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Well good morning good morning.
Good morning good morning guys.
It is another early start for this jet lagged duo.
It is right now it is 4:52 in the morning and we've already been up for what an hour
and a half?
Since 2:30 am.
Oh, two thirty wow.
So it is an improvement.
We're doing better.
And we figured since we are up early let's go have some breakfast but not any breakfast.
This is going to be a traditional Japanese breakfast (伝統的な日本式朝食).
Yes, and we noticed a place when we were up jet lagged the previous morning it was open
24 hours.
It is a chain restaurant and we're going to go there and grab some traditional Japanese
breakfast (朝ごはん).
Let's go eat.
Let's do it.
Alright guys we are on our way to the restaurant.
And it is so quiet there is hardly any traffic.
Nope.We've only seen a few bikers.
People on their bikes.
And taxi drivers.
One guy was randomly screaming before we left the apartment.
And um yeah there may actually be more people having a hangover meal than a breakfast on
the way to work but um yeah we'll see.
Yeah I don't think there is very many people on their way to work yet.
I haven't seen any suits.
It is ridiculously early so.
So just over my shoulder there is a whole bunch of people that are waiting for the metro
to open.
The metro in Osaka starts running at 5 am.
But the first train doesn't really arrive until like 5:20 or 5:30 so yeah there is a
whole bunch of people waiting to get in and the restaurant just so happens to be right
next to the metro station so very convenient.
You can grab a bite on your way to work.
And yeah let's go eat.
Okay okay so getting ready to place our order.
It doesn't like our bill.
There we go so we're getting 38 and we are getting 51 which is not available because
we don't have enough money.
That is hilarious.
Okay so we just finished placing our order.
We got a little ticket from the machine.
And then we handed it the ticket to the server.
She ripped it in half.
We get to keep this.
Breakfast is here.
(Speaking Japanese)
It is here.
That was so fast.
That was insanely fast.
That was like a minute and a half I feel.
Alright guys we like researching our meals in advance so we know what we should be ordering.
So for Japanese breakfast ( 日本の朝食) we did a little bit of research.
To see what the typical dishes are.
And it usually includes steamed rice.
Miso soup.
A protein like grilled fish.
Um various side dishes.
We've got some tofu going on.
We've got a raw egg.
This looks like some kind of porridge.
Um it says nori.
So a dry seasoned seaweed.
I'm seeing a little bit of that sprinkled on this thing.
There are some additional side dishes we might order too.
But this looks big enough.
It does.
I mean you can always go to the machine and order some individual little dishes.
If you want more rice or if you want more egg.
Um it also says Nattō (納豆) fermented soy beans.
And I did notice that on the menu.
We just didn't get the meal that comes with the soy beans.
I'll probably I'll see if I can order that later.
Fermented soy beans?
Good luck with that.
Then something called Kobachi which is small side dishes consisting of vegetables.
We didn't get too many vegetables today.
We've got some chives next to the tofu but I would say this is a really good start.
I think we got the main items of a Japanese breakfast (朝ごはん).
So let's dig in.
I'm hungry.
So Sam is going to dig in.
Yes so I got the makarel with soy sauce and ginger set.
And that looks like a really nice piece of fish so I can't wait to try that.
I like how you're using the chopsticks.
Not a fork and knife.
Yeah, why not right.
Take it for a big swim.
I think I'm going to grab a bit of rice with it.
Oh wow.
Oh, the fish is so tender.
It just melts in your mouth.
And I love the soy ginger sauce too.
Oh that is really good.
Nice to be having protein in the morning as well.
Okay so the rice it is just plain white rice.
Plain white rice.
So I'm going to move on to the miso soup.
I don't believe they have spoons so I'm just going to give it a stir.
Drink it out of the bowl.
Use the bowl.
Which is cool.
Like a little cup.
Oh I love miso soup.
It is so so tasty.
Ah, look at all of the seaweed that is in there.
I believe that is called nori in Japanese.
Oh it is really rich.
The worst thing when you have miso soup is when it is too watery.
And you're like craving more of the miso paste.
More flavour.
But they nailed it over here.
And then over here I have a feeling this could be silken tofu but it also could be egg.
I have no idea.
It doesn't look like egg.
I'm going to guess that is tofu.
Oh that is the ginger.
Oh my gosh that is tofu woah laced in like a gingery sauce.
I'm looking forward to trying that because I love ginger.
Woah that is really potent.
That was the ginger element we were looking for.
Oh and nice little surprise.
It is going to be a great breakfast and super affordable too.
So yeah we'll order some more side dishes.
I also like how you are representing Peru right now.
I am.
In Japan.
Yo amo Peru.
Okay so it is now my turn.
I'm going to try the fish.
Mine doesn't break so easily so I think I'm going to bite into it.
Pick it up and bite right into it.
How is it?
It does have bones.
Okay yeah mine does too.
But the meat is so tender.
Yeah super tender.
Is it if it is like mine does it melt in the mouth basically?
I think mine is the exact the exact same as yours I just get a half portion.
Oh right.
Because that was nice I just got a little bone in there.
But mmm.
Really juicy.
Let's try the other stuff.
Some rice.
Got some rice.
Now some of that miso.
I'm going to give it a little swirl.
We've got some seaweed.
We've got chives.
So yeah little swirl there.
Grab it like a little cup.
Oh nice and salty.
I know.
That is good.
I love how salty it is.
It is rich.
They made sure to put in lots of the paste.
I actually like savoury food for breakfast (朝ごはん).
I don't need jam and donuts.
I know me too.
I feel like it is a nice way to start the day yeah because you don't get like that sugar
You are actually eating functional um proteins and carbs.
This I have no idea what it is.
Well try it.
It looks like a slimy.
Let's see.
It kind of is a porridge.
With a bit of seaweed.
And then we have a raw egg but I don't really know what to do with it because I don't eat
raw eggs.
I think you're supposed to put it on top of the rice maybe.
But we'll think about that for later.
Oh I may leave that on the side.
I'm just not used to eating raw egg.
Maybe I don't know.
We'll think about it.
I'll break it so it looks like maybe I've had a little bit.
You know.
And we'll figure it out.
Maybe I'll dip my fish in there.
We've also got a rowdy little guy who is a bit hungover from last night.
So he is causing a bit of a scene at the restaurant.
But I think he has finally left.
Although he had placed an order for food so I don't know.
Maybe he'll be back.
Um but yeah why don't we switch so I can try your ginger.
I'm really curious about your breakfast.
Sounds good.
So we found the missing ingredient.
Yeah it came with this little cup and we didn't bother opening it.
And so it came with this sauce so I'm going to put it all over.
I have no idea what it is.
So it was a sealed cup with fermented bean paste.
And a little sauce.
Look at that.
Sam just added in.
Look at how sticky that is.
Check that out guys.
Woah hoah.
It looks a bit slimy.
Oh my gosh.
So yeah Sam is going to try that.
What do you think?
Oh wow.
It is really interesting.
It is not as sweet or as salty as I was anticipating.
It is almost a little bit um bland.
If you can imagine if you were having a different kind of beans without sauce on them.
That is kind of how it tastes like.
So it takes on the flavour of the sauce but it doesn't really have much of a flavor on
its own?
That is really good though.
I mean in the sense that I feel like having some extra protein so.
Wow, we've got some strings there.
I know.
Wow this is really fascinating.
And do you want to try this like porridge like thing that we haven't figured out.
What do you think?
I have a feeling you are supposed to like drink it too.
Yeah probably because with chopsticks aren't doing much.
Okay let's do something with this egg.
What are you going to do?
I'm just going to take a bit of rice and dunk it in.
How is that.
This is very adventurous of Sam.
Because Sam does not do eggs.
What do you think?
How is it?
I don't love it.
No, I don't like egg very much.
Raw egg.
That would be the one thing we'd leave behind.
We'll eat everything else.
Let's leave that behind.
And the other things are the same.
So yeah.
The one thing you have that I didn't is this tofu with chives and ginger.
So let's get some of that going on.
Wow, this is hard with chopsticks.
It is slippery.
Slippery on the chopsticks.
It is really gingery.
That is actually a nice combination.
The ginger and the chives.
And I like the smoothness of the tofu too.
It kind of absorbs it.
It is a bit zesty.
It is a bit zesty yeah.
This is good.
Do you like that?
And I like that you got a big piece of fish because this is really nice.
It is nice to get that protein in the morning.
So yeah so far this has been a really good breakfast.
It has.
You just have to be mindful.
A little bones.
Alright guys so we finished off that meal mostly.
I left a bit of rice and a bit of egg.
Yeah so that in total came to 490 and 590 Yen.
Which in total was $9.80 cents.
US dollars.
So yeah incredible value.
Like that was a complete breakfast.
Like I said before I really liked having protein and some healthy carbs with the rice and just
there is a lot of variety and it was thoughtfully prepared too.
And it is cool that this place is open at all hours so I think if our jet lag continues
we may pop back here again for breakfast for sure.
So anyways I hope you guys enjoyed taking a look at this traditional Japanese breakfast (伝統的な日本式朝食)
and we'll have more food and travel videos for you coming soon from Japan.
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Traditional Japanese Breakfast in Osaka, Japan

492 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on December 30, 2019
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