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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,009 What a big show we have for you today.
Ellen DeGeneres is here.
00:00:07,890 --> 00:00:09,790 Also, my guest today is a legend.
She's a Gypsy, a tramp, and a thief.
Cher is here.
00:00:18,760 --> 00:00:19,600 I think she's here.
I hope it's her.
Because those Cher impersonators are really good.
So they may have fooled me, and it's not her.
Here's some fun facts you might not know about Cher.
She was the first singer to use auto-tune.
So, yeah, you're welcome every singer since then.
She used it in the song-- do you know the first song she
used it in-- is "Believe."
Do you remember?
(SINGING) Do you believe in love after love?
00:00:47,120 --> 00:00:49,449 Do you [IMITATING AUTO-TUNE] be-lieve?
Believe in love-- anyway, that song was released in 1998.
And I cry every single time I hear it.
Because that was the year my sitcom got canceled.
So it was hard for me to believe in anything at that time.
Here's another fun fact about Cher.
She's, really, one of the first celebrities
to go by her first name.
And so there was Cher.
There was Madonna, and then Jesus, of course,
followed by Ellen and Twitch.
And so-- she's very, very active on Twitter.
I don't know if you follow her.
But if you do, you'd know she's very active on Twitter.
If you don't follow her, you should.
And if you follow her, you should follow me.
And if you follow me on Twitter, you
should follow me on Instagram.
What were we talking about?
Cher's tweets, yes.
So she's very active.
Here's one of her tweets.
And it's I heart, apples.
Hearted it all four X's.
I've lived here.
Winky kiss, mouth, seven.
So I don't know what it means.
But I winky kiss mouth it.
Since Cher likes emojis so much, I made an emoji for her.
We're going to add it to our emojis.
00:02:08,485 --> 00:02:10,549 Yeah, she can have it as soon as she pays for it.
She can afford it.
She's had a residency in Vegas.
She's got money.
All right, what I love most about Cher is she
does not let age define her.
She's the only singer to have a number one hit
each of the last six decades.
She's had a farewell tour in each of those decades.
And it means that this little Ellen has danced to Cher.
And this little Ellen has danced to Cher.
This Ellen danced to Cher.
And this Ellen dances to Cher.
And this Ellen is still dancing to Cher.
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Ellen Reveals 4 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Cher

211 Folder Collection
wonderfulguy published on January 11, 2020
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