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Yeah, no the land is stupid cheap out here.
Wait what?
Oh Noah's...
He's having a great time!
He can totally stay another night.
He's just, he's um...
He's playing.
Sis, don't even stress it,
I've got great maternal instincts.
Okay but I gotta go.
All right, love you lots.
Hey there little buddy!
How's it goin?
Are you havin fun?
Okay, well,
why don't you go back outside and play.
Weird kid.
I'm not paying to air condition the entire desert.
(suspenseful music)
(water running)
(Rachel gasps)
What the hell?
(Rachel screams)
Ah, ah!
(Rachel screams)
It's just some plumbing problem.
You're not going crazy!
Some weird, um,
pipe desert bullshit.
You're sane.
You're totally not losing your mind.
(Rachel screams)
Hey Noah!
It's okay.
clumsy Aunt Rachel.
Do you like, talk...
at all?
(suspenseful piano music)
(ominous music)
(Rachel gagging)
(Rachel screams)
Why are you doing this?
(water splashes)
From ashes to ashes.
(Noah giggles)
Who are you?
I am Terra.
Are you gonna hurt me?
Only if you hurt me first.
(dark, angry music)
(Terra screams)
(ominous music)
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TERRA | "Water Cycle" | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Scary Short Film

274 Folder Collection
羅世康 published on December 12, 2019    羅世康 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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