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  • The Michelin star - it's been described as the Oscars of the restaurant industry.

  • A single Michelin star can take a restaurant from a riverside favorite to a must visit,

  • but getting one takes a lot of workDo you feel like maybe you're married to

  • your jobYeah, I am married to my job. I'm here all

  • the time. The Michelin Guide has been heralded as a

  • benchmark for excellence for more than 100 years.

  • This guide employs inspectors to review more than 40,000 restaurants and hotels around

  • the world.    According to the guide, one Michelin star

  • marks a very good restaurant in its category. Two stars indicate the restaurant isworth

  • a detourwhile three starsthe crème de la crèmedenote a restaurant with

  • exceptional cookingworthy of a special trip.

  • These stars are so desirable some chefs work more than 70 hours in a week chasing them.

  • So what does it take to get a Michelin starThe Michelin guide was started in France

  • in 1889 by these two brothersEdouard and Andre MichelinThey owned a tire company,

  • Michelin and Co, and believed if they produced a guide highlighting a list of places to eat

  • and rest, drivers would spend more time on the road. That in turn would wear out their

  • tires, pushing up the company's sales. The little-known guidebook soon expanded

  • throughout Europe and eventually the world, growing into the fine dining authority it

  • has become today. More than 30 million guides have been sold worldwide.

  • As of 2018, Tokyo held the title for the city with the highest number of restaurants awarded

  • with Michelin starsThe city boasts 234 Michelin-starred restaurants, followed by

  • Paris with 121 and then Milan with 107. So what goes into getting the guide's coveted

  • star? I'm visiting Pied a Terre to find out. The restaurant received its first Michelin

  • star in 1993, and its second in 1996. It currently holds one star.

  • It's 7:15 am. It's really dark and I'm really tired. But this is the time chefs at

  • the Pied a Terre restaurant come in five days a week to work - and most don't leave until

  • 11:30 pm. Let's go  find out how they cope with this.

  • The day you learn you've gotten a Michelin star is a very proud moment for your career.

  • All those hours working for so many years are paying off. Sometimes you feel like you're

  • working for 16 hours and you're thinkingwhere is it going to take me?

  • The enviable job of dishing out stars and rating food establishments falls on the shoulders

  • of Michelin's full-time inspectorsTo date, its inspectors have reviewed hotels

  • and restaurants across more than 24 countries. To getMichelin Star, you need to be consistentChefs

  • have to produce food at a high standard every time because it's impossible to know when

  • Michelin star inspectorswho are always anonymouswill come by the restaurant.

  • Would you say you're a perfectionistYeah, I tend to lose my temper if things are

  • not the way I want them to be, and it's not like it will matter to anyone else. Everything

  • has to be at the right place every single time just because I want to get better and

  • better at keeping things consistentAchieving a star also requires a mastery of

  • flavor and cooking techniques. The restaurant must use quality ingredients and provide value

  • for money. Michelin stars are valued, not only for the

  • prestigebut also because they can contribute to the financial success of a restaurantRestaurants

  • generally put up their prices after securing a new starPied a Terre saw a 25% increase

  • in revenue after gaining its first star and a 40% increase after its second.But there's

  • one aspect about running a restaurant that is rarely talked about: how do chefs deal

  • with the pressure of maintaining a Michelin Star?

  • Head chefs like Asimakis are working 70-hour work weeks. That's 46% higher than the 48-hour a

  • week limit in most countriesIn 2017, a trade union survey found that 27% of chefs

  • in London admitted to resorting to alcohol to cope with their shifts and 51% admitted

  • to suffering from depression because of the long hours.

  • Honestly if you want to make money, don't go into the restaurant business. You've

  • got to invent an app or somethingThat's Skye Gyngellcurrently the head chef at Spring

  • RestaurantAbout a decade ago, she was the head chef

  • at a humble restaurantPetersham Nurseries Café, where she hosted the likes of Madonna

  • and Mick JaggerShe was really enjoying her job, but then everything changed after

  • she was awarded a star. The pressure for me personally changed. All

  • of a sudden we were completely overbooked. People would come and say, “You call yourself

  • a Michelin star restaurant.”  We literally had unisex loos and had to wait in the rain

  • for themThat became quite hard. We had to think, “Is this going to be okay? Are

  • they going to be happy?” She's not alone. Many chefs have tried returning their stars

  • because of the pressure of having to maintain them and customer's heightened expectationsIn

  • 2003, renowned French chef Bernard Loiseau committed suicide amid rumors he would lose his third

  • starThe Michelin Guide has maintained that it awards restaurants, not chefs, with stars.

  • We reached out to Michelin for comment, but did not hear back before publication.

  • But even amidst this controversy, Michelin stars are still coveted around the world.

  • Just do the work, and if a Michelin star comes, that's amazing. If that's all you're

  • working for, it's a kind of moving target that breeds anxiety.

  • The ultimate goal is getting a second Michelin star at some point.

  • And then a third?  I'll never think of my life of getting a

  • third. I'm a humble man. I just want to go as far as I can. I'm still very young.

The Michelin star - it's been described as the Oscars of the restaurant industry.

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