SNL's new cast member bowen yang because so far he's been doing an
impression of a white person doing an impression of an Asian person he's
squinting I'm literally giving free money to
people and I'm still in sixth place I don't know if it is but it feels racist
which I would like to joke about being offended by but won't because... the internet.
But let's get into it. Andrew how much is this thing gonna cost
headline cost about 3 trillion dollars a year and where does he think all this
money's gonna come from well you guys are not gonna believe this
Mexico is gonna pay for it they're gonna pay for our UVI yeah Andrew yang figure
it out that's how you make a deal kidding but if he would just say that
he'd be elected yesterday also how much will this cost is not even the right
question the right question is how much will this save us you have
to know that before you know how much it costs well the first thing is it's not
actually three trillion we're spending about 1.5 trillion right now
126 welfare programs and Social Security if you're already getting more than a
thousand dollars and stuff we're not just gonna stack it on top we're gonna
just gonna say you're guaranteed a thousand and if you're already getting
more then this doesn't touch you you can keep your current stuff so the three
trillion actually shrinks a lot very fast because of the fact that about half
of Americans are already getting various income support from the government so
the real price tag is closer to about 1.8 trillion I'm no politician but save
that more everything you see in the mainstream media about freedom dividend
is like it's 3 trillion dollars and Amazon's gonna pay for it as Andrew
likes to say check check check check check
tech check is catchy I like it but it makes it seem like the idea is to saddle
big tech companies with a three trillion dollars Sunday when it's really just the
cherry on top a better analogy might be if you want to buy a three trillion
dollar house and you're living in a 1.2 trillion dollar mobile home you don't
need an extra three trillion you can sell your mobile home and just live in
the house we're not keeping both then you can start saving all the money we're
spending on oil changes air filters brake pads tires gas parking permits and
accident repairs and your lifestyle just improved dramatically you've got ten
times the square footage a pool a pool house plumbing central a/c an amazing
view and a bunch of robot servants to keep the place nice that's a lot of
value you're saving money on a bunch of things we spend like about a trillion
dollars on right now like health care incarceration homelessness services it's
a great incentive to try and stay out of jail because you know you stop getting
hit if you wind up in jail when you come out of jail at least you have you know a
thousand bucks a month waiting for you and then you're less inclined to commit
a crime and head back in everything we're talking about is at the margins I
mean everything's like this statistical curve and you're taking the people who
are let's call it like the last ten to twenty percent but if you reduce our
incarcerated population by 10 to 20 percent I mean that's billions and
billions of dollars that's right more savings just because people on the
margins are less desperate less stress and less likely to act all Plus nobody
ever talks about administrative costs which add up to tens of billions as it
is we're spending a lot of money figuring out how to only give a few
people some money when we stop spending money to hand out the money we have more
money although it is ironic that ubi will essentially automate away a lot of
government jobs but you know at least they'll have ubi plus if you think
people are finding meaning in their government job then you've never been to
the DMV presidential release your prisoner phone Valu ok but what happens
with all the money we give out does it just go away when you put money into
people's hands the money doesn't disappear it's gonna go right back into
the economy they're gonna spend it on food child care car repairs they've been
putting off the occasional night out and then all of those businesses end up
hiring more people and then we end up getting some of the money back as tax
revenues if you look at the cost savings and the value gains and the economic
growth that actually gets you back about a trillion dollars so a cool trill and
cost savings and the value gained from living in a nicer place add that to the
1.2 trillion selling the mobile home I mean our current social welfare programs
and we have 2.2 trillion we could pay off two-thirds of the house upfront that
feels very responsible so we got a finance 800 billion now let's talk tech
check and the way you get the last 800 billion or so is related to what we
think is happening with AI and all these advanced technologies a wealth tax makes
a lot of sense in principle the problem is that it's been tried in Germany
France Denmark Sweden and all those countries ended up repealing it because
it had massive implementation problems and did not generate the revenue that
they'd projected if we can't learn from the failed experiences of other
countries what can we learn from we should not be looking to other countries
mistakes instead we should look at what Germany France Denmark and Sweden still
have which is a value-added tax if we give the American people a tiny slice of
every Amazon sale every Google search every rule
truck mile every facebook ad we can generate hundreds of billions of dollars
and then put it into our hands because we know best how to use it this guy's
talking sense meanwhile Bernie Sanders can't stop talking about democratic
socialism no matter how Democratic it is socialism doesn't get you star trek
capitalism gets you Star Trek socialism gets you slow economic growth less
entrepreneurial opportunity and lack of motivation due to lesser rewards
capitalism gets you Iron Man socialism gets you Iron Age I know
Trekkies are freaking out right now because in Star Trek they're so
socialist they don't even have money which is the biggest problem with Star
Trek a lot has changed in the past 300 years people are no longer obsessed with
the accumulation of things we have eliminated hunger want the need for
possessions okay then just give me all your shit Picard what's the big deal
look I get eliminating hunger and need but you got rid of want what how do you
figure out who gets the only available high-rise apartment with a south-facing
city view nobody wants it right resources will always be limited and
money is literally the technology we use to make dividing up resources really
easy everything can't be everyone's all the time not until we become a glowing
orb of super intelligence inhabiting the entire universe like Ray Kurzweil
predicts will happen after the technological singularity click up here
to see my video on the technological singularity and figure out why the point
is if we want to drive technological growth to create a Star Trek type future
we need capitalism my word with bernie is this democratic socialism because
according to Wikipedia definition democratic socialists will not stop
until capitalism is gone you be I on the other hand is not socialism as you
suggested I'm a capitalist I'm a fan I challenge you to find a clip of Bernie
saying that I also disagree with the idea that people need to be burdened to
find happiness well there is the possibility of providing a minimum
income I don't think that people can be happy unless they are
burdened down with something like a sled dog is burdened down with something if
Jordans thesis were true then why would there be any extremely wealthy people as
soon as someone made enough for basic needs they would just stop working hard
and fall apart but that's not how we operate people will always find a way to
be burdened you think Bill Gates doesn't feel burdened by solving his foundations
grand challenges like eradicating malaria it's in our nature to challenge
and burden ourselves but having money lets you think bigger than the
challenges of staying alive we need challenges yes but what better
challenge then the one automation presents us with the challenge to figure
out for ourselves how to spend our time in ways that are truly meaningful and
with that in mind I asked some Hollywood randos what they would do with an extra
thousand bucks here's how that went what would you do if we if you just had
a thousand dollars right now that's nice and close probably another holiday I'm
probably going to one of these two linear stores and just buy whatever I
want I'd get a head start on where we got a thousand dollars a month for 12
months what do you think he do I have my own projects I would like to fund
scripts scripts yep this Hollywood I'd probably try to save up and maybe buy a
car I've gotta find a rich movie star and yeah is that how much they cost a
thousand dollars a month what have you got a thousand dollars a month for the
rest of your life okay I'll donate to the ocean space every single month wow
that's that's very nice I would for sure move in the direction of what suits my
spirit more than my bottom line honestly probably the first few months I would
end up spending it and then I would realize that like there's no point in
spending a little bit at a time when I could buy something much bigger over
you'd settle down over time and get responsible I would like to think that I
will be less stressed I'd probably blow some if I'm being honest on technology
and trips and stuff like that but eventually I would I would invest it in
order to retire and to be able to buy a house one day do you think a robot could
take over your job I think every job eventually is gonna be taking over
already a stem of stuff people will be losing their jobs because of this
because robots are crazy they control I've never done nothing have you heard
of universal basic income that sounds good
sounds good on paper right now down the line I'm not exactly sure
with the the ramifications the implications would have on inflation and
what the charge for things I would like to see it try it and see what happens
incredibly stupid really yeah because there is only be like 30 percent of the
population that would know how to use that in the right way what do you think
other people would do with the money do you think people would stop working if
they got that do you think you'd quit if you have you got a thousand dollars a
month I started to like the work you you said that if you had that money you
would do some really nice things with it so you think maybe other people would
quit their job but you personally you would not quit your so you think you
would be responsible with it but the vast majority of people would would do
bad things
I'll let this guy pass this is important your robot can get his job get him out
of here that's the first job that's gonna go I don't think a robot can take
your job okay robots practically already taking that job he's half robot you put
that speaker on a Segway job taken that's the show thanks for watching if
you're in the yang gang make sure you share this video with your people huge
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changing everything peace
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Andrew Yang, UBI vs FJG: Knee Of The Curve with Emmett Short

14 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on January 13, 2020
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