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  • Well, there's not a whole lot to the story.

  • Once you came along, Susan and I...

  • realized the timing was not right,

  • and we needed to give you up.

  • I appreciate how difficult that must've been for you guys.

  • One of the hardest decisions we ever had to make.

  • Um, thank you.

  • And I-- I just want you to know that I understand,

  • and I don't hold it against you at all.

  • You guys had kids after me?

  • Well, one was after.

  • Pardon?

  • -Pete and Lisa were before you. -Right.

  • I don't understand. You...

  • I was your third child and you--

  • and you-- you gave me up?

  • -Yeah. It just got way too difficult for us. -Mm. yeah.

  • FATHER: Couldn't go on as many flights.

  • Two parents, two kids,

  • that's a clear row across...

  • -Yeah. A, B, C, and D.

  • So you gave me up to simplify your first-class air travel?

  • Oh, no, it's more complicated than that.

  • -Yeah. -Yeah, we had car travel...

  • -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. -...and taxis.

  • We never really did travel by train.

  • And I don't do boats, so...

  • Well, you did enjoy that trip down the Rhine.

  • I... said I did.

  • -Oh, you-- -(CHUCKLES) I got--

  • FATHER: Anyway, when we gave you up, we realized

  • we had made a huge mistake.

  • You did?

  • Yeah. We realized we actually did want a third child.

  • -Yeah. -Started trying almost immediately.

  • And we lucked out

  • because Donald is the best of the bunch.

  • -FATHER: Yeah. Yeah. -Donald?

  • We loved that name, so we just wanted to use it again.

  • Oh, speak of the angels, they're here.

  • -Right here. -Wait, you...

  • You invited my birth siblings here?

  • To meet me?

  • Hi, Mom.

  • This is Peter. This is Lisa, this is Donald.

  • And this is, uh, Ken. He's here to tell us about...

  • -Ken? -...the solar situation for the house, so um...

  • Yeah, we-- we offer financing.

  • We just need one more minute and then we can go. All right.

  • Bye.

  • We never told them about you.

  • Didn't wanna make them sad.

  • Yeah, I see.

  • Yeah. Well, this has been really great.

  • -We have... -We have a family dinner.

  • -We have a dinner. -Yeah.

  • Every Thursday, we have Italian food, so...

  • Although tonight we're switching it up,

  • we're gonna do Chinese.

  • It was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make.

  • Yeah.

  • Well, uh, Ken,

  • we were underwhelmed by your presentation.

Well, there's not a whole lot to the story.

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Silicon Valley: Jared's Family (Season 6 Episode 4 Clip) | HBO

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