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Morning gamers. It's time for another episode of Minecraft. Is anyone surprised is anyone surprised today?
We're gonna have a fun day, aren't we jeb? Oh you now you don't look at me. Wake up. Wake up
There you are. Now, you know, we're gonna have fun today
That's right. We're gonna build you a new home, aren't you excited?
Ignore that for now. I need to find Sven... Where is he...
There you are Sven!!
Today, very special day for Sven
Sven my favorite dog
Let's- I want to show you guys I finished the house. It looks pretty epic. Sven. Hasn't seen it either
He has a blindfold on I'm gonna remove it. Right? What are you doing? What are you doing? Can I ride? Oh my god. Oh,
*pewds chuckles to himself*
What happened?
So here we are this is the house, Sven. Come on, come in come in let me show you
Here, I have bone. You tell me you can't get up there?
god damnittt
(Subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom )
Virgin turtle from his prison. Can you please get up? All right, he'll teleport anyway, this is the house. It's pretty epic
You enter here secret door and then here you have Bing bong Bing bong
Beautiful backyard it lits up with lanterns in the in the summer and then we have all of the storage
Tucked away nice in the floor. We have storage here so much storage
very epic
bed is here and you can jump on bed if you feel like and
the best
the best part about this
Sven pleaasseeee get upppp
He's sitting that's why sorry
you know the best part about this is that you guys have been telling me I should build a doghouse for Sven and
This is my reveal Sven. This is your house. (WOOW!!)
That's right. I built this for you, Sven!
I know you love anime and stuff
So I built it- a Japanese house for you
You're welcome
Okay, have- Bye. Bye. Have fun Sven
It's time for me to build something for water sheep
That I don't want Sven to see
A creeper blew up my farm and all my chickens disappeared by the way. I know F's in the chat :'(
So let's use our mind here. How can we?
Make water sheep understand that we don't like him
I know there's like pistons, but I never really used these like redstone stuff. Oh my god. Look he's talking to spider!!!
I knew he was evil.
Lemme get some cobblestone
Soo how does this work..?
And I'll just place it here
No, wait, that won't work..
Oh god.. Ohhh this is disgusting!
I have to enter Water Sheeps cage
Ewwww oh, this is so nasty here. Oh my god. How do you live here? This is terrible. How do I get out?
All right. You better not escape. You better not escape. There will be pain. This is the worst day of your life water sheep
Okay, wait, so do I literally just- can you freak off?!?!
WAIT the water's not coming in!!
water sheep head needs water to survive!!!
Oh my God
You like this water sheep?!! good because you're not supposed to >:)
You look at Sven. This is what happens
Think about it. What's it worth it? Was it worth at you? Did this by the way you did this? What if I
What if I add another piston so he gets squeezed from many angles
I like that would redstone and iron. Okay, let's make three
Can we give hey can we give it water sheep like a bad potion potion of harming?
I don't care about your excuses
It wasn't me. It was Gloria Borger. It doesn't matter Gloria. Borga isn't real
Everyone knows that
enough with allies
To stop lying if you stop lying then maybe I would reconsider being a little less aggressive
Don't you dare escape?
there is no escape don't even think for a second that you are safe because you are not just
Cuz I'm next to you doesn't mean I want to hold you and tell you it's alright
It means I don't like you water shaped more like piece of shit. This is gonna hurt. I'm not gonna lie
This is gonna be X. This will be extremely painful for water shape
Back at UH what sheepish eye
All right, so I need to connect these right
See, I'm uh, I'm a Minecraft veteran. So I know I know the ins and outs
So these all did I break it what happened? Oh
It pushes away its own redstone when I use it
like oh
No it broke
It can't be too fast. No one's ever done this
Don't try and escape. Now. What does she
Look at him. I
Don't care
You mean nothing to me I wish you were just quiet and took it like at least like a sheep, oh, sorry
Oh, sorry
so I actually did I
Not put redstone on ceilings. What is this? Oh
All right, I like that I like that ah,
What does she you did this you did this you did this? Oh my god, how dare you?
Oh, I'm gonna we're gonna go harder now
We're gonna go
I'm I was holding back before because I pitied you but now
Give me I like spikes on there on the piston
Why would I put on a piston to really hurt someone you can make sticky pistons right? Let me do that insane
I know this this sucks, but I got it. I gotta get back my slime ball from my trampoline
Hopefully I can make it into slime ball. Yeah, I can. All right, and then you better not go anywhere
Stupid sheep. Oh, I know
Your friends aren't here to save you if we place
This here. He's escaping. Go back in go back in go back in there. There will be serious consequences
There you go. All right, so now can we put this on top here? Nope?
Are you kidding me?
Come on
Go on dude, let me do it. Maybe it's one of those where it goes in that direction. You're facing. No
All right. Well, I guess we can keep we can keep that here just to make him scare
Oh, I know exactly what block we can put on sticky piston this one because she should actually damage them, right?
Hey, what a sheep time to pain Oh actually works
Water sheep *crying sounds*
It was just supposed oh, oh
I can't believe it
Water sheep was like a father to me. All right. We need a new water sheep. I
Need a new water sheep new volunt- Are you coming with me? Oh
My god
Hey, what are you trying to escape to your water sheep now. We should be proud say goodbye to your family
That's right. You'll never see them again. Oh look
Look how well accustomed you are to water. Huh? Don't worry. You'll still plenty more water where we going. Come here. Come here
That's right. Say goodbye to your friends
We actually did
This is your
This is your new home now
That's right
What their sheep number two?
If I can't even call you I get it fine. I'll remove it. I'll remove it. I'll remove it. It's fine. It's fine. It's fine
It's okay. It's okay. It's
Okay, okay we're just gonna
Nothing bad is gonna happen
Nothing bad is gonna happen and that's a PewDiePie promise. Nothing bad is gonna happen. Don't worry
Oh, look who made it in? Yes. Yes. Yes
nothing bad is gonna happen to you my little she'd
Just get in there. That's right. Yes
Yeah, it's nothing bad. Don't worry. Don't worry
What the sheep used to love this Bell Oh
God I miss him so much
Welcome to hell this is your new life
This is how you live life now
All right, we gotta invent something new you just stayed right there motor sheep
You know, it's an honor and a privilege to be Watership tonight
Should be thankful
You should be thankful water shit. This is what your forefathers wanted for you, you know
Follow me. I said follow me. I know you're scared. I
know that you're scared, but
It will all be over very soon. Ah, this is what the sheep's fault Oh
God you piss me freaky. Be quiet. No one literally ass
I've jumped
Sorry, I'll put you down I'll put you down
Water sheep was like a father to me
I can't believe...
Not water sheep
Water I was trying to make him bounce in the water. I wasn't actually trying to get rid of it
What was making him do damage?
Have any of any more water we need to improve the model one day we live in a society
Where all water sheeps can live together and be happy
Unfortunately, this is not our society. All right, who's the next tribute if it isn't chicken sheep, huh?
Come with me come with me chicken sheep. You will pay for what your ancestors
For the crimes of your ancestors. I don't like you by the way, I don't like you don't look at me like that
That's right. Come with me
Thank you for your cooperation
Just keep moving and don't ask any questions. You got that
You got that there will be bone
Okay now oh
We caught him wait
Stop that stop that
That's illegal
Illegal move. There you go. Now if we put a piston
Here may be chipped if you touch it you tip, okay, let's see. Alright she came
When it goes through wait, okay, maybe I need to put the famous the famous block of justice. No
That is not what I wanted to do cut diamond pickaxe too strong man, maybe I should have finished a machinery before I
Put in the subject
He's escaped. Oh no, no
Chicken sheep was like a father to me. I loved him
What the cow, why are you not in water? Why are you not in water?
That's what I thought ha - oh Claire. Oh sure say goodbye to your friends
Okay, actually I gotta take a nap I'll be right back. Oh
This is perfect. See I realized why I haven't gotten the the finer experience of water sheep
It's because they're not looking like water sheep. There you go. This is how what the ship used to look like
I mean, this is water she all right come in
So maybe the problem is I put it one too high and any day I'm so sorry mr. Sheep. Oh my god
You're annoying me now. You're annoying me. I'm pulling you out
Trying to save your life here. Where's my thanks. I mean, I don't ask for a medal or anything don't jump
Idiot, there you go. Have fun. Have fun. Jump. Okay, this is the
This is what I wanted to happen. I wasn't actually try. I just want to him to be forever bouncing
Wait, he ruined my machinery why my a machinery not function?
He took out electricity. Oh it work. So this is what I like. This is what I want. No one likes you water sheep
Literally no one we did a survey and it came out that no one liked you. How did that make you feel?
Why it not work it's perfect
Water sheep has to be in water
but what block can I put to make him software but not
Go bye-bye. You know what? I mean?
Maybe I've been doing this wrong right? I'm trying to get to the bottom of water sheep by targeting water sheep
But in reality water sheep has many many friends. There's many many cousins and things like that maybe
This is crazy. I know this is crazy. Okay, come with me. Don't worry. We're not gonna hurt you. We're just gonna talk
We're just gonna talk. We're just gonna talk. Don't worry. Don't worry. I'll take care of him. I'll take care of him
Hey, what are sheep? I?
Brought your friend, huh? You recognize him your cousin. Oh, you don't recognize him. Well, how about now?
That's right water sheep. I know who your loved ones are
And I'm not afraid I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid
To push them to the limit to get what I want. That's right. Ooh, is it getting hot in here?
Is it me water sheep now? Tell me
Who do you work for?
Who said you? Oh, wow. It's really really getting hot and spicy in the air
What do you work for?
Ooooh It's getting really hot. Just one more spot left for your little friend. Now. Let's change water sheep
Let's change who you work for
You are one tough cookie to crack what they're sheep I give you that I'll get through to you one day water sheep
All right, so I'm building a I'm building a giant a giant meatball
For those who wants to know that's what I'm doing I want to craft a
God, it hurts. It hurts to spend these beautiful diamonds
But I want to craft a diamond sword that I want to
That's sexy. Gosh, it would suck to die
When you have all this good stuff. I
Want to enchant it knock back one sharpness. That's surely better. Right and then we're gonna bring some
We're gonna bring our doors because we're gonna go back to the water temple
Apparently there's loot that I didn't get there and there's like a boss even I like bosses
And now we also have potion of underwater breathing. I'll bring two of those and then we have portion of night vision
I'll bring two of those as well and then we need the milk you remove
The debuff. Hey, both cow. Let me let me get some of that sweet
Num-num them do it. It takes so good. Thank you. What the cow Oh
What the cow you think so good I
Can drink you all day water cow
you however
Will stay there. I think it makes sense to bring out the
dinner boat
Because he can actually ride underwater. How cool is that?
Stop tickling me
Stop tickling my blade. Hey, maybe I should have the aqua infinity helmet as well
Maybe even my Trident that might be epic God if I die, I'm gonna be so pissed. Are you ready?
My head is stuck in the ground get me out, please. Okay. Sorry. I think I actually just remember where it is
I don't need the actual map. Okay. So once the giant meatball monument is
Rebuilt. That's the one we know that there will be peace on earth. Once the giant meatball is completed
There will be glory and sunshine to everyone isn't right, right
Undead year again. I
Like that name under Jurgen the normal you out sorry about that one that your again, how does this look like unlike?
Another oh my god. This is amazing
Swedish Viking heading out on his fellow on
Swedish God
So, let's see here
I don't think it actually shows you how long the potion lasts so I'm just gonna have to put a timer. Hey, Google
Put an 8 minute timer, so now we should drink our potions portion of night vision and potion of underwater breathing
Today drink it
And then water
There you go
Ok now a whoa
It's so bright now. Ok. We got eight minutes. Let's let's write
So the temple should be here somewhere. Don't mind me. It's a Swedish man riding his horse
Yes, right
All right, I really should have brought the match tonight, whoa, it's so cool I never like
done proper underwater stuff
Where is this water temple? We meet that last
All right, so I'm gonna put I'm gonna put the water
No, I he fly away so I think if I wear this it actually makes it so I can still yeah, that's it
I can still dig quite quickly. All right. There you go. I don't want to lose dinner bone. Let's swim gamers. Oh
They found me keep swimming keep swimming. I'll go underneath day much better. There's a boat in front of it. What Oh,
God alright, we'll have to explore another time. Yes. Ok. So here we are. We haven't got the debuff yet. So when you enter the
Place it will give you like a debuff that says you cannot peepee poo-poo. Alright, you can't dig
but since I can I'm
These are quite balanced big. Um
There's the debuff it disappears once you oh
There's the Guardian we found it Oh God Oh God. Okay. That's the Guardian now. Let's take out these first. I
Don't like you. Oh, there's Guardian is shooting me issue to me
This avoid eye contact Felix
Just like real life avoid eye contact
Like a proper Swedish person
These are really annoying to take out. I'm not gonna lie. Just go for the Guardian then
Where's the Guardian go? Oh my god, I take damage by hitting the Guardian
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh think of Sven you got to do this for Sven main and very good. Oh, I'm eating what's happening
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa No
Swim away, ah
Whew whoa
Okay, the arrows shoot so short I can take this guy out
How much help does this guy have?
I'm handing him but nothing's happening. Oh god, it's been eight minutes already. Oh
Alright, alright, we'll drink milk
And then I have to quickly drink water of water beep
Hey Google put alarm eight minutes
Yes, I got him
He dropped a sponge. Alright this back I'm stuck
Like what's happening?
Okay, I got him I got him again so you can use sponges to like remove water and stop
Apparently I'm supposed to go to like the building. There you go secret. No, here's the sponges. Perfect
We just got to drink it. Oh god, we got to drink the milk to won't mind that I can't find the way out
I'm lost and I'm pretty sure it's close to eight minutes. Not good
Okay, four fish made it in here. We must be close to the exit
There's the sponges. Okay. I missed him last night
Where's the frickin eggs? I?
Can't find the exit
Panic mode oh
Yes, I found the exit whoa
Whoa, whoa. Whoa. All right guys, let's calm down. I
Got it. We got a really quickly
And I'm talking fast
Look at him
Look at him. I'm sorry. I
Have the debuff. Oh
He needs to jump out. Oh
God, we got a swim fast. Okay, I got to make more potions
I thought two would be well enough my god I have okay, I have two already
This sucks. Okay. I have three of them
It's this your friend underwater sheep, I'm sorry. I'm so
Why is it not dying
Why oh
I'm sorry God. Uh, I had to do it. I
Had to make underwater potion breathing. Okay, he's still there. Great
Excellent, I'll be right back under the arrogance. I'm sorry, we get instead of business
Okay, let me see if I can just mine my way through the top. Bye
you foul scum. Gamer Juice!
For G- Fuel!
Alright, yes
There's one more hidden how they all respawn
Ugh, I keep getting Stuck. I need to mark. Like, find a way to mark.
I know where not to go.
There. Found the last one. Yes. Okay. That's gonna be tough. Yeah. FOR YOERGEN!
I'm actually really nervous. I really need to do this. Ooh. Oh, oh, I got one. Oh
God, oh god. Oh
God I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead. No no now
Tell me I saved one at least I
Did save one I'm going in the dolphin's is by my side
Let's frickin go this gamer is out for blood. Oh my god. Oh my god
Gamer says no
It's not here. I remember
All right, I'm gonna review the footage cuz I'm a cheater. Okay. I know where it is
It's up here, it's up here gamers
No, yes it is it a city's I can't move you're not going anywhere mister puff-puff
Okay, we have potion of water breathing fine freaking around
Yes, I really need to hit him one more time. Are you kidding me? Oh, no, not again. I'm stuck a stock that's back
Why does he stop I wasn't even recording
I'm shaking I'm so pissed. I kept getting stuck. Ah, ah
I'm so mad. I'm so man. Stop swimming. Oh
Great just died. Cool
Cool, this is awesome. I am I
Brought all my another wards with me. Apparently, I brought all my other ones with me doors. I need doors nothing but doors
Twenty-one savage no 21 doors. Let's freaking go and I need you're against murder. Let's brick and go
One more hit and so man if the game didn't just make me stuck randomly that we've been great
God, Dan
So annoying, do they make me stuck or is it was it the game? I'm so mad
Wait terrier again
What the Frick is that?
Did it salesman seriously spawn on top of this?
And is glitched out here go doors doors doors doors
The power of doors, okay, I found it. It's up here. Oh god don't get stuck
Damn, they do so much damage. You're kidding me. I'm dead Kurtis
Get the stuff and bounce. All right Oh
Mending goes are the best pens in the game. Look, this is how I got stuck. This is how I got suck
Suck suck
Okay, we got our stuff back. It's all that matters
Now we can mine these
Am I supposed to use a diamond pickaxe or is it a shovel? Sorry spongebob?
But I need your body to nourish me now. We can mine anything from oh
Whatever see now, we can just mine our way out
This brick. Thanks. Look at this, dude
What are you doing here? Why do you have to spawn here out of all places? What does he sell?
Garbage you're trash. Let's go
First bosses in Minecraft killed even though last one wasn't on camera. I did it, okay
I might regret this
Why do I get stuck aah
I'm furious now. I'm furious. Why does he do that? If I can just swim it's fine. I
Don't get it. I had to go and get another thing. Why did I do that?
It's just the name of the fucking game at this point. Why am I stuck all the time getting my stuff back? I don't care
How many doors I gotta go through
Okay, I just need my diamond pickaxe, oh I got it Oh,
See the reason why I came back was because obviously
The other ones floated to the roof oh
God, not again. Get the boat. Get the boat. Get the boat. Get the boat. Get the boat. Oh
No, no, no the wrong way. Oh my God, look at him
How am I supposed to get him back did you have fun I
Need you to get in the boat, sir. Oh my god
That is not them. All right, let's do this quick swim up
up up
It's not too far. Oh my God. Where did you go keep sliding?
What is with all my pets and underwater are you kidding me there's a freaking ravine there you're again. Oh
God, we lost up
We lost upside down under here again
We're gonna have to come back for him. Oh my god. I'm still so mad. And you know what I've had enough with you
You were the cost of all of this weren't you?
More Joe no more games. No
more play
Frick let it go. Oh he's dying. Thank don't let him die
He needs water to survive, huh
You're pathetic you're pathetic and you disgust me I'm gonna give you one chance to surrender tell me who you're working for
Wrong answer oh
My god no, no
I'm sorry, you had to see that. All right. All right gamers. It's been a long day
With a lot of adventures. Hey Sven
How was it?
You had a great day. Oh
That's awesome. I'm so happy for you here have some chicken
How was my day? Well, it's good now spend it's good man. Good night gamers
What you never played tuber simulator
You know, it's fun, right?
I'm not supposed to give my opinion but give it a try and then you can tell me if it's good or not
Not convinced yet. Okay. I'll cut you a deal
The game is available for free and that's a great price
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My Minecraft Sheep is Cancelled - Part 14

54 Folder Collection
published on December 21, 2019
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