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Hey guys, how's it going?
Welcome back to another episode of—
*shriek remix*
Back with another episode of...
I don't even know what to call this
But today we have a fun game where basically
we pick six of your favorite meme pieces,
but then we have six different stylistic periods or genres
that are kind of key to the history of classical music,
and we're going to mix and match them.
For those of you that are not a musician,
in classical music especially there's different periods of music.
So it starts from like ancient period,
which is like 300 years ago and there's like 200 years ago,
which I mean, you have like Baroque,
and then you have romantic then you have... *sigh*
Just Wikipedia it.
But our viewers are the most intelligent and elite so they would know.
- Yeah, it's fine. - You guys understand.
Alright. So, scissor paper rock to see who goes first.
Scissors, paper, rock!
*evil laughter*
- The first time we got it on the first go. - Yeah.
You wanna go first or second?
I'll go first.
Alright. Uh, draw from...
*remix of hand clapping and tango*
What is this one?
The piece. The meme piece.
Holy moly.
*sings to meme*
Okay. I don't know this one that well.
But that's okay!
Classical Shrek.
All right!
Good luck bro.
That sounds classical already. *laughs*
What key is that in?
E major?
*attempts "Shrek" in classical style*
*plays Prelude from Bach Partita no. 3*
That's baroque!
*attempts "Shrek" in classical style*
I just took E major...!
*attempts "Shrek" in classical style*
Dude that's impossible how do you make it classical?
Oh! *attempts "Shrek" in classical style*
Hey! That's good!
*attempts "Shrek" in classical style*
There you guys have it...Classical Shrek.
That was so...
Yeah. Anyway...
I have...
"Mine", or "You so precious".
20th century.
Oh that's...!
Okay. Uh...
*attempts "Mine" in 20th century style*
Sounds so Asian.
It does hey, it just ends up sounding Asian.
That was good.
*random asian-feel violin playing*
Oh! I know!
*attempts "Mine" in 20th century style*
*attempts "Mine" in 20th century style*
Oh and then of course! Like Ysaye's stuff!
*attempts "Mine" in 20th century style*
Dude that was good.
That was so ysaye (easy).
- Alright. - Nice pun. Alright.
*sigh* Why am I nervous with this.... *laughs*
Oh no.
Please get baroque.
Good luck bro.
Make Ling Ling proud.
*attempts "Sandstorm" in Paganini style*
*attempts "Sandstorm" in Paganini style*
*laughs* Dude you went crazy!
*laughs* Oh it was so good!
- I don't even know what I was... *laughs* - *laughs* It was too good!
I just thought...
I just though I'd be like, up bow staccato,
just go.
Dude that was...
I'm so glad I didn't get it,
because you did a much better job than I could've done.
- What's that? - Careless Whisper!
Gotta get the rhythm right.
Dude I got a feel I'm gonna get Nyan Cat.
I don't wanna do it.
Baroque's still there.
Both: OHHHH!!! Holy s***!
Careless Whisper's and...
There's no f***ing—that's Romantic!
- It is— - That itself is romantic!
is romantic!
*running diagnostics*
*attempts "Careless Whisper" in Romantic style*
It almost started going gypsy.
Oh yeah, gypsy, it's kinda... *demonstrates*
Yeah, whatever. Nice!
I tried.
Bet you didn't expect that. *laughs*
I really don't wanna play Nyan Cat.
- Oh! - Ah. Easy.
Yes! Sad music!
- Sad violin. - Sad violin...sad violin.
Urgh...that means I gotta play...
*laughs* You've got Nyan Cat!
*laughs* No!
Noooo!!! *laughs*
Just so you know, I was so stressed out about this yesterday,
as I can't...frickin...
Ah, Nyan, nah.
Alright, sad violin.
- I'm already planning my baroque. - Yes, sad violin and uh, contemporary.
*tapping on violin*
*tapping on violin*
*playing behind bridge and tapping on violin*
*playing behind bridge*
*attempting "Sad Romance" in contemporary style*
Nah I'm over it.
*laughs* Dude that was beautiful.
- Oh baroque! Ohh oh oh... - Alright man...
We already know what it is.
Nyan Cat! *laughs*
- Oh man...I'm so happy. *inaudible mumble*
*sigh* Dude I don't even know how to do this. Um...
Oh, okay.
Baroque bow hold.
*laughs* That's not Nyan Cat!
I'm just gonna go, whatever. Screw it.
*attempting "Nyan Cat" in Baroque style*
*laughs* Dude it's like...
Wait wait wait...
No no no...
Alright I won't do a fugue, I'll do a...
- I'll do like a Vivaldi type of thing. - Yeah yeah yeah... that's good.
*attempting "Nyan Cat" in Baroque (Vivaldi) style*
Is that like, "Nyan cat" Rondo form? *laughs*
I can't do it!
Oh what if I do like a Grave? Like a...
*attempting "Nyan Cat" in Baroque (Grave) style*
I have like, a shaky bow.
Yeah... *laughs* I'm nervous.
In front of a camera.
*attempting "Nyan Cat" in Baroque (Grave) style*
Dude, that went jazz.
Dude you can't do it!
Let me try.
- Unless you change the notes coz the—it's too, like, - Coz the rhythm—
(Both) jazzy.
Yeah that's what the problem is.
It's like... *plays "Nyan Cat"*
*tsk* I don't know.
Yeah how would you do that...?
It's more like Bach Double Violin Concerto.
*attempting "Nyan Cat" in Baroque (Bach Double Violin Concerto) style*
Dude you can't. *laughs*
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IF MOZART COMPOSED MEMES - The Classical Music Styles Challenge

156 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on January 11, 2020
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