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Hi, Bob the Canadian here.
So this week this box came and I think some of you might know what this is.
I've been waiting for this for a little bit.
It's from YouTube.
You can't see because it has a sticker there, but it's from YouTube, and I'm going to show
you guys what's inside.
I'm going to open up this box.
And there are a few things in here, I hope they don't blow away.
There is a little note that says this was packed by Rick.
Thanks Rick.
And there is a letter from YouTube saying that they are happy that I have passed 100,000
And then inside, in this plastic bag here, is a nice little memento of the occasion.
So this is a nice plaque that I can put on the wall.
And hopefully you can see it.
It says "Presented to Learn English with Bob the Canadian for passing 100,000 subscribers,"
and it's from YouTube.
So I'm just super happy that I have this in my possession now.
It's kind of fun to be rewarded for doing a lot of good work.
Do you want to see it one more time?
Yeah, let's hold it up.
You can see it one more time.
But what I really wanted to do was teach you a little bit of English.
So hopefully you keep watching because I thought I should teach you five ways to say thank
you and I should teach you five ways to congratulate someone.
And you might think, why would Bob the Canadian want to teach us how to say thank you?
And I think the reason is because I want to thank you.
If I didn't have all of you, if I didn't have so many people who clicked on that little
red button down there to become a subscriber to my channel, I wouldn't have this beautiful
So I want to first of all say thank you.
That's the first way to thank someone.
And it's just two words, thank you.
But thank you so much for clicking that little button.
A second way to say thank you to someone is shorter, you can just say thanks.
So I want to say thanks, not just for clicking the button, but thanks for clicking like once
in a while.
That helps too.
So we have thank you and we have thanks.
A third way is to say thanks a lot.
So thanks a lot for continuing to watch my videos.
I just think that's awesome as well.
There is no way I would've gotten to 100,000 subscribers ... Sorry I have to take this
out again.
There's no way I would have gotten to 100,000 subscribers if you guys didn't do that, so
thanks a lot.
A fourth way to thank someone is to just say thanks so much.
So thanks so much for watching and for sharing my videos.
That's awesome.
Thanks so much.
So that's four ways to say thank you.
I think we need a last one.
We should do.
Thank you very much.
So thank you very much for doing that.
Thank you very much for taking the time to just be one of my subscribers.
But now I should also teach you five ways to congratulate someone.
I'm not saying you need to congratulate me.
I'm just saying that when someone accomplishes something, it can be nice to congratulate
So the first way that you can congratulate someone is to just say, congratulations.
Let's say someone has graduated from school, someone has done something in their life that's
a big accomplishment, maybe they got a new job, or maybe, maybe, they got a plaque from
YouTube, you could just say, congratulations.
That's a great way to do it.
Another thing that you could say to someone, which is a little more informal is to say,
that's so cool.
You could say, congratulations on your graduation from school.
That's so cool that you finished four years and now you're a teacher, or a doctor, or
something like that.
So you could say that's so cool, a little more informal.
Probably a little more informal than that, here's a third way is to just say way to go.
So you could say, "Way to go, Bob the Canadian.
Awesome work.
Way to go.
We're so, so happy that you got this 100,000 subscriber plaque."
It's very, very fun.
Another thing you could say a little bit informal as well.
A lot of my methods of congratulating people are somewhat informal, is to simply say, that's
So you can say, "Hey, that's awesome.
It's really, really cool.
That's awesome that you accomplished that.
So very cool."
And then the last thing, this is a little more formal, and it's usually more from a
parent to a son or daughter or from a teacher to a student where you would say, "I'm so
proud of you."
When you feel proud of someone you just think..., you feel really good thoughts about them.
You have pride in the fact that they accomplished something.
So a fifth way that you could congratulate someone, if you know them well, is that you
could say I'm proud of you.
So anyways, thanks again so much for helping me get this.
I'm going to display this proudly by the computer where I edit the videos and I'm going to look
at it and think of you guys a lot whenever I'm making videos because this is really more
about you than it is about me.
I think that's it.
But if you want to stick around, there might be just a little short video with some kittens
in it.
As you can tell, we have kittens on the farm right now and I'm trying to make a video,
but the kittens, they would really like to be in the video.
I think the kitten is biting my ear right now.
Anyways, Bob the Canadian here, thank you so much for watching all my videos.
I hope you have a great day.
And there will be a new video out on Tuesday and we're going to go back to our regular
schedule starting next Tuesday, Friday, Saturday.
It's going to be great.
Thank you so much for learning English with me.
Have a great day.
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5 Ways to Say, "Thank You!" and "Congratulations!" in English

83 Folder Collection
徐先生 published on December 30, 2019
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