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- [Narrator] Meet the newest members
of the Heartsville Heroes Team.
First up is Sunny!
This heart hero team member is always super active,
physically and mentally.
Whether she's playing trumpet or tuba
in the Heartsville High School marching band,
or solving crossword puzzles in the Heartsville Herald,
Sunny knows how important it is to stay mentally
and physically engaged.
Sunny loves growing all kinds of flowers
in her amazing garden and wants to remind everybody
to move more to stay heart healthy.
Look out for Crush!
You'll find him riding his skateboard all over Heartsville
on his way to volunteer somewhere.
In fact, volunteering at the animal shelter led him
to his faithful companion, his dog, Happy.
Now he and Happy serve together at the senior center
and many other pet-friendly service projects.
Crush may be young, but this Heartsville Elementary School
standout is making a huge, positive impact
on the whole Heartsville community.
Crush's motto is: Help others.
And he really practices what he preaches.
Meet Sofie, an avid gardener from Heartsville High.
Sofie loves growing and preparing healthy food.
Her love of gardening led her to opening a farmer's market
with her parents so citizens of Heartsville can have
access to fresh produce.
She even started a website where she
and all the residents of Heartsville can share
their favorite heart-healthy recipes.
She advises everyone to add color to their plates
to make sure they eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.
Here's Nico!
Nico is a kind and thoughtful student at Heartsville High.
He just loves helping people out
and making their day a little brighter.
Nico has a joke book full of jokes at all times,
just in case someone needs cheering up.
A past recipient of the Junior Distinguished Hero
of the Year award, Nico started wearing a superhero costume
to do anonymous acts of kindness.
But word got out, now it's his signature look.
He wants us all to be kind.
Say hello to Perrie!
Perrie is so prepared for everything,
it's practically her superpower.
When she first started at Heartsville Elementary
she had trouble keeping up.
So she trained herself to always be on time and ready.
Her favorite tools for being prepared include
lots of checklists and her signature "Be Ready" baskets.
Each basket contains everything she might need
for a particular activity or project.
Perrie believes the two most important words are: be ready.
Introducing Knox!
Knox is a student at Heartsville Elementary
and the latest recipient of the Junior Distinguished Hero
of the Year award.
An outgoing performer, Knox loves being
the center of attention.
That way, he can encourage more people to take care
of their hearts.
His ninja moves and martial arts training have captured
the attention of just about everyone in Heartsville
so he can easily remind them to avoid vaping and tobacco.
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Meet the Heart Heroes!

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on January 1, 2020
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