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Is this your watercolor Sarah?
This is your painting?!
That just makes me happy to look at it! Does it make you happy?
("Life in Japan" Music)
So the bunk beds are going to come in here, huh guys?
Got it?
My goodness!
What kind of parts do you have here so far?
Anna: These are... I don't know, screws?
Becca: I tried to get that one (screw) out but, ehhh.
Do you want me to come in and get this on video so you look so cool?
Ruth: Yea right.
We have removed the bunk bed and we have all of these neatly arranged.
And now we're going to build it right in here
This is the third room that this bunk bed is going in.
Ruth: Where's more Becca, I'm going to need a lot of them.
Becca: I've got all of them in my pocket Ruth: OK, well hurry.
Oh wow, that's smart.
How's it looking here, guys?
Sarah: This is my bed now!
We can probably already put the mattresses on, huh?
You girls have been working hard on your room! Becca: So hard!
(Nate laughs) How's it going there?
Ruth: It's "me" time.
It's "Ruth" time, she hasn't had some for awhile.
(I'll) let Ruth have her "me" time.
Whoa! Alright. Yea, man.
Welcome to Paz Church and Paz Coffee Shop.
Nate: What do we got going on here today?
Josiah: An amazing, awesome Gospel Choir concert.
It's a charity concert. All the donations are given to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.
And it's a full house. Absolutely packed out. Very, very exciting.
Minna san, konnichiwa! (Good afternoon everyone!)
We are Tama Love Fellowship Gospel Choir!
(Choir) I was glad when they said unto me...
(Choir) I was glad when they said unto me...
(Choir) I was glad when they said unto me...
(Choir) Let us go into the house of the Lord!
(Nate) What do we got here, Sarah?
Sarah: My pictures for school that we show the kids.
And all the kids got to do it too.
Nate: Swimming...
Going to the zoo...
Washing the car...
Playing with friends...
That's cool!
What'cha working on here, Anna Cakes?
Anna: My book report.
Nate: Your book report?!
What book report did you decide to do?
Anna: Narnia?
Not Narnia, right? What was it? Narnia?
Nate: Pancakes.
Good form.
So Anna, (it's your) first day back to school.
Are you excited to see some of your friends?
Anna: Kind of happy and kind of sad.
(Anna talking in Japanese)
Nate: What is it today that you do? Anna: A big-huge earthquake...
Nate: Oh, an earthquake drill?
Anna: Yea — like, no — a HUGE earthquake practice.
If there's a huge earthquake we just go outside
And we can call them, our parents
And then, we is going to go back home.
Nate: Not "we is going to go back home" Anna: We're, we're, we're going to go back home
That's right, we ARE going to go back home.
"We're" Anna: "We're we're we're"
Nate: That was our lesson today, wasn't it?
Anna: yeah. Nate: Our English lesson.
Becca: There's nobody on this street.
Sarah, look! You're all ready.
Oh, are you so excited to go to school today?
Sarah: Yea, and see my teacher.
Nate: MmmmHmmm. We're going to go drop her off, huh Big J?
Hey Sarah!
Kids: Bye bye!
Here we go!
Hey Dude, are we just waiting for Sarah? Yea?
She's about to get a pony ride, huh?
You're next, Sarah! Are you so excited? Yes?!
Here it comes!
Are you excited for Sarah's turn?
Yea! There she goes.
Fun? Alright let's see the animals?
Sarah: Yea, I want that one. Nate: OK, let's go in there and see.
You can hold a baby chick!
Oh be so careful!
Be so careful. Here, hold it up and show me.
Can you show me? Wow!
Be so careful! OK put it back in there.
Oh wow!
The bunnies! Do you want to see the bunnies?
Sarah: Yea! Nate: Ok
Oh look! Look at the bunny!
Do you want to pet it? Do you want to pet it?
Aww! Is it so nice?
Arigatou! (Thank you)
Girl: Cute, cute! Nate: Cute!
Oh, is it so soft?
Do you see the goat?
He ate one carrot of Sarah's, let's see if he eats the other one...
There we go, he ate the carrot! Yea!
It's a big turtle, Dude!
Joshua: There's carrots right there.
Whew! He got it! He got it! Good job, Sarah.
Sarah: He looks hungry. Nate: He does, huh?
What did you get this time, Sarah? Is it a gerbil?
A hamster, huh?
So this is my very first time at this park.
I've never been to this park before, so it's going to be fun to explore it.
I just met somebody who's very nice.
He came up to me and started talking to me in Japanese.
And I got to practice my Japanese for about an hour.
It was great! It was a lot of fun.
I made a new friend. Invited him to the (PAZ) Coffee Shop.
This look cool.
So many times, I feel stressed out here with life, I feel worried about things.
And in those times, I really know that I need to get away...
I need to get out into nature.
There's nothing like it: to go around and think that the God who made everything that we see...
The God who made all the beauty of nature is the same God who loves me...
Who gave His life for me and wants to have a relationship with me.
And when I'm reminded of all these things, everything comes back into perspective.
Hey guys!
Hey, what's going on? Hey!
Wow, good job!
And right behind her...
Is it hard? Good job, Dude!
You did it! Joshua: I did it myself!
What do we have here?
What is it?
Whose eyeball is that?
Whoa! You sure can.
And you, Dude!
1... 2... 3... Go!
Whoa! You guys are fast!
Hey, whose finger was in there?
You?! Whose was that?
We are getting back into our routines!
I have Anna Cakes helping.
I have Becca-Boo washing some dishes.
Mommy, what are you feeding these kids?
So that's it, now we're back to school. We're back to our routines.
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And until next time, we'll see you on "Life in Japan."
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Back to School in Japan | Life in Japan Episode 23

47 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on January 3, 2020
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