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RWBY Chibi!
Oobleck: So, in conclusion,
History is good, ignorance is bad!
Therefore, read a book!
So glad you could join us, unfortunately, class is nearly over!
Ruby: Oh, well, heh, you see, a- a CRAZY thing happened before…
One day!
Oobleck: So, in conclusion…
Ruby: Hullo! I am being exchange student!
Also now, I am not being late.
This is when, we get to class in my country!
Oobleck: Ah! Welcome to Beacon!
Hold on, you have a little something on your lip!
Ruby: No! Wait!
Holy cats, my face!
TWO days!
Oobleck: In conclusion…
I'll be right back, there's something that requires my attention immediately outside.
Ruby: Yes! I made it!
Oobleck is no match for my cunning and stealth!
One! Two! Three days!
Ruby: I'm gonna be sick!
Ruby: Ha heh! I made it! HA!
Nobody can remove me from this seat!
Wait, where is everyone?
Oobleck: Ah, Ruby!
Just in time for Saturday detention.
Ugh, Weiss! You're always so mean!
Weiss: Deal with it.
Yang: I wish you'd be more like Pyrrha. She's always nice.
Nora: That's not always a good thing.
Jaune: And that, is all of the one-liners I think we should incorporate into our fights!
So, what do you think?
Boy! You are just so creative!
Cinder: Settle down, peons!
Let's get this evil class started!
Torchwick: Look, maybe these, amateurs, need it,
But I'm a criminal mastermind!
This class is an insult to my dignity!
Geh! Who did that?! Mercury!
Mercury: Idunno? Emerald: *giggles*
Cinder: Everyone focus!
Today, we're learning about booby traps!
Mercury: Ha!
She said trap-
Cinder: Quiet!
I need to concentrate!
This is a very delicate procedure.
With the addition of this "evil" candle,
One deliciously evil cake,
ready to explode.
Any questions?
Mercury: When's lunch?
Cinder: I meant about the cake.
Cinder: What?
I don't...
What does that have to do with anything?
Torchwick: Yeah... I'm not crazy about cakes, can we do a nice flan instead?
Cinder: How can you booby trap flan?
Mercury: Heh!
Cinder: Are there any questions, specifically about making this booby trapped cake?
Emerald: Yeah, I don't really understand how this is supposed to work.
It's clearly just a cake with a stick of dynamite in it.
Cinder: *Growls in total frustration*
You're clearly NOT grasping this concept!
See? Now when you lean in to blow out the candles-
Emerald: Uh, Cinder?
Cinder: Yes, Emerald!
What could you possibly still not understand about this concept?!
Emerald: Well…
[Happy Birthday!]
Cinder: Oh.
Cinder: I. Hate. Teaching!
Port: Tell me about it!
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RWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 7 - Must Be Nice | Rooster Teeth

178 Folder Collection
祈祈 published on January 5, 2020
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