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Aye-o! Good morning gamers.
It's Minecraft Day.
Heck yeah, my favorite day! I love Minecraft
I am legit addicted to this game
I am having so much fun
Look at this! Look at my farm, it's epic.
And look at my- oh my God.
I Feel like this probably goes against some rules and regulations. All right, who's hungry? Who's hungry? There you go. There you go
Have it all
Eat as much as you can
Now the reason I did this is because we actually need to start murdering them because we're going- Agh god dammit.
Alright, I'm just gonna kill
I'm sorry, PETA look away! Ah
I need your meat. I'm sorry, they're escaping
Stop them. Oh
God, what have I done?
Okay, all right the children gets to what are you doing in my boat? Okay, that's awesome you guys can stay in the boat that's
Oh, you're friends with Jørgan. You can stay. Why do I even have a farm? This is too- look at all the children you
Wouldn't kill a child Felix. No, I wouldn't. Oh my god. All right. Okay, it's Oh
Oh! Jørgan! Jørgan; Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. All right, the kids gets to live
I'm that gracious, but I do need their meat because today we are going on epic
Adventure. That's right everyone. We had these treasure maps and we're gonna go and find
Where it is, it looks like it's probably pretty goddamn far
Epic that is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Oh, yeah, I made some
Improvement to the house as well. Got this new carpet got this new (?). It's pretty epic
It's whatever, Oh yeah and these bad guys attacked me. So I put their banner on our epic Tree of Life
Okay, Jørgan has to stay on this adventure. Actually, maybe I should bring him. Oh god, it's too scary. So we are
The tiny dot on the map. That's so far dude. Is this one mirror?
Oh, look, it it is it changing it is changing. Oh god. This is so complicated, dude
All right. We'll get Jørgan for this one. All right, Jørgan, let's ride
So we have to ride
this direction
Question mark hey Jørgan's friend. Hello. Jørgan's friend. This is epic Oh God, we're gonna need a boat, aren't we?
Uhh... or maybe, not so all the people in this village disappeared it
I don't know why it's not like I was trying to blow up their house or anything, but turtley still here
Hello, turtle and stone person is still here. Hello stone person. So now wait, this is now we're going south
How'd it go in on the map? Surely? This should be the way or is it this way?
Okay, wait, so we need to go west we need to go this way
AGH AH, Gee-Bali-Ba! Ugh, god dammit. Yeah, it's this way. No, it's not. Haahahaha...
Okay this way I don't know how this works. Okay. I've never done this. I'm a gamer. It's old gamer intuition
That's all I got. I haven't shown everything I've been doing
I've been playing offline for hours and hours, and I'm so hooked on minecraft, but I haven't done any adventure
So I'm excited now to go on epic. Okay, this is working. I think now we're just going up again, aren't we?
What about this way? I think we might have to get a boat. I don't like this
Will you be a good boy?
Uh, Jørgan we're gonna we're gonna do it like this
Oh god, Stay; Jørgan... Eegh, Jørgan.
How did I not bring a shovel to a goddamn treasure hunt map hunting thing this is what I get for
forgetting everything
Jørgan stop, wandering, off, My god.
I've already lost your brother now down the hole you go just be a good boy and stay in the hole here
I have a flower don't look at me like that. I'm sorry. I have to, that's right. Woah, there's another City there!
There's another
City, all right, Jørgan. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. Oh, yeah. Ahh!
My boat, where'd my Boat go?There you are. Awww, I feel bad for Jørgan.
Hahahaha ,Why do I care? Hah.
Maybe we can trade with these people. Maybe this city is less lousy than the other one. The city is being under attack
Alright, then I won't go then okay, so now it would make sense that we just need to go in this direction
At least if you ask me, is it possible that the treasure is just underwater? I think that might be a yes
There's what there's light under the water. Is that Santa Claus? I can't see I don't have my glasses
Oh my god, there's so many cities
*gasp* Woah!
The map the map is appearing
Sudei... It's a ship in the sand question mark? Okay. Let's remember where we parked our boat
Is there a treasure map, I think I need dark wood. I don't remember why I needed dark wood, but I think I do
Nothing's gonna stop me from getting this treasure. Oh god, I think it's by the city
Well, that's perfect I'll just place torches so I can remember how t- AAAhh
It's sand zombies (Husks)
And so he ventured deep in the night. This is just like a love thing. Am I right?
My glasses are practically blind. Wow, what's that? Okay, we need to cross
360! Yeeaahh...
Okay. Oh damn, I swim faster underwater
Okay, we're going we're getting close gamers what what is that that's my other nether portal what that's crazy
He's got a golden arm art stop stop stupid baby, I I will kill a child I don't care
God these ones. So what Wow a rich boy
Hypebeast (XD)
Okay, alright gamers we're gonna find this treasure if it's the last thing I'll ever do so
I see my direction right where I'm facing. It's kind hard to...
This is faced away from it
And this is face towards it. Let's see how my orientation skills
Will pan out that's what I wanted to do. Okay should be
Somewhere. Yeah, no problem, right?
How in the gods earth am I gonna find this? GAMING WEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!
Yeah. Yeah Oh
Looks like Sun is almost up gamers. Oh, that's me. When gaming week is over
Gaming week for life. Oh
Alright, so I need a lot of dirt. Oh look at me I got arrows inside me. I need a lot of dirt
So we can make an air bubble thing God what if we find Gucci pants in the treasure, that would be so awesome
How do you make an air bubble. listen I don't have time for boat people
Go back to the swamp shrek. Oh
And the music kicks in at the perfect time and you're having an epic adventure looking for minecraft
Okay, so I don't know if this is the most effective way to do it
Knowing myself most no. No it is why is there no scuba equipment in
They had nine years to add it my way. What an irony to dig up treasure map we have to build
That's called a paradox my minecraft children
It actually makes it easier with sand cuz then I can just drop them drop them faster minecraft
I ain't got time not I feel like this is the time where in my audience this is cringing at me
Like what is he doing it? Listen, I don't know
Okay, I'm not pretending that I know all I do know is like subscribe for more epic minecraft. Okay, come on
Straight down here should do it. Okay. Let's go gamers
Hopefully we don't drown
So, how do I know how deep it goes oh
I'm drowning. I'm drowning. I'm drowning gamers. If I didn't could if I didn't oh god, I'm opposite drowning. Can I assume in at least?
Must be here somewhere
Maybe just dig deeper
Question mark my name is Jeff. Like where is it? Where is it? God? Dammit. Jurgen is waiting for me
He's gonna be so pissed dude
Maybe I can make an airlock underneath the water and I will make it easier for me to just mine
Alright dolphin I don't have time for you
My being pranked is it a thing? Maybe it's like has to be surface level and I'm just digging super deep
It's harder to find these math and diamonds
Okay, I
Give up. I'm starting to think there was no treasure. Oh my god, but at least we had fine
I'll get them at the llamas are gone. Alright, well, at least we can explore what we were gonna do last episode. Whoa
It's like a pyramid
That's awesome. Can I go what in the world is that this place makes zero sense? Whoa, look at these, This time
No Traps
Okay, here we go gamers. No stepping on trapssssss
Ok (my name is eatnoodls and I'm getting tired of subtittling this so please enjoy the rest of google's auto-translate.)
Gamer learned from my mistakes diamonds. Oh my god
I run horse armor. Your again is gonna be so happy. Oh my craft
This is better than any treasure the trip was worth it after all Oh God Felix, maybe you shouldn't be greedy
You literally cannot carry anything else. Okay gamers. Let's go. What if we uragan starve to death in the hole? Oh
Please please be in the hole. Please be in. Oh my god. You're in the hole you're gay
Did you have a good time I dude I got a carrot eat the carrot, how do I give him the carrot?
All right, cool. Well anyway, I have a present for you. Oh
My god, oh
My god, you look so good your game. You don't mind if I have the carrot. Do you? Thank you. What up cows?
Oh my god. What am I gonna do about you? I didn't realize they would get so many
Alright, I'm making a diamond pickaxe coz we're gonna go on epic gaming has been shit. It's crazy
How much time you can spend in this game seriously? Alright, I'm working on the powered rails guys. Please don't judge me
So I'm gonna get some more nether. I forgot what it's called. We need to mine more of these
Which is always the most fun ever, all right we have obsidian
So I want to see what it's like if you head out in the other direction
Because I have leather I have epic stuff to trade with the villagers
Can I kill that thing? I don't have an arrow. All right time to make a bridge
Whoa, what is that? What is that it like a frog? Is it dangerous?
Hello, let me be your friend it's so cute. Oh
God it's coming towards me safe distance
safe distance
I'm gonna kill it. It is decided you're again. You will not believe this
Sorry, you can't commit this in hundred percent safe. I've never done this. Okay, we're gonna kill the giant frog thing
Maybe he just wants to hug me. I'm not gonna faint. Yeah. Hello
Where'd he go, I wanted to kill it. Well, we'll look at that it whoa it's so big. Oh, there it is
Alright, ok. Alright. Ok, it's a battle of the battle begins. I can't shoot
This is bad, it's alright I brought don't panic I brought water buckets
It doesn't work. I brought plenty of food. I'm ready. Maiya. You may have done the upper hand mister
Quick scope
Quick scope
Quick scope Oh hit them
That was easy dude easy mode you see that pig. Alright, I'm gonna find that demon frog now have I mind those?
I think I have what are those?
Fucking ass. Oh it's over. Oh, it's over not like this
No yard, again, you will not believe what just happened
You be quiet oh god I hit my sheep I've sunk in soul. Yeah. I lost everything that's epic gamer rage quit
I'm so sick of dying. This is for Jurgen. Ah
You can run but you can't hide it I'd feel bad if Jurgen wasn't dead that needs to be suffering in this world
Apparently one block in in the nether realm is eight blocks in the other round. So if I walk like this I
Open up
Opportunity now, hopefully all my stuff isn't gone I count on maybe some of my stuff
Maybe just not all of my stuff trying to have a PMA over here. Okay back to level 4
S. Oh
My god, oh
Yes, oh I got my job, okay guys banks, oh my god, alright, you know what
I had a feeling so many of you have to say it told me that you can enter a code like a
Text and then you won't lose your stuff if you die, but I feel like that beats the purpose. Alright, we're doing it survival
I'm a pro player. Okay?
Another thing I read is apparently if I mine those then I can breathe on the water
Question mark it's the hottest day in UK. I have two lights headed on my face
So the green screen will work. Why am I torturing myself? Okay. Another thing you guys told me was to bring up the brightness
Oh my god, that is so much nicer
See I listened to you guys to buy do you tell me to do all these awful things instead?
We had a trust and that trust is broken forever. Whoa. What is this?
Cirie's saying
Fifi feast did I just try to mine with a melon? Oh my god, you can
I'm mining with a melon brush. I keep mellow meaning. Alright, let's build our little
Portal over here. One two, this will literally be the furthest we've ever gone. I'm actually kind of scared plus
We're really low down Oh dog, what's gonna happen? Dude? Look how long it's taking. All right gamers
I am all gamed out smash like subscribe for more minecraft and I see you guys next episode
Well, you never played super simulator
You know, it's fun right I'm not supposed to give my opinion
But give it a try and then you can tell me if it's good or not not convinced yet. Okay
I'll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that's a great price
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I found an EPIC treassure in Minecraft - Part 6

69 Folder Collection
published on December 21, 2019
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