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Thousands of GM workers here in Ohio and across the country are on strike.
All of you on the stage have voiced support for these workers.
Senator Booker, one of the latest impasse is in negotiations involves bringing jobs back from Mexico.
As President, how would you convince GM to return production to the United States?
Well, first of all, the one point I wanted to make about the UBI conversation,
and I hope that my friend Andrew Yang will come out for this,
doing more for workers than UVI would actually be just raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour,
It would put more money in people's pockets, than giving them $1,000 a month.
We have to start putting the dignity back in work.
And number one, you start having trade deals, not like this thing that the President's trying to push through Congress right now that gives pharmaceutical companies, other corporations benefits and doesn't put workers at the center of every trade deal.
We must make sure we are not giving corporate tax incentive for people to move jobs out of our country, but start to put the worker at the center of that and make sure that they have the resources to succeed.
But it's more than that.
I stood with these workers, because we're seeing this trend all over our country.
I stood with unions, because right now unions in America are under attack.
As union membership has gone down, we have seen a stratification of wealth and income in this country.
So the other thing that I'll do as President of the United States is begin to fight again, to see union strength in this country spread.
To make sure we have sectoral bargaining, so that unions from the auto workers all the way to fast food workers, can ensure that we improve worker's conditions
and make sure that every American has a living wage in this country.
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Senator Cory Booker Stands Up for Workers | Fourth Democratic Debate

12 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on January 13, 2020
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