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It's raining.
I heard thunder before that's why i stoped
cause there's this thing I really want to try out with the trident
I don't know if I'm gonna get trolled
Okay, it is thunder but if i strike moo cow
Moo cow don't look at me like that. I'm doing a thing DJ cow
Yeah look away. I don't know if this will work
Don't look at me
IKEA bird was back by the way
To just get murdered again
I had to revert to an old save file
Don't - don't look at me like that. Ulla Brita you're fine
I'm out of here. I don't need this. I don't need this sort of abuse
DJ cow was like a father to me. How could you do this?
Okay DJ moo moo cow, hit it
How could you lie to me.
How could they do this Sven? This should be illegal
Shoot the cow with the Trident Felix. It'll be really cool
You'd be really cool Felix.
I was so excited. I was gonna show you guys look I have to - liste - I mean
two involuntarily placed
Opportunity of employment people.
I haven't traded with them. Actually. I should probably should start doing that
Yeah, their baby died. It's whatever. Okay
So yeah, as you can see they they're doing a pretty good job
Give me your money
He wants pumpkin. Well, I have plenty of those
God damn boy
These two are making me rich goddamn 38 emeralds Sven we're gonna be rich
My melon farm is so good.
Where did you come from?
No one escapes.
Did you guys know you can take melon slices and place them all together?
Not cactus
Come on, what is this?
Keep guarding them Sven, make sure they do their job
God, damn, I'm rich
why is farming the most lucrative business of Minecraft
You know if it's bad for me to bring in
people to work for me
Involuntarily then why do they make it so good in the game?
Because my god
I'm rich
What do they do? They're freaky making in front of Sven.
Hey, not in front of Sven
Stop stop it
Press the button, press the button QUICK. Don't look Sven
That was close one
Hey, I don't pay you guys to make babies.
Seriously my melon farm is like the best
Stop. Stop freaking less more farming.
All right. Well, let me show you guys some of the other stuff
I've been working on I spend a lot of time on my
My Frick Chamber.
I'm actually really excited (to) about it. I have a lot of stuff to do today actually
Getting so distracted here
Too much money too much riches.
Fame money and a fat bank account
So I want to store all the money in front of them so that they can see
Where all their hard work goes to: to me
Hopefully I get to just demonstrate my new
System. I watched a few tutorials online. Thank you very much minecraft nerds
So, yeah, I decorated it a little differently as you can see it's a bit more
Efficient now to update and stuff like that. It looks I think it looks cool.
Yeah. Yeah, it looks - Yeah, it looks cool
Cool. Thanks. Thanks guys
So ah, hey, but I haven't shown my favorite bit
Which is the fact that look this guy sells me sharpness 5 and I'm like, ok, that's freaking awesome
This guy sells me sharpness 3 and nothing else and I'm like, well you're useless so I have this new
System which is called
villager anymore system, so you just press this button and
Lava pours down from the ceiling
And bing-bang bing-bong villager is gone and I can just place a new villager
With my new railroad system that I have implemented.
Oh, actually I have a lot of new systems
You guys are gonna like this. Okay. So this is the feeding system right? Where food...
Food drops down from the ceiling. So which makes them go
Epic. Now, let's make Bebe
can't sleep right now have to make bebe.
The problem with this system
Is that sooner or later it runs out of food. I gotta go up there and refill it
So one of the commenters left a really nice
Suggestion where I know I don't only just have sl - I mean, I don't only just have people working for me involuntarily
To feed - to make bebe. I also have people
To feed the the feeder
so this guy feeds with the carrots, so this is system with the drop down, but then it's also connected to the
Automatic farm, it feeds into the dropper, whatever he puts so that I don't have to refill it, basically.
It's pretty awesome
It's pretty cool. Right? So now I'm gonna feed them a little bit more and hope that a new baby comes up
Because I want to show you the railroad system as well actually while we do that. There's another redstone thing
I really want to build, where's Ulla Brita?
All right
hey hey hey
Ulla Brita is in timeout, but you can come out now you
You can come out now Ulla Brita, I'm sorry I got angry I lost DJ co- NO, STOP. How do they keep getting in here? I
I hate you
So much
HOW? It's fenced up!
Oh my God!
I'm so sorry
Hey, man, I'm so sorry.
I loved him too. He sold me really good prices
Okay, there is something I actually really really really really really wanna do
because you guys have told me that as beautiful as IKEA Tower is
You can make it even beautiful-er by adding a glass stained. What am I saying by adding a glass stained?
glass glass stained: color stained glass!
How do I do it?
That's cool
But I feel like yellow could be cool as well
Oh my god yellow does look cool as well
Ulla Brita, what color do you prefer? Yellow or blue? Yellow? Okay, ay-ay-ay-ay-ay
Don't think so.
Oh yeah, you guys told me to put loyalty two on or three
I could only get two on my trident.
Sven. Sven, what do you think, yellow or blue? You want blue?
Okay, but what if hmm maybe we could somehow?
Have both oh my god. That's genius. Let's add both
I've been doing so much redstone. I'm like this is gonna be so easy
So what we need to do is we make one sticky piston
I think I think we can just keep all the wiring on top of this
Like a floor above maybe. Let's see if I remember
To build a clock. I mean I know how to how to build a bad clock. Maybe I'll just do my bad clock
Now we just need to place
This on top Christian mark
Wait it mixes the colors
That looks terrible so I need to - aw this is okay. This is more complicated than I thought
All right Felix
You can totally be big brain, so what I would do, what my big brain is telling me
Make my clock
my own clock which is
Everyone keeps saying is garbage. I don't care
It work. Okay, we start the pulse and
Then we extend the pulse
Okay, and then we do the same on this side
It's kind of a delay in between isn't it?
I don't like that okay. All right, we're doing quicker
Why is there a delay
Yeah, this is gonna break.WHAT THE PROBLEM? I don't want the white one
No, stop. Playing the actual game
Trying to figure it out spending hours trying to figure out why your redstone doesn't work
Oh my god, I did it I'm such an idiot
I- I used sticky pistons clearly
I just had to use regular piston
And that was all there was TO IT
I was like 'why it not work?' oh because I'm idoit (idiot)
There she is
my god
so butifol
It took me half an hour longer because I'm idot, but man
IKEA Tower's so beautiful
Look Ulla Brita is crying, wait I just realized Ulla Brita's eyes are ???
Noo :(
All right p, oh yeah everyone keep pointing out the the maple is molding
I don't know what to do about it.
What is this curse of vanishing?
What where did he go?
how are you guys doing you're sleeping alright? you're sleeping nice? everyone having a good time?
Alright, I need to I need you to demonstrate something. Maybe I need to make it like a pis- GET IT
Maybe I need to make a piston or something to push him now
This is not the way I never tried this so
He's in the hole ladies and gentlemen, so now we should be able to by hitting this lever
Get him up there, ah god I hope this works
It didn't work
The Redstone's not connected oh, there we go
Yeah, I think we almost got it hold on one second.
Ok. Oh god, is that a creeper
Damn I love the trident. Okay.
Alright, let's do this. Go.
Look he's a fisherman. That's awesome, too bad we already have one of those.
All right, that's enough
It's time for me and Sven to hang hand (head) out
On new epic adventure. Let's go Sven.
Oh, yeah. I need to find
there's one part of -
well there's a couple parts, but one part in particular that I have never discovered in Minecraft
which is the...
The forest kind of area like those the mountain type - Jöergen!
Oh Jöergen Smorgen. There. He is. Hello. Oh you made new friend. That's so nice
You've been here for a long time
Let's go gamers
I think it's this way. It is kind of awkward since I don't have a house
But I was hoping we could gather materials while we're away as well.
All Right. See you later, Ulla Brita Frita (?)
Sven no uchi wa nihon des (Sven's japanese house)
I am so epically anime.
Oh my god. They've taken over.
Guys, that's my fishing spine
Nothing in this game works the way I want
I'll never listen to you guys tips again from now on this game is between me and my boy
So I think there's a spruce area next to the, to the jungle
But I'm not entirely sure, we''ll see
Classic adventure Sven - Jöergen. This is what minecraft is all about.
What are we gonna find?
new epic friends?
That'd be great, cause with the rate that I lose them
If the rate that I lose friends becomes greater than gating (?) then I'll have no friends.
Ooh, we gotta jump the water
Nailed it.
Oh my god. Black Jöergen... Meet Black Jöergen girlfriend.
Can I make them go sexy?
Oh, of course. He disappears some things never change.
I don't have wheat. Sorry. Sorry Jöergen, not today
Oh my god, it's raining.
That means I can do this
Nope. Oh my god. It's not coming back
Oh, it's there oh it's coming back whoa.
I thought I had r e s p i r a t i o n
Oh my god, it's raining. Don't worry Jöergen
I built you a little roof
Here we're gonna be right back. You'll be fine
Sven is like 'i don't wanna - i don't wanna go :('
I mean, I have a portal to this place, but why use portal when you can just bring your pets?
Isn't that right Sven
Oh there it is, perfect
This is like, when Americans discovered America for the first time
Oh my gOSH, look at this!
Get him Sven!
You're in the boat, you're not helping
Watch this
Oh, yeah. Oh, oh, oh did u see that Sven?
it hurt me Sven, help
Dangerous berries. Ah
Stay away from those Sven
I don't AH
Get him Sven.
Oh God, stay back Sven
We're not here just for the sprucing
Cool. It went through him
Get him Sven
Good job Sven. All right. We'll set up camp here.
You hurt my boy
You die a thousand times
My child
Good night gamer. Ah, how is it still raining?
Never mind
Okay, let's go deeper, but let's be careful Sven
We don't know what to expected in this place
Danger could lurk in any corner.
Oh there they are, we're heading for the snowy one mountain, Sven
Omg look at that, Sven! Quiet!
Yes. Oh my god. Yes
careful, Sven, no!
*tries to call him*
We're gonna abduct the child
So what do you can do the way to tame foxes?
Sven please be quiet.
The way to tame foxes is to steal the children while they're sleeping
We should be fine. Can I do this? Does that wake them up?
Ok ok ok, gotta go closer
Oh frick
Omg they're so cute
GOT ONE! ha ha woohoo.
Hey, I'll take both of them
They're mine now
Say bye to your mom. I'm your new mom now
Don't worry about it. This is Bengt and ? Very epic!
So once they grow up, I think they'll love - Sven - they just need to forget about their mom. All right, I'm your mom
Call me mama
Oh God Oh God
I'll protect you at all costs.
Oh my god. They're jumping they're crazy. Where you going? Wow
That's awesome.
Hey look you they made a new friend. HEY stop stop. No don't hurt
Okay, fine kill it, kill him.
Oh I'll block him for you. Here you go
incredible job
Aw he keeps it in his mouth that's so cute
As long as they don't take my trident.
Sven's like I can't look at this.
Alright to the mountains. Let's go gamers
This is awesome
God I love the Trident.
So epic like *peu*
I think they like me already Bengt (?) Bengt (?)
Damn look at that. That's so cool
You never know what you'll find in minecraft
you never know what you'll find
we lost (?)
Oh God, no
- name -, stop harassing the chickens - name -
Oh, what are they doing? ew, ew
The frick is wrong with you.
You better not hurt pee pee poo poo
Pee pee poo poo is completely innocent.
I think I think you can feed them berries
No, that's definitely not it and he took my leash.
Give me back my leash.
Oh my god
How could you do - don't - no I don't wanna hurt them
- name - :(
- name - don't don't don't don't I'm sorry ah
I could have given them a bone I could've tamed them
Damn, that hurts
Is that cat?
I thought I heard a cat. It's a kitty cat
I only have cooked fish. Dang it
Don't look at me
Bengt you better behave you saw what happened to your brother
Oh my god, it is a village. Oh, it's right here
That's so cozy look at that I like this maybe I'll build my house like this
I should probably gather materials. Hopefully they don't mind
Look at this. Yeah, I like this a lot
What is this campfire Oh, oh
Hey, buddy, what are you doing in here?
You need help coming out
There you go. You're welcome. You're free
This is so cool. I love this area
More people hello people or I call me's me nice to meet you, too
I'm from Sweden as well. This is more like we're going to oh
It's getting dark. Oh, this is perfect. We'd set up camp here
You mind if I sleep here with my little sheep
This is perfect
All right
All right, we still haven't gone to the mountains
Whoa. Oh my god. He's gray
What why?
Hey, hey stop
Bengt you're such a little nuisance
All right, do they have money? no, poor.
All right. We gotta climb that mountain boys
I'd be lying if I said it's gonna be easy
That is so cool. I want to do this dude. I'm getting yeah, this is great. I'm getting -
I'm getting in spoke for my house here
Are you guys getting cozy vibes from this?
Maybe we shouldn't move to the snow area
Whoa that looks like one of those sock puppet hands
That's awesome
Wild one! baby!
That's so awesome. Oh my god. His head is massive
Look at him. Look at this little thing
I'm taking you with me. Oh
You're coming with me? Hello. Hey, why are they following me? Stop.
I only want your child stop
This is so cool, okay, so wait
New recipe we got snow baby. Yeah. Oh my god, we can make a snowman
bebebebebebe boop boop
omg the tiny one is the cutest.
Can you make them stay tiny forever?
Sorry, sorry, it wasn't me. I swear. Hey don't look at me don't look at me like that. It wasn't me. I swear look
Back off. So how do you build a snowman you make block of snow and then a carrot would make sense?
Right, or is it a pump? I keep forgetting to add minecraft
(what happened to the alpaca?)
Dude, look how pretty this game is. Seriously. Oh my god. Can I have one second?
(F for the Alpaca)
Protect Bengt at all cost
and I lost him
oh God
There he is.
Oh god, he's all lost and lonely.
He doesn't know where his mommy is. Don't worry
(i'm ur momma)
(i'm your mom)
(it's free real estate, i'm ur mom)
(he's sleeping that's so cute)
Become strong
aw he's snoring
Hey, good morning gamer
There's one last thing, hey hey hey
Don't hurt. hey hey, hey, tgoo- HEY nde EAT
Damn it.
I'll protect you no matter what
you gotta stay in the hole
It's the only way
Sven you like this?
Sven you like this?
Yes, okay that was easier than I thought okay now look at that it's so cute
Sven has a girlfriend
Look at thaat, what's your name? Miss Sven? Ok, cool! what a creative name
So are you guys gonna
You know what? I have a chamber back home. That's perfect for you guys. Did I lose him again?
He's so precious
Keep sleeping
What's the female version of Sven
there -there is none. It's Sven. It's his boyfriend Sven
Okay, don't ask questions Sven and his boyfriend Sven. Stop sleeping my god
Damn I'll take a bonus. I was just about to head back
Maybe we can ride the ship gamers. Oh, he grew up. I
Think he likes me. Jöergen is gonna freak out when he sees us
Jöergen is gonna flip his mind when he sees Sven has a girlfriend or boyfriend
There he is
That's my boy
How was it buddy, oh look at them, they're two like two peas in the pie like two dogs in the boat
All gang is back home, baby
Ulla Brita, meet Bengt
Let's do a quick sleep. Oh my god. He sleeps with me. She sleeps with me
That's so cute. I guess you really missed me, huh?
doesn't care. Oh
Oh no, he ate the leash
here, take this.
He changes, okay cool. I'm about to do the corniest thing I've ever done in this channel
You can't put a leash on a turtle. Damn it. Why not?
Okay, oh
Yeah, everyone is gonna be there
To witness make sure we have Bengt! Yes, and then of course
Sven's BF
There it is, oh look how cute they are. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot
Peepee poo-poo
Okay, is everyone here everyone's here
We have gathered here today
For Sven and Sven's boyfriend
To unite as husband and husband
In Minecraft, you may now kiss your husband
His face is so big
Oh my god. Yes
Aww look how cute they are
Aww he's so cute
For once a happy episode
except of course DJ cow, but you know
things happen
Alright, that's it for me for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode
Smash like if you did
Protect Sven merch at all cost out now. Check it out support the channel and the series. See you guys next time. Bye bye
the subtitles were so difficult
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I tame a Fox in Minecraft (very cute) - Part 27

109 Folder Collection
published on December 21, 2019
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