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  • Neil: Great party last night, Feifei!

  • Feifei: It was so much fun, Neil. I loved

  • your dad dancing, too!

  • Neil: You... saw my dad... dancing?

  • But my dad wasn't dancing.

  • He wasn't even there.

  • Feifei: No, no, no. You know what

  • I mean: 'dad dancing'. It means

  • dancing like... well,

  • like a dad.

  • Neil: I'm not sure where you're going

  • with this?

  • Feifei: 'Dad dancing' is our phrase in

  • The English We Speak.

  • It describes a way of dancing

  • which is a bit awkward, not very cool,

  • maybe trying too hard.

  • Neil: What are you saying?

  • I can moonwalk. I can spin on the spot.

  • I can swing my arms

  • in the air. I've got all the moves!

  • Feifei: All fantastic dad dancing moves!

  • Don't worry - it looked like

  • you were really enjoying yourself.

  • Neil: It's OK, I get it. Some of my moves

  • are a bit old-fashioned. But sometimes it

  • just feels good to let go!

  • Feifei: I think your kids were

  • a little bit embarrassed.

  • Neil: Really? They're just jealous.

  • Feifei: Haha, maybe! OK, let's hear

  • some examples.

  • Wow, look at Ernesto. Is he swinging

  • a cat? What a dad dancer!

  • Katka's dad was hilarious at the wedding.

  • Everyone had stopped dancing,

  • but he was still up there dad dancing,

  • showing off all his moves.

  • I used to think Dad's dad dancing

  • was funny. But after he injured

  • his ankle really badly

  • last time, I think it's time he slowed down.

  • Feifei: You're listening to The English

  • We Speak from BBC Learning English.

  • Our expression

  • is 'dad dancing'. Neil?

  • Neil: Yeah... Next Wednesday?

  • OK. Yeah... See you!

  • Feifei: Who were you calling?

  • Neil: I've just booked some dance

  • lessons. You've helped me realise

  • I need to improve my skills.

  • Feifei: I was only teasing, Neil.

  • Neil: It's OK. If I'm dancing, I want to be

  • the best dancer on the floor.

  • And if I'm dad dancing...

  • Well, I want to be finest

  • dad dancer you've ever seen!

  • Feifei: Haha - best of luck. Bye.

  • Neil: Bye.

Neil: Great party last night, Feifei!

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What does 'dad dancing' mean?

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