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[Singing] To make it to the Milky Way to see them play.
Someone stop me.
Stop me,
Tell me stop Ariana STOP.
Hi I am I Ariana Grande and I'm gonna be playing a game of song association.
which is where I'm shown a word and I have 10 seconds
To sing a song that, that has that word in it.
So here we go.
Wish me luck.
I hope not all of them are mine because that would be really really self-indulgent.
But a lot of the words are words from my songs.
I'm assuming so there you go, i know how this works
Rainbow Um.
[Singing] Somewhere under the rainbow way up high
Dance, Dance we're falling apart.
Wait, how the f*ck does that song go?
Oh yeah, yeah.
Okay, Hold on.
[Singing] Dance, Dance
[Singing] we're calling apart
[Singing] Dance, dance...
I don't know the words
But you get the...
you get the uh intention.
[Singing] Something about you makes me feel like a dangerous woman.
[Singing] Something about, something about,
Something about you makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't
Something bout, Something bout,
Something bout.
[Singing] Drives a Jupiter in a yeah, yeah, yeah
[DING] [Singing]
Tell me, did you sail across the sun? Did you make it to milky way to see...
Someone stop me.
Um Tales as old as time, true as it can be
Bittersweet and strange finding you can change learning you were wrong
Beauty and the beast [DING]
um-um-um oh my god and I was like baby, baby
[DING] baby, baby ohh like
thought you'd always be mine, mine.
Okay, next one
Sh*t [BUZZ]
[Producer] you've done this.
[Producer] Queen of the night
Can I do it?
Can I just do it? oh my god, I'm only 10 seconds late.
Oh my god.
[Singing] Don't make no difference if i'm wrong or i'm right.
Uh, because i'm the queen of the night.
Queen of the night.
Oh yeah, oh yea. say it, say it again.
Sorry, I was late but just.
Oh hair.
[singing] I am not my hair
[DING] I am not this skin
[Singing] I am not your expectations no, no
I am not my hair I am not this skin
I am the soul that lives within.
Oh um.
[Singing] Boy you're such a dream to me [DING]
Before you speak don't walk cause I don't want to wake up,
Wake up Wake up
Wake up, Wake up.
Don't want to wake up!
[Singing] ahh uhh That's my song, I just put that one out.
And I hope you like it.
Please buy it.
[Director] This will be out before that.
Thats my song, its coming.
Love, um love um.
[Singing] L is for the way you look at me,
Parent Trap?
[Singing] O is for the only one I see
E is a V?
V? is a very, very [BUZZ]
L.O.E Ariana?
Are you OK?
[Singing] Dirty pop.
Sick and tired of here. Yeah
Ah my god.
The Aerosmith song!
Oh my god how many seconds?
[Singing] Baby, you're my angel.
[DING] Did I make that up?
That's right, right?
I don't know.
Alien, oh alien.
Oh my god.
Oh my god, Alien Oh my god, can I just?
[BUZZ] Oh okay, Sh*t all right
Moon slash Moonlight
I never knew, I never knew You could have Moonlight
[DING] in your hands
To the night I heard you
This is so funny but the first thing That pops into my head is from that movie
Ah. Music and lyrics.
[Singing] But then pop, goes my heart
[DING] and I just can't let you go
I can't lose this feeling.
Thank you so much for watching song association with me.
Just subscribe, really to Elle's youtube.
Thank you for subscribing
And swipe up I'm sure there'll be a swipe up at some point with this.
So just, you know Thank you for tuning in.
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Ariana Grande Premieres a New Song from Sweetener in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

129 Folder Collection
minami.kuo published on December 13, 2019
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