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  • *RWBY Chibi Theme*

  • RWBY Chibi!

  • *Fluctuating vacuum cleaner sounds* *Weiss humming*

  • *Zwei whimpers*

  • Blake: I know, right?

  • Yang: Ugh, Oobleck is the worst!

  • Blake: Not as bad as Professor Peach.

  • Weiss: I like her.

  • Ruby: Yeah, but she's not around very often.

  • *Ruby yelps and struggles to free herself*

  • Yang: Ruby! It's time for class!

  • Ruby: Coming!!

  • *Ruby chuckles* Ah, crazy kids. *Also, subtle product placement RT.*

  • Ruby: Guh! Guhhh!! Not like this! NOT LIKE THIS!!

  • *Jaune humming*

  • *Ruby grunts in disgust*

  • Ruby: Dude...

  • Blake: Hmm...

  • *Blake sighs in relief*

  • Ruby: Hey, Blake! Can I borrow that book you were reading?

  • blake quietly falls down with mesmerizing grace

  • Yang: And I said Bumblebee? More like--

  • Jaune: Hey guys!

  • Jaune: Check out who we found!

  • Pyrrha: Hello again!

  • *Ruby gasps in surprise* You're okay! How are you even here?!

  • Pyrrha: What do you mean?

  • Ruby: I-I mean I watched you d--

  • Nora: NOPE!!

  • Nora: Never happened!

  • Ruby: Bu--

  • Nora: NOPE!!

  • Nora: Everything's fine!

  • Nora: Pyrrha. Is. Fine. Nothing bad... EVER, HAPPENED!


  • *Nora subtly hinting nothing that happens in Chibi is canon. This means you, Edwin.*

  • Lie Ren: So... you guys wanna keep doing comedy segments?

  • Pyrrha: That sounds lovely!

  • *Credits outro*

  • * ♪This is the way we want to spend everyday

  • Laughing with our friends and keeping sadness away

  • Join us and see, we can be happy and free

  • Life is full of fun because we're all chibi

*RWBY Chibi Theme*

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RWBY Chibi, Episode 6 - The Vacuum | Rooster Teeth

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    祈祈 posted on 2019/12/14
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