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  • Oh my God- Jeorgen! Jeorgen!

  • Run!

  • Run Jeorgen! RUN!

  • Move! Move, move, move-

  • Good Minecraft morning to you, fellas!

  • Top of 'da morning!

  • Today, we are starting off the game outside!

  • That's because I downloaded the PewDiePie-Pack,

  • that one of you fellow nine year olds have made.

  • Another super-duper request, is that I use shaders.

  • And I have! And I've never seen it before.

  • So this is the first time I am looking at shaders in Minecraft - very epic.

  • And as you can see here, it says "Minecraft - Jeorgen Edition"!

  • What!?

  • PewDieCraft!

  • Ehhh... Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • Hopefully this doesn't break my save file.

  • OH! (Chuckles) What?

  • Jeorgen you look so good!

  • My god...

  • Oh-

  • Wait, I have extra gold.

  • Oh gosh, how did this happen, I was...

  • Who the frick are you!?

  • Impostor-! I can barely see the water, it looks so pretty...

  • My God...

  • (Pained sheep cries)

  • Don't ever look at me again.

  • Damn!

  • (Bell tolls twice)

  • This is weird!

  • Oh my god they're wiggling!

  • They're wiggling- Jeorgen! Sven!

  • Let me look at you!

  • Oh my god you're cute...

  • ... And you look the same.

  • (Laughs)

  • Jeorgen let me look at you! Wow, look at how beautiful he is in this lens flare...

  • My God... My God!

  • So, as you can see there's a- there's a couple changes...

  • I've been playing a lot. Like, a lot, lot.

  • (Snickers) I've been playing so much.

  • I didn't wanna get ahead, so I've just been-

  • Did that just move on it's own?

  • I've just been, uh, building stuff, so...

  • I built this temple...

  • ... For Water Sheep! It's a Water Temple.

  • So there's water flowing everywhere.

  • I spent a long time on this, okay? A very long time... (Laughs)

  • Oh my God- It's for Water Sheep, of course.

  • Of course, I have to do it to him.

  • And the idea is that the water flows from the water church...

  • Into it- And it feeds... It feeds my crops.

  • Thank you, Water Sheep.

  • You are gone, but not forgotten- So.

  • In this church, the- all the sheeps get to walk free.

  • In the... Where are they?

  • Come back here! Scumbag!

  • You're supposed to be free!

  • Oh my God.

  • (Laughs) I think I found them...

  • Come down from there!

  • (Chuckles)

  • How did this happen!?

  • Oh my gosh...

  • Oh no, sorry!

  • Oh my God, have they been...

  • He just wants to go up again- NO, HE'S ESCAPING, KILL HIM!

  • Why do I have twenty FPS(frames per second) in here?

  • Don't think so, coward!

  • (Pained sheep cries)

  • Be free.

Oh my God- Jeorgen! Jeorgen!

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Goodbye my Minecraft horse.. - Part 19

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    原 posted on 2019/12/21
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