B1 Intermediate US 65 Folder Collection
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[crowd cheering]
Get it, Tarin!
[sickening crack]
- Ohh, no, no, no, no, no!
- Can we get a medic?
Coach: No, are you all right?
Tarin: Yeah, um, it hurts.
No, it hurts.
Ow, ow, ow, ow.
[anime sound effect]
[high-pitched giggling]
- Pull through this, you good?
You good, you good?
- Okay.
[crowd applause]
[whispering] I'm sorry.
[loud exhaling]
[high-pitched giggling]
- Are you sure you can't play?
- Yeah.
[high-pitched giggle]
- All right Rena, get out there.
[excited anime sound effects]
- Moon prism power, make up!
[anime transformation music]
- Get on the court!
- Hai!
[boots clomping]
[whistle blowing]
- Rena!
Get in the game!
- Please stop.
- Are you sure you can't walk it off?
- My leg is broken.
- [childish imitation] My leg is broken.
Crowd member: Get her, Rena!
[anime transformation music]
- Rena, just hit the ball like a normal person.
- We could go like five sets
in the amount of time it takes you to power up
so just don't.
- Or just pass it.
[whistle blowing]
[crowd clapping]
Team member: Rena.
- Oh!
[whistle blowing]
Man: [with Japanese accent] Serena!
- Who is that?
- Uh, her boyfriend?
Her arch--her archenemy?
It's never really been clear.
[cape swishing]
[whistle blowing]
Man: Serena.
[anime transformation music]
[sword whooshing]
[music faltering]
[whistle blowing]
- Illegal use of jewel power.
[flags snapping]
[somber music]
[hopeful music]
[sword clattering]
- Hey, who's that?
- The ghost of her mom.
She usually brings orange slices.
- Mama-chan?
[crowd member coughs]
[whistle blows]
[flags snapping]
- That's game.
Lakeside wins.
[crowd clapping]
- You know we lost, right?
- Like.
- Share.
- Subscribe.
- Also comment below by your favorite anime.
- Oh my gosh, you totally called that
from across the room, Thor style!
A guy definitely didn't just hand it to you.
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Sailor Moon Plays Volleyball - Studio C

65 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on January 2, 2020
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