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PewDiePie: Good morning gamers!
It's me. peeewdiepie (subtitles by It's old)
Yeah, we're back with more minecraft because that's what everyone wants. That's what I want
This is the life were living where my boys at when my boy side IKEA bird. Yeah
oh, oh, I just realize this game would be perfect for
For, for Logan Paul, he could have his little maverick Logan. Don't go near this game. Come here spend come here
uhh, I made some changes. You can tell it's a little cleaner now beautiful beautiful
Just like spruced it up a bit. I built this. This is very important
Okay, I built this church and I didn't build it just for anyone. It's beautiful. It took a long time. Isn't that right Sven?
I build it for water sheep. This is the Church of
Water sheep. Follow me Sven.
This is where sheeps can live and be happy
Under the stars and they're safe at night and they can also go out in the yard if they feel like it if they feel
Like it Sven. let them Sven! They are free. They are free to do as they please because Water sheep set them free
That's right
What the Sheep did this. beautiful.
It was Marzia's idea to make things right for what happened to water sheep. It's the least thing I could do, right?
(DONG) I know he would be proud. So today we're gonna kidnap some people so I got to go back to sleep
It's not right at IKEA Bird.
Be quiet IKEA Bird! Gosh, I'm trying to sleepie deepie. Oh god. Did something spawn in my basement? Hello? Hello
I'm gonna kill you. Alright, we're fine.(hurt noises) SVEN! Where is he?
Sven, we gotta go kidnap people today. Follow me
So, what do I need to kidnap people?
Fishing rod? I think I might need a piston Oh God, can he fly into the lava?
No, Klaus would never do that, right? I guess I never showed you around Klaus. Okay, cool. Glad you enjoyed the tour
Where my Pistons at? Oh

Okay, there's one thing I forgot I want to do before
we uhh uhh
Say hi to people
Deliberately. look look I have so many diamonds. Like where is it? Where's my super pickaxe? There.
This one fortune 3 is insane. I get like 20 diamonds from one spawn
So, you know, maybe it's time for me
To (heh heh)
finally, finally
Make my diamond armor. Okay. I know I look very cool with my little things. right Klaus?
Yes, but it's it's diamond time. I think it's its diamond time.
God, I don't like spending. I like saving I'm a saver in case it wasn't obvious. All right armor chess plate Bing or
diamond boots bong
Diamond helmet ching-a-ling a ping a small and of course
I don't really need these but I guess I'll go with it for the aesthetic cover me and diamonds baby. Boom
boom boom boom
01110111 01101111 01110111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01101100 01101100 01111001 00100000 01110000 01110101 01110100 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101111 01110100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01100101 01100110 01100110 01101111 01110010 01110100 00100000 01101001 01101110 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100110 01101001 01100111 01110101 01110010 01101001
Will give you a diamond armor if I could please
Didn't cost me that much. Look. It's still it's still filled as long as the diamond armory is filled
I am being grilled in diamonds. Okay, cool. I guess I'm just that rich, huh, gosh
I'm running a little thick on space here. uhh, Yeah
Uhh, So now we gotta enchant it it's not a coincidence that I'm level thirty right now, okay. I was planning this
01101110 01100111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101111 01101110 01100101 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110100 00100000 01101000 01110101 01101000 00111111 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100010 01110100 01101001 01110100 01101100 01100101 01110011 00100000 01100010 01111001 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01001111
What do I wanna what is more important? I assume the chess place is more important fire protective unbreaking
What's better? Fire protect? Its pretty good, right? I don't know. I DunNO!
What do I get from the other ones protection three that sounds good. I'll do that. Depth strider?
What is that Google Depth strider right Now. Depth strider. Try there. The charm is speeds up how fast you can move under water
What water boots! ok cool, All right. Now, I got the link how much did that cost me?
Oh, I can only chant one and then I leveled down
Okay gamers. I'm gonna level up. I want good enchantment on my epic armor depth strider. That's awesome. Okay fine
We'll go you guys can't come no, no, no klaus. It's too dangerous for you in here. Do not follow me
Do not follow me klaus
Do not follow me. It's too dangerous. I improved the hub a little bit. So this is north south east
and west just so I know their locations, but there should be
ah, nether blocks. beebidie beep
boobiedie boop. babada bap! beebie de boop.
Three levels I can do that fast. I can do that faster than you say
bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep
BLOP. Oh god, you said it already? Oh god, what do I do now?
This is so embarrassing where the Frick my quartz at? for those of you who are noobs at Minecraft
Not me just mine the quartz baby, you level up faster than you can say you level up fast
Thanks pewdiepie for the epic tip. How the Frick do you guys get in here? (
Go you're don't belong here. No pigs allowed.
Go back home to... Pig land. now
I'm not trying to do anything. I'm not trying to do anything. broX11
We're bros, right? were bros. Yeah, you came to my home you came to my home. Alright, you know what?
You know what, you know what you know what you know, you know, you know, oh my god, you like houses so much
Here, I'll make you one.
Have fun (bye steve.)
(evil laughter)
All right, we're back let's go back home to jörgan and smurgen and Sven. cool I was supposed to kidnap people
That was the point of this episode. Come on. Alright, Sven. Sorry. I got a little sidetracked. Look. I'm level 33 Klaus. Yes. Yes
Yes, yes. Yes. This is gonna be epic. I know I know legs or or helmet. I'll do chest place. Oh it requires more
Laplis. Oh my gosh. Why did no one tell me about the Laplis
Okay, fire protection. Nah fam, I ain't down with that. How do I get different enchantments?
I don't have time for Teepeepeepee. our legs. What do we get? What if we get come on unbreaking fine?
Protection four? Oh you get bonus?
Bonus (meme) Enchantment!. Damn
Protection FOUR? Wow. Okay, so I'm still over 30 so I can still do this fire protection
What else did they get? nothing. useless. pathetic. Alright, I guess we'll go with level two the last
Lame! Klaus I know I know but we look the same right? We look similar. We're not so different you and I all right
Oh, yeah, it's kidnapping time Klaus get on my yeah, that's right. Get on my shoulder
Sven you can come too. It's a party. It's gonna make sure I bring some food. That is definitely not what I did
I'm just worried Klaus is gonna fly into the lava like that Barbie does in that viral video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzgavGowD_A
oh god. I needed a piston. Frick. How do you make them again redstone,
steel. and i need wood.
I Built this contraption to make it easier. Okay. Alright gamers. Let's roll out. Oh
Look my sheep escaped
Surprise Pikachu face. Come on Sven. So I know there's a city nearby. It's not too far away
I just realized I don't need Jörgen. frick.
false alarm gamers. This would be a lot easier if people were still in this city
All right. We got to go boat Sven
Get in how fast is Klaus? not very you can do it Klaus just fly
Why can't you just get on my shoulder? So something I can click to get him on my shoulder?
You're not a dog Klaus. I've been tired of telling him. Oh
My gosh here we go. There's villages in the waters. Excellent. This is just what we want. Let's find water level
Cool, cool. We lost across you know
I take back what I said about this playthrough being over when sven dies. this place through is over when I die
When I'm fully stacked in diamond, okay?
It will officially be I'll be done officially gonna try to find the
Fortress today as well. I know that's a little difficult, but I want to try it. Oh you want to try it, please?
Okay, here we are at friendly City. Now, who should we kidnap?
Who should come with us?
Someone good, right? How about you?
They want someone that we can trade with. Alright, leather guy. Nah
Gucci maker another Gucci maker, I guess like Gucci maker. It is good
Because what you can do is you can grab them and put them in boats and then you can row the boat on land
Just like you know what you're coming with me
Alright, do you have any choice in the matter? Hey, you want to leave you can leave anytime you want, baby?
Cue the Titanic music. No, don't do that. And we're off say goodbye to your friends
You will never see them again ever again from now on
oh god, Sun is setting we got to hurry up here. How do I get the thing up from the water?
That is the question, right?
And if I trying to support this guy, so now we're stuck right, but I think there's a simple Jedi mind trick
Ah Frick, that's not gonna work
Here, it needs to be here. Can you use this wiring underwater? There's redstone torch work it will work
It'll work for enough time
Okay, you just teleport now. What the hell. PUSH HIM!
Coming to save you buddy, don't worry
Close the door use the sponge. It's already dried out. Okay, great. Now wait, I'm underwater. How do I use the sponge?
Well all the water disappear, well that's easier
Lift them up. Oh god this creeper not near church
Not near meatball
A̷͚͇̙̯̱͎̘̘̓̇̈͝N̴̨̠̘͎͈̞͎͐̅̈̃͋̐̑̚͝͝D̸̰̦̹̰͓͔̗͈̔̂͂̄̔̓͘ ̵͎̖͖̰͎̲̪͑̍Ņ̸̓O̷̩̩̐͋͊̎̋͊͑T̷̺͙̗͍͕̈́̇̔̔̓́̈ ̶̛͎͙̋̋̾̌̓̂̂͐̉Í̶̢̢͇͔̟̯͎͈̑̀̽ͅN̴̥̩̠̝̬̅̈̉͒̀ ̴̡̧͍͈͇̟̦̻͒͛͌̓̽͋̃̂M̵̮͚̱͇̰̳̺̐̈́̐̎̚̕͠Ý̷̜̦̺̰̗̜̹̟̀̑̏̿͜ ̷̢̢͉̰̟̲̪͚̣͗͜H̴̪̬͙͕̼̩̻͐̑̀̈́̇̈́O̷̺̫̅́̎̒͒̉Ȕ̵̹͍̉̊̒̕͝S̴̡̳͇͔̗̒́̀̎E̸͎̻̅͆̀̐͝
Big B word row row row your boat
Hey gamers, we got a new addition to the fam. ah Frick, There's people. don't Shoot! my kidnapper only I can shoot. AAAh!
I hate you all. I hate you all
Okay, perfect.
Kidnap successful. You're our new DJ
That's right. play this.
He doesn't even want to look at me listen, this is your job now, I don't care
Play that funky music. Come on. Let's hear it. This is obsessed with their what's happening over there. Okay gamers
I don't really know I need guidance. I need guidance what to continue
I need water sheep to tell me what to do, water Sheep, we have brought you a sacrifice
Hey DJ, play the sacrifice official song. We don't want to look that way
Please do this. Alright, DJ play the sacri- song of sacrificial
(Ding dong dong ding)oh water sheep
(Ding dong ding ding)Please accept our humble offering
(Ding dong dong Ding Dong Ding!)
Whoa, what is that?
It's a book
It's called EPIC LOOT.
So there is a way to communicate. Thank you for your sacrifice
Please find a map to the nether fortress thingy. -water sheep. Oh my god
Thank you Water she-
Okay, so what we're gonna do sven, is we're gonna go out. this is this is water sheep, this is what he wanted.
uhh, we have these magma blaze rods and ender pearls. We have a lot of ender pearls for ones and
So I think you do this
I'm not sure and then you do
This *gasp* yes
All right, let's bring a couple because I think they break on the way
Sven you're coming with me. Should I bring Jörgan? smörgan?
Feel like I should bring Jörgan smörgan. I think I think two pets is well enough to bring okay
Sorry Klaus. Hold down the fortress. okay.
So last time we threw the ender pearl or the eye of ender it went that direction
So I think we should just start going there. So I want to throw it as little as possible
Okay, as long as it's not as far as the freaking mansion, oh god, it could actually be as far as the mansion
Oh god, I don't want to do that
at least
Then you know i'll leave Sven because I think we're gonna have to go far and I I can't do that to our walk again
I just can't damn that the Church of of sheep looks actually p retty good. All right sven. hold you guys hold down the fort
Us gamers must rise. It's just if we hit water it becomes such a problem. Oh
My gosh what happened here? All right, let's toss it
How do I do it again? Oh I did it I did it he went that way this way Jörgan let's goooo
oooooo! (strange noises)
Did I pick it up I didn't pick it up I gotta pick it up each time
I think it's like a low chance of breaking or did I pick it up?
Oh gosh, I'm an idiot. I think there's water this way. It just hit me. This is the way to the jungle
*slurp* uuuuugggghhh
So the fortress will be somewhere in underneath the ground that's right jörgan
Where's it going this way? Oh god, we might have to go through the jungle. Let's do another toss
Well this way oh yeah, I build the bridge here before Oh God
so he doesn't tell you how far away so it could just I mean I
Could have two hours in front of me. Basically, at least it'll go quicker with jörgan. Oh, here's another city
Oh, there's more people to kidnap here. Are they alive? Yes. Okay, we'll come back and kidnap Oh God. Can it be underwater?
It broke
Damn, dang it. I got it. I forgot to bring a boat as well
I make a boat for you. And I okay. You're too shubby, You can't go and both how I make boat
I forgot.
(muttering) sve-dontlie-jörgan!
At least add a leash
Let's go here
Such an awkward access as well to go that way then if we build a portal we have to make it like
bleep blip
Cuz I'm gonna do a portal on the way back. Oh gosh that never ends. There's the jungle
the yungul smungyl
This is the worst place ever to bring a freaking horse. Oh my gosh
Alright, I guess it's tossed time just to make sure we're in the right direction. Hopefully doesn't line in a tree or something
What? (you never played tuber simulator)
Excuse me. What?
What? Okay, so
We're getting close. We're getting close jörgan smörgan!
jörgan smörgan sto-ta (what?)
That's a little temple there. Okay, let's check out what's inside. (bubble noises)
Got aqua infinity and stuff. Oh, these are rare. I know that now I've learned gamer has learned.
oh God, I'm gonna die. There was nothing in there jörgan. false alarm. Let's keep going. I on the prize baby eye on the prize
Let's throw that right there to throw it in here. Yeah frigate. Why not?
What where do you go? Oh
We are really close gamer another ikea bird Klaus. How are you doing Oh
Freaky landing here. So it's in the jungle again
This way don't break. frick! I'll have two left. Okay, here's nice and open. Come on
What? (you never played tuber simulator?)
it landed here...
we must be suuuuper close.
we should probably start digging soon.
I Think this is it it landed on top of me
Am I crazy or let's try from a distance. If it goes into the circle we'll know. why am I lagging Jörgan??
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, look at that
We literally found this spot. Let me try that again. Look at that. It's here here. We found it Jörgen!
We found it. You stay there. Of course. It has to be in Water, right? Did I bring sponges?
No, because why would I am a gamer?
k, lets just not drown.
So I just dig like straight down how far deep can it be
Hey lava, it's kind of strangely lit up here. Probably lava, or I'm getting close.
oh my god
It went in so I should be able to find it quite easily then. Come on gamers
lets use our gamer brains. i dont like the sound of lava don't like very much
Got fully stack the diamond but lava is very tough looking for the fortress. Jörgen is cold outside
I think I freaking fou-. oh wait, It's my own staircase. I found my own staircase guys
Maybe it's just deeper. You know, I'm saying, you know I'm saying, okay. We're here monsters
I should be a good sign right because there has to be spawn monsters in caves.
oh, oh!
wooo hooo hooo
ooohhh God, this is dangerous
There they are found you gamers come up, then. I ain't afraid I'm fully stacked
fully stacked fully stacked guess who's sta-
Kill the babies! (why felix, why?)
don't think so, baby. Don't think- oh, he had a little carrot. Thank you
Okay, we got to be careful hair gamers don't think so gamers oh God
uhhh, uhh, oh, uh.
oh, uhh,
(im not subbing anymore grunts)
Get away get away
*many-a zombie grunts*
They keep spawning
*more grunts*
*a little more*
Blow up then blow up then
*buncha different mob noises*
Blow up then
or not. Ha ha
It's because my render distance is so low. Oh my god, this place is a nightmare dude. Oh my god
Get away, shoo.
*Edgar and/or Maya Barking*
I think the door rang, frick. im in video game. Oh
My gosh, this place has so many more. Oh my gosh
No, not the chest, not the chest.
Oh this is bad.
Gosh I hate them. What what the Frick are you?
Hedgehogs! ugh!. Let's give me the loot. That is crap loot. eye of ender, more like don't care
Why does this seem like a trap?
oh God okay cool now I'm locked in
Box this area off.
Another shest, Okay, I'll take I'll take are these like hidden doors or just nothing nothing?
Hedgehog! kill okay. So this is where we came from. Is this a secret room Oh
*i wont sub every single noise*
Don't do it creeper
He didn't have to die
This is intense
Yeah, they got villagers apparently you can cure them I'll come back and cure you buddy.
Oh, okay. This is a place in the beginning
Okay, we found the library
woah, where'd that come from?
Know there's a treasure in here. It's like a hidden treasure somewhere
There it is
Yay books. Oh, maybe they're good
efficiency 4, power 4, what is this?
Sharpness 3, blast protection, multi-shot efficiency, power, I could put this on my epic bow
Alright, I'll take I'll take maybe I'll come back later for all these books
But for now, this gamers got to find the main room and it ain't here
I'm sorry. Do you guys live here?
Wait, there's two there's two bookshelf rooms. Oh
There is
Well, I can go up here this is so cool there's a chest if only Sven would see this he'd be amazed
I can't wait to tell jörgen
What is this crap? You serious? I never get good stuff. Did someone talk? Did someone talk don't think so. Whoa
what would
their hidden in the ground, they're like fake blocks or something. All right, we're getting close
english, help me.
How you doing in there, buddy
God i hate them.
I've never seen the- you.
Whoa, another chest room.
Mean, I'll take it. could this be it? another chest.
i Don't want. could this be it? I think this is it.
My god, how big is this place? Oh my gosh, dude.
All right, that's a new strategy
oh My god this place never ends, I just steal torches on. All right. We're going deeper boys
I found it. This is a spawner
Cover it up
my last bit of torches
Hmm, there's already a couple in there. So what you do is
That make a little noises. Once this whole thing is covered the portal to the nether will open to the ender dragon
Oh my god, dude. You didn't think I would make it this far did you?
So we'll set up a portal somewhere here
what the frick
Either someone is fapping or there's some funky business going on.
Where is that fapping coming from?
(unintelligible muttering)
You're too cute to kill I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Yes, slime!
Yes, come to Poppy, snoppy. Moppy
9 slimes Frick. Yeah
Where I come from? Okay, let's get lit
So will this take me back home or will this take me because I can't leave without jörgen.
Oh this connects to another portal. I made ok. Well that works out. This is my North portal strange
I don't understand how that works
See, this is my jungle portal. Oh, gosh, I gotta find jörgen now. jörgen I'm back. Oh
My god, and I'm level 30 freak yet. Alright, let's just build just in case we need to come back here
I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Look how high I am
look how tall I am guess I'm not the little shorty anymore. jörgen
Look how tall I am jörgen
Literally taller than the trees gamer
This is almost gonna be as impressive as Tower of Ikea and put a lantern up there at first now. That's just a waste
There we go
Ho I was a little nervous not gonna lie. hey jörgen where's your leash?
Wait, are you telling me Jörgen has been staying there without a frickin leash and you didn't run away?
What? (you never played tuber simulator?)
He could have ran away in the jungle he would have been impossible to find him. Oh my gosh
For Sweden!!!
Okay, we're gonna head back now. My portal is over here. I don't know why it ended up here. So confusing
Oh gosh, I don't have a leash. I do have slime I could make it. Uh, but the precious slime, uh,
This is how much I love you. I hope this shows once and for all if there was any doubt
Don't need it. But I need your again. Freak. Damn it. Now. I'm very confused compensating. My house is over there
No, wait compass was freaked up. See there's the portal like what gosh. I'm so tempted to kidnap these guys
Oh my god. It's so beautiful jörgen
I get teary-eyed every time I see it
the meatball of love. the meatball of friendship back and here we go gamers we're but
Nevermind no no sheep. No, sheep
Perfect what up gamers were back and we found thank you what their sheep
We found the portal play my favorite song DJ. We're fully kitted diamond
We found the last bit of the game. Everyone is here. It's an awesome time to be playing Minecraft
Thanks guys for watching another episode of Minecraft smash like and subscribe if you want more and
enjoyed and if you SuperDuper
Enjoyed why not support the channel get some epic merchants support jörgen support sven and all the time
Is that right for the worst DJ ever? alright, this is pewdiepie.
Signing off believe In IKEA tower and good things will come to you. Bye. Bye
The subs took me 5 hours to make.
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I found the END of Minecraft! - Part 18

56 Folder Collection
published on December 21, 2019
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