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- What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
- I rided a big scary ride at Disney.
- When I make my daddy laugh
- I jumped in a pool even though I didn't know
how to swim that well.
- Gone parasailing.
- I went water skiing once.
- Going on a helicopter.
- Going on a roller coaster.
- One time I went on a roller coaster.
- I was on a elevator before and I clicked all the buttons.
- I've ridden a camel through a sandstorm.
- One of my first times skiing I went with my dad
to the top of the mountain not knowing what I was doing
[laughs] and I just kinda went for it.
- Auditioned for a dancing group at my school
'cause I can't dance at all.
- I showered in cold with the hose in the backyard.
- I flew to Orlando from California on a two days notice
to go camp out over night to see One Direction.
- Being in this video.
- My 16th birthday I was with my aunt in the Bahamas
and we swam very far into the ocean.
- When I walked from the bottom
of Manhattan to the Met Museum.
- I matched with this guy on Tinder and he said
that he wasn't using his Tinder account anymore,
so I matched him from my friend's Tinder account
to see if he would write back and he did.
- Skydive.
- I went on a helicopter ride over New York City.
- Quit my well-paying job to take a new position
with basically no salary, gambling on myself.
- Going to a strip club with an ex.
- Going to Europe by myself.
- Paraglided off of a cliff
- I learned to pole dance on camera for 30 days.
- Speaking up in my career in a very male-centric space.
- I jumped off a roof when I was five.
- Traveled the world by myself.
- I skipped jury duty to go on a 24-hour date
with a really great guy and it was so worth it. [laughs]
- My best friend and I booked flights to Ibiza
for the very next day.
- Road trip, decided to just show my breasts
to the neighboring car.
- I made out with seven boys in one night
when I was 16 in Spain.
Hey mom, love you.
- When I was 26 I was in New Zealand with some girlfriends
and we all decided to do one
of the largest bungee jumps in the world.
- White water rafting.
- I got into a jacuzzi outside in the winter.
- I recently did an album cover photo shoot
where I was half naked, dressed in pleather
in the middle of Times Square in the freezing-ass cold
and that was really crazy.
- Climbed the Brooklyn Bridge at 4 a.m.
in the morning alone wearing flip flips. [laughs]
- I went hang gliding this summer.
- Getting on the scary ride at an amusement park.
- Diving with sharks even though I get nervous around water.
- When I was a teenager another teen was rude
to my mom and I smacked her.
- I went to China by myself.
- I jumped on the stage to hug one of the members
of the Wu-Tang Clan and I ran off.
- I went to India for two years.
- Camping in the Amazon.
- Rescued a cat from the McDonald's parking lot.
- Going to the acting business.
- Skinny dip in the Hudson.
- Stand up comedy.
- Zip lined, like 500 feet in the area.
I almost died, I hated it.
- When my son told me to walk into a dispensary in Portland.
[laughs] and then he photographed me coming out
and sent it to his sisters.
- I recently had coffee with a old friend of mine
and the next time I saw him we spent the weekend together.
- Went out on a date with someone that I didn't know
and spent the entire evening with them.
- Was a chambermaid one summer in Lake George.
- My girlfriend and I once dressed up as chefs
and we snuck into a very fancy country club
to meet the dance group that was performing there.
- When I was in high school we would skinny dip
by sneaking into the neighbors pools.
- Zip lining at 55.
- Accidentally getting in the ocean at a riptide.
- When I would ride the train, get between the cars,
hold onto one side, hold onto the other side
and ride between 96th Street and 110.
The world was mine.
- I met a guy when I was 22 years old, Halloween,
from London, and I let him come live with me for two weeks.
- That I dyed my hair blonde.
- Riding an elephant in Nepal.
- I was trying to get over a crippling fear of heights
so I agreed to go on the cyclone at Coney Island.
- Going on a trip without any details.
I'm usually very detailed oriented, but just jumping up
and saying, "We're going."
- I meet strangers back in the day
and get to know them really well.
- I sort of drove down a wrong way street on purpose.
- When I went on online dating, [laughs] definitely.
- Taking a pilgrimage down the Camino de Santiago
in Spain with my college girlfriends.
- I got married at 18.
- Taking a hot air balloon ride.
- I went to Sweden not knowing
if someone was going to be on the other side.
- I swam with the sea lions in the Galapagos Islands.
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70 Women Ages 5 to 75: What's the Craziest Thing You've Ever Done? | Glamour

12 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on January 2, 2020
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