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What's up you guys?!
It's King-chan, and An-chan Here with Hakuho, the
reigning champ sumo wrestler.
We're in Ryogoku, Tokyo's sumo town.
We're going to take a tip from the sumo wrestlers and eat like the sports guys out here.
Let's go!
Let's do it!
So we just made it to Kappo Yoshiba
which is actually a former sumo stable.
and just like the sumo, we have to eat strong, healthy and nutritous!
Just like a champion.
The owner here is also their direct dealer for the Toyosu Market
Let's do it!
I've been waiting on this all day!!
Shrimp, I see tofu, salmon, greens mushrooms spinach,
scallops, pork in there.
We've got a soup full of everything!
First let's try this salmon.
Oh my gosh!
That salmon tastes like it took a deep swim in the hot pot!
So tender!
Very tender.
I could eat some more of that!
There's greens, let's see how it tastes.
Got to get the veggies!
Teeth sunk straight through that.
Is that spinach?
How did that taste?
I like how all the flavors have mixed and blended together.
The soup's flavor kind of seasons everything.
It just floats through the whole bowl!
Like grandma's stew.
I'm getting all those nutrients and vitamins.
So moist.
Let me taste that scallop.
I've never really tasted scallop before.
See what's that about.
Is it good?
Oh yeah!
I'm a mushroom type of guy.
How do you like that?
Pretty good.
I feel myself feeling stronger.
I know you thought it was a meatball.
I definitely thought it was a meatball.
But what does it taste like?
Texture's definitely the same as a meatball.
Mild flavor.
Meaty texture.
Is this pork right here?
Once again that broth is really seasoning everything.
Chicken soup for the soul!
Tofu and mushrooms.
Oh my, that scallop's real crazy good right there!
Whoa, that tofu is deep fried
Extra flavor?
You can tell the broth get's a lot of flavor from the Tofu.
I know everything tastes amazing.
That's due to the 17 ingredients that are in the pot!
17! Juu-nana!
Chanko's a favorite in the sumo world, but also across Japan.
It's getting kind of cold, so similar to grandma's stew, it warms you up.
Oh man.
First bowl down, a lot more to go.
Let's dive in.
Healthy and nutritous!
As you can see, the restaurant is sumo themed, but they actually have live events here weekly.
Performances take place right in the middle here, in the sumo ring.
This is kind of why the floor is set up theatre style,
so everyone can see the performance in the middle.
I just finished up with about round...6 now I think?!
Now it's time for the shime!
Finish him!
Like I told you before, Shime means the finisher.
For the shime, you can pick between zosui, which is rice, and udon noodles.
Today we ate Yoshiba's Chanko Nabe.
The price was 2,800 yen per person.
Normally when you get the full entertainment experience, it's really worth it.
Good vibes!
So we're going to finish up and meet you outside!
We just finished up inside.
One last message before we go.
This is our last video before the end of the year.
So we'll see you at the turn of the decade.
Stay safe my friends.
As the chanko taught us, eat good, nutritious, healthy and well-balanced.
I'll see you guys in 2020!
For the last time this year, this is King-chan and An-chan.
We definitely found something good to eat on these Japanese streets.
See you next year!
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Eating next to a REAL SUMO RING | CHANKO hot pot in Ryogoku

89 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on December 30, 2019
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