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  • Departing from Australia and New Zealand,

  • Orion offers you the adventure of a lifetime

  • to explore one of the most unique and

  • irreplaceable destinations on earth ?

  • the Antarctic continent

  • En route you will also experience

  • the beautiful World Heritage?listed

  • Australian and New Zealand sub Antarctic Islands.

  • Discover penguin breeding colonies numbering

  • in the millions, huge colonies of Elephant Seals

  • and Hooker Sea Lions, and the

  • endangered Wandering Albatross.

  • The islands are notable for the

  • very large number and variety of pelagic seabirds.

  • There are 126 bird species in total

  • including five seabirds which breed here exclusively.

  • Then cross the Antarctic circle and

  • arrive at the continent itself.

  • Designed for these extreme conditions,

  • Orion・s ice?strengthened hull is ideal for

  • exploring the majestic icebergs,

  • towering glaciers, and snow?shrouded mountains.

  • For many, the highlight of this expedition

  • is a visit to Cape Denison and the great

  • Australian explorer, Douglas Mawson・s

  • historic expedition base, which remains almost

  • exactly as it was in 1911.

  • To illustrate how rare this opportunity is,

  • more people have stood at the summit of Mt.

  • Everest than have been inside these historic huts.

  • A second voyage also covers some

  • of the polar regions famously charted

  • during the first race to the South Pole

  • by pioneering explorers Scott and Shackleton.

  • Orion・s itinerary to these extreme regions

  • is prepared during the best time of year.

  • However, prevailing weather and ice

  • conditions in the Southern Ocean are

  • unpredictable, and Mother nature

  • dictates the course.

  • That is why this is an expedition

  • for true adventurers.

  • In that spirit, we invite you

  • aboard Orion, and promise you an

  • extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

Departing from Australia and New Zealand,

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