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Hey. Oh...
I've been meaning to say I'm so glad you're a part of this season.
But I just wanted to warn you that it's a little disturbing.
You know, it's a disturbing premise.
Just get ready.
I mean, but you do know that I was on a show where I,
like, played a dead version of myself?
Yeah, and I mean that's terrifying.
This is just... It's a different kind of horror, you know?
This is, like, real world, toxic masculinity
and possessive ideas of love, you know.
These sorts of things that if we idolize them
or romanticize them too much
that we are in danger of losing every sense of morality.
-And then the line... -Yeah.
It just keeps edging further and further.
-Yeah. -And then we don't know really
where our youth will end up.
Yeah. No, no. I know, I know. I've seen the show.
But I, like, really don't get spooked very easily.
Victoria, ready for you on set.
I think I just mansplained to Victoria.
-Who? -You know, the new girl.
I just can't believe she doesn't find our show disturbing, you know.
I bet we could change her mind.
-Huh? -What are you doing?
Oh... nothing.
Hey, guys.
-Hey. -Hey.
How are you liking the new scripts?
Yeah, they're great.
-Yeah? -Lots of fun.
-Good. -Yeah.
Paper cut!
Oh, God!
Have a good day.
Yeah, you too.
-Bye, Victoria. -Bye.
Sorry, were you trying to scare her?
OK, fine, then why don't you get over here and help me, new guy?
Oh, I'm so in.
Yeah, this will work.
Oh, my God.
Are these vintage?
Nice. Perfect. Yes, yes. Beautiful.
Oh, beautiful. Lean into it.
Did she seem scared?
Hey. What's the update?
We tried everything.
It's impossible.
The only thing that scares her is her.
-Oh. -Oh.
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Penn Badgley and the cast of You Season 2 prank Victoria Pedretti | Netflix

42 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on December 30, 2019
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