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  • We've been to Birmingham twice, we've been to Scotland twice.

  • What are we going to do today?

  • So if you are just now thinking about who you are going to vote for,

  • or you haven't made up your mind up yet,

  • here are a few thoughts on what's been going on.

  • The main reason we are having this election, of course, is because of Brexit.

  • If Boris Johnson is lucky enough to get a majority, then unless something really weird

  • happens we will leave the European Union at the end of next month.

  • That's why all the time you hear him go on and on and on about his main slogan

  • which is, if you haven't heard it by now:

  • Get Brexit.

  • Get Brexit.

  • Get Brexit done.

  • And that is the biggest difference between the parties.

  • Because Labour on the other hand would promise another referendum on Europe.

  • So in a funny way, not that much has changed during the campaign.

  • So, the Tories have been broadly ahead for most of the time,

  • with Labour struggling to close the gap.

  • The Lib Dems haven't really made the kind of breakthrough

  • that people thought they might do a few months ago.

  • They've actually really struggled.

  • And the SNP looks like they will be able to stay really dominant in Scotland.

  • But it's been strange in a way this campaign after all the massive

  • turmoil of the last few years.

  • Things have really been quite stable.

  • With the Tories trying all the time to focus on Brexit,

  • taking us out of the European Union in January.

  • And Labour really trying to hammer home the message that they believe government's

  • decisions over the last decade or so have had a

  • really bad impact on people around the country.

  • And particularly on the health service.

  • NHS.

  • Our NHS.

  • Our National Health Service will be properly funded.

  • There is a big dislike, that you find, of both the main party leaders.

  • And that's been a problem we've heard particularly from Labour candidates,

  • who hear again and again people just aren't convinced by Jeremy Corbyn.

  • But Boris Johnson also has got a problem with trust.

  • There's nothing new in suggesting that he's always got a bit of an unusual

  • relationship with the truth.

  • And the question about who you can really

  • believe has definitely been a big part of this campaign.

  • So read the polls all you like, they put the Tories broadly ahead,

  • and Labour struggling to close the gap.

  • But predicting anything these days in politics is not that smart.

We've been to Birmingham twice, we've been to Scotland twice.

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