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Day old African jacanas already know where the food is.
And they get there on oversized feet they'll have to grow into one day.
They're not ideally adapted for running or flying, but getting around on floating lilies, that is their specialty.
It helps that they weigh just a few ounces.
The twins have no perception of the danger beneath the lilies.
Without a mother, two tiny fluff balls with long toes wandering around on a thin platform of lilies won't last very long out here.
But jacana mothers always abandon their chicks as they hatch and leave them entirely in the care of the males.
The father has his own flotation issues to deal with, but he keeps up with them, watching for anything suspicious in the water.
And, there it is.
With a coded chirp he calls his chicks to him.
It's not just to hide them from the crocodile.
He has to move them to safety, and the best way for him to do that is to tuck one under each wing and walk them out of danger.
Keeping the kids quiet in a dark place is always a challenge.
Those that survive here are the ones most aware of the sinister hiding in the beauty.
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Jacana Dad Rescues his Chicks from a Crocodile

66 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on January 6, 2020
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