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All right, let me talk about this, because this is crazy.
You're in your house, which you're still renting?
Is that where you are?
- Yes, we're renting a house. - Okay.
So ... you're in your house.
And what time of day is this that this happens?
Oh this was crazy, it was like... 10 o'clock?
At night?
And the house was kind of quiet.
At night, the lights were all on in the house.
And we don't do this anymore because of this.
But I watched... I turned my head, I kind of just swiveled my head over this way.
And through the glass door, I was on the porch.
And then through the glass door I just saw the dog food.
The dog bowl right here.
And the biggest, grossest, gnarliest rat I'd ever seen in my life eating the dog food.
But it was funny because it was eating the dog food like ... like, so casually.
And there were so many lights on.
Rats don't usually just kick it and hang out and eat dog food.
And he saw me.
And he turned right to me.
And just like, it was so funny.
It was literally like something out of "Ratatouille."
Like out of a movie.
He turned and he was just like... and like split.
And like booked down the hallway and like... like hit the side of our kitchen island and then ran and disappeared into the stove somewhere.
And it was gross.
His tail was like that fat.
As tall as I was.
Now you're exaggerating.
No, taller.
You know, they're highly intelligent.
They're very, very smart, those rats.
But you weren't scared.
I understand you're only scared of bees.
I'm scared of things that can fly and also hurt you.
Like I feel like if something has to use the ground, and like if it's little and stuff, like that's gross.
But like what are you going do about it?
So I ran after this rat. Like ...
I don't know what I was going to do if I caught it.
But, you know.
You stupid rat.
You're so brave.
Okay, that was a little scary.
Come on.
You held it together.
It didn't look like you were scared at all.
It was delayed.
It was delayed.
You see I was not scared at all.
You weren't scared.
And I got scared like ... way after the fact.
I like it.
- It's over now. - Alright.
It's over.
That's the kind of calm you need for someone who's going to perform at the Super Bowl.
It's a calm that one would need "if" they were to be performing...
"If" they were.
At the Super Bowl.
We're going to go to break.
And as we go to break, we'll enjoy this together again.
Oh no, not in slo-mo.
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Adam Levine Gets Scared by a Giant Rat

2590 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on January 6, 2020    Ingrid translated    Steve reviewed
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