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Welcome to Tokyo Tuesday if you're a regular viewer
Welcome back
Today we are back here in Tokyo right in a Asakusa and it is
coming of age day
What is today? Seijinshiki
Seijinshiki 20 years old
Thank you
Absolutely wonderful so today is coming of age day known as
Sei-jin Shiki right here in Tokyo it is one of the most beautiful days of the year
And you see all kinds of characters
That's not a 20 year old
Coming of age day is a special day for people in Japan which is basically anybody who has turned 20 years old within this year
comes out to celebrate
Their coming of age both men and women will get dressed up in kimono and hakama to celebrate the day
More often than not the days right with photographers will come out to capture the beauty of
the kimono and the energy of the area
Turning 20 in Japan is a really big deal, and it is celebrated as such has been
Celebrated almost as long as Japan's history this celebration has gone on for literally
thousands of years
Maybe 1,000 1.5 a long time. It's held on the second Monday of January
And not only do the people in their 20s come out to attend
But there is a ceremony where government officials come out and speak and basically congratulate everybody on entering the age of majority
Which is 20 years old here in Japan now long before I even started vlogging on YouTube
I had gone out and made a video about this right here in a sucks a couple years ago
The coming-of-age ceremony is one of great energy and excitement and is celebrated all over the place
two of my favorite locations to enjoy the ceremony are
meiji shrine
or right here in a Asakusa and
For regular viewers of the channel who might be wondering why i'm filming?
My phone instead of my camera you see you remember that trip that I just took to canada
Yeah, I kind of killed my camera as well as my lens and snap my microphone
It was a whole thing as you will notice that today's video
Was probably a lot shorter than the most
but really there's not much else to say about the coming-of-age ceremony is simply a beautiful piece of Japanese culture and
History not to mention a fantastic opportunity to get some beautiful videos or photo which
breaks my heart because my
Cuz I busted my camera, but there's always next year all that being said if you did enjoy the video
Please leave it a thumbs up don't forget to hit subscribe if you haven't already. We'll see you all really soon
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Coming of Age Day in Asakusa Tokyo Japan

21 Folder Collection
Taka published on December 31, 2019
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