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ANNA FOX: I'm Anna Fox.
There are some things that need to be said about me.
ANNA FOX: I have an anxiety disorder.
ETHAN RUSSELL: I live across the street
my mom asked me to give you this?
ANNA FOX: I'm not prepared for visitors.
ANNA FOX: I'm...uh...agoraphobic...
I can't go outside.
[Heavy breathing]
THERAPIST: You let some of the
outside come in...
your neighbor from across the street.
JANE RUSSELL: Pretty sure you're not supposed
to be taking these with alcohol.
ANNA FOX: Her name is Jane Russell.
THERAPIST: She's become a friend?
ANNA FOX I like your earrings.
JANE RUSSELL: Oh, thanks!
They're a gift from an old boyfriend.
ANNA FOX: Does your husband mind?
JANE RUSSELL: Our family's complicated.
[Woman screams]
[Discordant music hit]
ANNA FOX: My neighbor, Jane, she's been stabbed.
ANNA FOX: Why is he here?
DETECTIVE LITTLE: Mr. Russell believes that
you've made a mistake.
ALISTAIR RUSSELL: You have never met my wife.
ANNA FOX: We spent the evening together.
JANE RUSSELL: I'm Jane Russell.
ANNA FOX: She's not Jane.
I know what I saw!
DETECTIVE LITTLE: The doctor said that your meds...
can cause hallucinations.
ANNA FOX: Why are you protecting them?
ANNA FOX: They're all hiding something.
ANNA FOX: Her earring. It's in their house.
ALISTAIR RUSSELL: You're playing with the wrong family.
THERAPIST: Do they know you're here alone?
ANNA FOX: I think somebody's in my house.
BINA: Don't go looking into other people's houses...
you won't like what you see.
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The Woman in the Window | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX

91 Folder Collection
Caurora published on December 29, 2019
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