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random example here but a great example showing you that it is on the upward
trend especially for December whether you're just starting out with dropshipping
you're looking to add another category into your drop shipping store
or you're completely looking to build a brand new niche store well then you're
probably wondering what is the best niches to get into in 2019
now that drop shipping is completely saturated is there still money though to
be made in the drop shipping space you bet your ass there is so strap in and
let's get into the top three niches of 2019 and by the way if you do want to
get into these niches in 2019 and capitalize on them then you better start
your store today
what is up hustlers welcome back to side hustle Academy a channel where we go
through how to set up additional income sources on the side so you can one day
chase lifestyle not dollars if you haven't already subscribe to this
channel then you may want to consider hitting that subscribe button that
notification bell because the lids value is dropped every single Wednesdays at 4
p.m. Eastern Standard Time if we throwback to my first ever video where I
spoke about how I made $10,000 in a single week drop shipping I know a lot
of e-commerce gurus out there tell you you know your products the most
important thing it is and they also say you need to get into the right niche at
the right time with the right product and you know what I don't tend to agree
with those guys me personally with this current store I took something that was
super passionate about in a super overly saturated market and still made ten
thousand dollars in three days now if I had listened to the Guru's and said you
know what screw it I'm not going to get into this niche because it's too
complicated and oversaturated I would have made ten thousand dollars in three
days yes I do still believe that your ability to market a product is
infinitely more important than selecting a popular niche because at the end of
the day if you're a gun digital marketer or if you
great marketer in general then you're able to sell most things in life the
audio mm this baby got the 16-bit do d/a-converter however there is no doubts
that if you're able to predict product trends then you're able to jump on that
bandwagon early enough to be able to get your dropshipping store to completely
explode for me personally I haven't jumped on product trends before I've
simply you know marketed products that I enjoy marketing myself and I've found
great success in that so that is proof in itself that you don't need to stick
to a popular niche but it does help particularly if you're completely new to
this game so if you're looking to take advantage of these niches that I'll be
talking to then you need to create your store today because you want to prepare
for 2019 so you need to ensure that you prepare your store today and take
advantage as well of the upcoming holidays such as Halloween or Christmas
obviously even new year sales okay so let's jump to my laptop as per
usual and let's go over the niches that I will think will grow in 2019 inks
potentially explode and I'll back that up with some data so now that we're on
my laptop I want to dive into Google Trends if you haven't already been using
this toy or if you haven't already heard it then you definitely need to get onto
this ASAP now the first thing I want to discuss is trends that have gone
downhill that you shouldn't be getting into and
using Google Trends as an example of how to use this tool so it's pretty
straightforward really I know that wristwatches is overly saturated on drop
shipping or drop shipping stores and the overall trend for wristwatches is
actually going downhill globally so let's go ahead and search globally here
so actually let's just go for the let's go for the search directly and then
we'll set up the parameters and let's type in wristwatches here now if we set
what we want to do is set it for obviously global because we want to see
a global trend unless you're particularly targeting
a specific country now I always go for a lifetime because I want to see the
overall trend and the overarching picture and not just you know within the
year because that could tell a completely different story
but as you can tell and overall it's it's just it's just going downhill since
really December 2004 it sort of peaked again and this is all based on search
volume so the amount of people searching for wristwatches and as you can tell
today it is about 33 points in value with Google Trends which is quite low so
that's a low sort of search volume and so look wristwatches not so great let's
back that up with some more data let's type in a popular wristwatch brand which
is Daniel Wellington now Daniel Wellington is if you don't already know
a very popular sort of semi viral wristwatch brand and it's just again it
looks like it's going downhill from here it's sort of peaked at certain points
but overall trend is its stagnating and yeah potentially going downhill really
so you know moving on from that these are the niches that I want to talk about
and I think will do quite well so the first niche that I'll give you for 2019
is organic products now organic products is already a growing trend at the moment
and when I say organic products you're probably thinking as he told organic
products this organic food and you know this even organic furniture I believe
that's made out of like literal wood and stuff like that but I'm talking about
knickknacks here so for example bamboo bamboo toothbrushes I know they are
popular at least in Australia but again look as you could tell here from a
worldwide trend it really only started to pick up in 2016 early 2017 and it's
just grown exponentially now this little downward dip here is a
prediction okay it's based on as you can see here
incomplete data so right now as of let's get back to that point here as of August
2018 so last month really it is peaking and there is a lot of demand from what
I've seen based on tools like these and other tools that I use that are paid
which I won't mention in this video but and it is a very popular niche to get
into at the moment because it will only be set for more growth in 2019 now
another product within this niche is essential oils so what I've got in mind
here is as before I get into it but as you can tell it has just jumped
exponentially from 2012 really and it's just gone on the rise so essential oils
very popular and if you look down here it's also interesting to divide it by
interest by region because this should sort of correlate with your Facebook
targeting and with if you don't Google ads within Google ads targeting and you
can geolocate by region and you can based it off related topics particularly
if you're going for Google ads and keywords a bit on this is a perfect tool
and so why I say organic products is a great niche to get into and there's a
lot of mini products or mini winning products that are just working in this
particular niche and and I see it set for growth in 2019 so it's in its early
days but a lot of these products are signed to win so just think I thought
outside the box here when if you're thinking about getting to this nation
let's go into Aliexpress because I do want to walk the talk really and show
you what sort of costs are so associated with these niches I I am recommending
now organic products let's go back to the bamboo toothbrush I'm sure they have
it as you can see there's quite a few results 5,000 results so it's relatively
new I mean 5,000 results in Aliexpress
that's not a lot of products but that is a good sign really
because that means it's not a tapped into niche or product so as you can tell
here very cheap I mean a set of ten bamboo toothbrushes eco-friendly seven
US dollars completely free shipping so look really straightforward if you want
to go with one piece each it's literally like 1 USD or less so a lot of a lot of
potential profit margin here and so that's a great profit get into now the
second let's go back to the home page of Google Trends the second niche that I
want to recommend here is décor simple as that
décor is not so tapped into and it has a lot of potential growth in terms of yes
the demand for the products but on top of that there's a lot of profit margin
here to work with this is perfect for high ticket dropshipping and I've
preached high ticket drop shipping many times in the past but let's go into
specifics here now on top of my head I know for example
for as an example fare you lights are very popular now on YouTube as a
youtuber fairy lights a very very you know popular and and in general décor
it's very popular as well let's with this trend here it doesn't look too
great but however if I were to sell this I would go worldwide and I would go all
time 2004 to presents and okay so this is a better sort of overall look of the
demand for this product as you can tell it sort of dips and correlates but the
overall trend is it's on its growth especially here it is at its growth and
it's gonna peak again and very soon as you can tell here it sort of fluctuates
fluctuates fluctuates its Pete not too long ago earlier will actually either
side of this year it's kind of come down again but you can tell by this trend it
is very interesting I'll tell you an insight here
zoom into this this insight what this insight means when you see graphs that
sort of peek at certain times this tells me one thing and one thing only this
tells me that fairy lights are a very popular Christmas gift as you can tell
they always peek always peek at December you know without even looking at the
dates I could tell straight up the bat just looking at the curves looking at
Google using Google Trends enough every week really this tells you that it is a
perfect Christmas gift so again like I said in at the side of this video if you
want to get into these products and set yourself up to scale the products ASAP
and potentially makes make tens of thousands of dollars from this single
product then you need to start your advertising you need to start your store
right now today so fairy lights you know random example here but a great example
showing you that it is on the upward trend especially for December when it
peaks at a hundred you can easily scale this product because there's gonna be so
much demand on it on the internet and if you start selling on November you've got
all your adds up you've got your Facebook targeting on point you can
simply start scaling and loading off the budget and it is gonna sell like hot
pancakes so that's very alights now of course
there's other items which we're going to go into but decore it can get quite
expensive and people do pay good money for it so that is the second niche that
I'm recommending now the final niche is very simple actually am smart tech when
I say smart tech I mean smart watches you know smart light bulbs all that good
stuff and even drones because this is a very popular nation of course this is
all techie and whatnot but 2019 is going to be surely set for a year where all of
this explodes smart tech wearable tech drones is set to be on fire in 2019 so
let's let's go ahead and check out drones I've got a funny feeling that
drones is on the downward trend because you know it's not exactly
as you can tell here but let's change it up look at the wider picture again very
important to look at the wider picture because if you look at the 12 months in
a southern country then it's you could be missing on a potential winning
product now if you look here yes it is sort of on a downward trend and I
thought so as much but I'm sure it's going to pick up in 2019 so drones smart
LED light bulbs let's have done in smarts for the smite light bulbs now
this is sort of relatively new as you tell it's sort of peat here so maybe
this this this one isn't that great of a product so potentially don't go with
this one but um smart tech in general wearable Tech's let's let's let's think
about another one here I don't okay so video doorbells I know this this one
should be popular because I've seen this quite a lot with as you can tell as I
said it is quite popular it is peaking as of right now a hundred so this is a
huge one so when you think smart tech think about the smart home okay I'm
talking about light bulbs I'm talking about yes video doorbells and I'm
talking about drones and stuff like that so very techy sort of stuff this stuff
is gonna explode in 2019 now you're probably thinking all you know Ethan
this is stuff that's hard to get on aliexpress tech is hard to get on
aliexpress yes it is but I've already taught a lot of you guys and if you're
completely new this channel I'll say it again drop shipping does not need to be
purely based on aliexpress drop shipping is a business models yeah I don't know
how many times I can say this and preach this but there are many businesses out
there that are willing to sort of you know drop get on that drop shipping
model and they don't need to be on Aliexpress so yes you can drop ship
drones yes you can drop ship high quality video doorbells for example you
just need to know where to look and you need to have that supplier relationship
so you can negotiate and dropship certain products that might not be
available to the everyday drop shipper so yeah I'm gonna end off here but I
will give you one bonus point okay and if that is what is another trend in
28:19 and that is print on demand now print demand has been growing this year
but why printing demand is so great is because it doesn't you don't need to
look for products to leverage a trend you can't excuse me you can't leverage
products based on trends so for example if a big event happens and that becomes
the trend you're not scrambling to look for products that are related to that
event you can simply create a t-shirt design based on that event so I suspect
this is this is continuing to grow in 2019 print on demand will be huge so I
do a lot of print demand stuff on this channel because I love it personally I
love to pair it together with drop shipping I love to pair it with
Aliexpress products and so there we have it that's my suggestion guys I hope you
enjoyed this video and if you did give it a thumbs up as always and be sure to
subscribe lit content every Wednesdays at 4 p.m. Eastern same time as always
guys thanks for watching and keep on possibly
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Which Dropshipping NICHES Will PROFIT in 2019?!

44 Folder Collection
johnlai9199 published on December 23, 2019
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